first_imgOn Saturday night, Phish continued the 2017 space odyssey with their third performance of the New Year’s Eve run at Madison Square Garden. Those still lining up and anxiously waiting on the “donut flavor of the day” may be slightly disappointed (despite the fact that, yes, it’s still “Lawn Boy”), but last night’s first set was as sweet and delectable as it gets. Although the bar was set impossibly high for Phish’s MSG Reprise 2017, the band is playing as calm and collected as ever, without an expectation or pressure in the world.The first two shows of this run may not have been at the caliber as many of the Baker’s Dozen run shows, but last night’s Saturday soul-shakedown certainly shares the same depth and creativity that Vermont’s finest crafted during their magical 13-night escapade at the “World’s Most Famous Arena.”Phish immediately kicked things into high gear with a meaty “Mike’s Song” opener, the Phish classic that dates back to the band’s early days of 1985. A relatively conservative “Mike’s,” Mike Gordon asserted himself as the space-captain of the evening, helping assist with his leadership in the band’s take-off process.An elegantly placed “I Am Hydrogen” served as the fixins’ for the “Mike’s-Groove” sandwich, marking the only “Hydrogen” played of 2017, and it’s first appearance since played at last summer’s St. Paul, Minnesota tour opener. Following suite, the quartet hopped into a high-energy “Weekapaug Groove,” as the prince of music on guitar, Trey Anastasio, showed tenacity, hopping around his newly-revealed pedal board–one that would make any guitar aficionado drool all over the floor.As Chris Kuroda tilted the light rig and brought planet-PH back to the Garden, the band reached into their back pocket to pull out a masterminded first set “Tweezer.” With the band relaxed and set, Page McConnell drove the jam into light and fluffy territory, as Trey locked in for the main-course jam vehicle of the first set.After a short pause, the “Kill Devil Falls” that followed gave everyone a chance to reach for a beer and be glad that they’re here, as the band’s unthinkable 16th show of 2017 showed zero signs of fatigue or lack of creativity from the Phish from Vermont. A slightly longer pause followed, yielding Jon Fishman’s greatest contribution: a goofy and slowed down “Ass Handed”, as Fish invited everyone together to assist with the lyrics. The humorous cut would not have been complete without a loud “yewwwwww” shouted out by Fishman as the band brought the comedy show to a halt.“Bathtub Gin” followed, as Trey soared through the fifteen-minute jam and got the shoulder-to-shoulder room spinning, with the help of light virtuoso, CK5. The biggest bustout of the run came next, as Phish’s pattern of slowing things down continued, and a funkified, half-tempo “Brother” popped out of the woodwork, for the first time since 2012’s Bader Field performance in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Last night’s “Brother” also marks only the second non-Father’s day rendition since Phish’s 2009 comeback. With Mike hammering away on the bass, Page picked things up on the synth, in turn bringing the band together. The Chairman of the Boards scooted over to his clav, and the party in the bathtub continued, as red and green holiday lights shimmered above.“More” brought the first set to a close, leaving fans pulsating with love and light, and anxious anticipation for what was to come next. With easily the best first set of the run in the books, the band set the bar high for set two, and blaze on they did.After returning to the stage, the familiar dark and grumbling watery-noises trickled out of Gordon’s bass, as Phish hopped into their second 25+ minute “Down With Disease” voyage of 2017 at The Garden. As the band quickly dove into type-two territory, Trey could not contain himself, bouncing around the stage before the band even hit the five-minute mark into a perfectly planned and completely insane “Disease.” As the band continued to accelerate, accompanied by mere knee-high kicks from Anastasio, Fishman helped chop the masterpiece up into a multi-faceted beast. With a slowed down drum-break, back into a bubbly groove, the band provided enough pause for every fan in the room to let out a few “woooooo”s. Unlike the Baker’s Dozen “Disease” that included a phenomenally executed “DWD” reprise, the band left this masterpiece unfinished and hopped into “Steam.”Phish’s seamlessly smooth transition into “Steam” was led by “dark-Gordonic” bass bombs, leading way to Fishman transitioning over to the marimba lumina, giving Henrietta much needed time to catch his breath. Tinkering away, Fishman found the holiday-spirit with unique high-notes, mirroring a xylophone. With Trey pulling the big ol’ ripcord, the band fizzled into “Light”, before bringing the beast of a 5-song set to a close with “Farmhouse” into “Run Like an Antelope.” As if the band had not already set the gearshift for the high gear of their souls, Phish threw the Fishman-led “Sleeping Monkey” in the encore slot, before “Tweezer Reprise” brought the jam-filled Saturday night ripper to a halt.With David Gallow Design announcing earlier this week that he once again masterminded this year’s New Year’s gag, and now with the mysterious “cosmic wristbands” on deck, one can only hope that Phish will place the biggest exclamation point on their 17 shows in 2017 at Madison Square Garden, that will inevitably be discussed in the jamband world forever.Phish Fans To Receive “Cosmic Wristbands” For Tonight’s NYE GagSetlist: Phish | Madison Square Garden | New York City, NY | 12/31/17I: Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Tweezer > Ass Handed, Kill Devil Falls > Bathtub Gin, Brother, MoreII: Down with Disease[1] -> Steam > Light > Farmhouse, Run Like an AntelopeE: Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise[1] Unfinished[photo: Michael Jurick, using 28 photos from last night’s show and Photoshop]last_img read more

first_imgEmotions ran the gamut this past weekend in Colorado and beyond,  as fans witnessed Holly Bowling’s final string of solo performances, for the foreseeable future, before the beloved pianist switches her focus to her recently announced project, Ghost Light, featuring Tom Hamilton, Raina Mullen, Scotty Zwang, and Steve Lyons.This three-day Colorado mini-tour would mark the end of a three-year-long chapter in the pianist’s meteoric rise. For many HoBos, this run was the bittersweet culmination in the evolution of Bowling’s career. Across all three performances, there was an air of jubilation and gratitude honoring Holly’s transcendent style.Holly’s run kicked off on Wednesday night January 31, where she appeared at The Music Room at Colorado Springs’ Fine Arts Center, a bit of a utilitarian recital hall which has certainly seen its fair share of diverse artistic shows. On this evening, however, the venue’s excellent acoustics were treated to one of Holly Bowling’s most inspired solo shows of the season.The gravity of Holly’s “final” solo performances was not lost on either the artist or the audience. The once-in-a-generation pianist was a bit chattier than usual and visibly ecstatic as she opened the first set of the run with “Lost Sailor” into “A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing”. She followed up the opener with her original composition, “You Are Not Are You”, before launching into “Col. Forbin Ascent” and “Fly Famous Mockingbird”. She then electrified the room with the Grateful Dead’s classic “Estimated Prophet”, weaving back into the reprise of “A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing”, all of which was sprinkled generously with quotes from “Estimated Prophet”. Bowling closed out the show with a staggering “Morning Dew”, at the end of which the otherwise silently rapt audience exploded in appreciation.Holly Bowling – The Music Room – Colorado Springs, CO – 1/31/2018 – Set OneSet two of Holly’s Colorado Springs show was no less astonishing. Holly’s Grateful Dead and Phish jam stew was on full display as the chill wrenching opening chords of “St. Stephen” filled the space. The mood lifted once again when Holly eased into “Theme From the Bottom” then sculpting her way through “Darkstar” and “Wharf Rat” before segueing back into “Darkstar” and, eventually, “Theme from the Bottom”. To round this frame out, Bowling offered a very heady “Saint of Circumstance” to close out the set in a titanic fashion. The evening’s sole encore of “Lizards” left the room with a good ole case of perma-grin to ease the collective malaise and weight of the weekend elegy.Holly Bowling – The Music Room – Colorado Springs, CO – 1/31/2018 – Set TwoThursday, February 1st, saw Holly Bowling make her way to a sold-out Bluebird Theatre in Denver. This quaint, century-old venue was the perfect canvas for Jeffery Bowling’s excellent light projection accompaniment. Holly remained true to form, steadfast and focused as she lit up the room with her gorgeous piano reimaginings of familiar tunes. Set one kicked off with her mashed up versions of “China Cat Sunflower” and “Divided Sky”, plus a crackling “It’s Ice” which was filled with some of Holly’s trademark Jamticklery. The set truly took flight toward its end with a soul-stirring combination of “Althea” into “Cassidy” and a blissful “Taste” to close the set.Set two opened to the machinations of “Scents and Subtle Sounds”, “Terrapin Suite”, and “Days Between”, with Holly working her magic with the strings within the interior of the grand piano. She eventually took this back into “Terrapin” before transitioning through Phish’s “Dirt” and finishing off the loop with a closing “I Know You Rider”. To bring the show to its thrilling conclusion, Holly offered up “Slave to the Traffic Light”, sending a collective chill through the audience.Holly Bowling – Bluebird Theatre – Denver, CO – 2/1/2018[Audio: lucas9000]Friday, February 2, 2018, is destined to go down in HoBo lore as a show to remember. Holly spent the afternoon providing a workshop for budding Aspen pianists before going live from the Aspen District Theater, an aspiring venue in the tawny Colorado town. Holly’s presence lent considerable credibility to the scholastic auditorium whose grand acoustics are matched by their dreams of attracting more bands and becoming a true destination venue.Holly Bowling – Aspen District Theater – Aspen, CO – 2/2/2018 – Set OneSet one was a masterclass in the healing art of Holly Bowling’s music. The emotions of the musician and her enchanted audience were palpable as she stitched and wove together colorful bolts of “Stash” “Cryptical Envelopment”, “The Other One”, and “Fast Enough For You” as well as “Mountains of the Moon”, “Free”, and back into “Stash”. Set two was no less impressive or stout, as Holly worked the ivory as only she can. The confections of “Help on the Way”, “Slipknot”, “Tweezer”,  “Stella Blue” and “Piper”, “Slipknot”, and “Franklin’s Tower” were a time-shifting blur.Holly Bowling – Aspen District Theater – Aspen, CO – 2/2/2018 – Set TwoAfter graciously thanking the audience, whose eruptive appreciation was near spiritual, Holly announced that the management said she could play as long as she wanted. To that she responded with a brilliant display of spine-chilling technique and Steinway boundary-stretching bravado on her transcribed jam of the Grateful Dead’s historic “Eyes of the World” from June 18th, 1974, and “China Doll”, at which point the artist and assembled were wrung out.While Holly Bowling may be tabling her solo piano work for the foreseeable future, fans are beyond eager for her to launch the inaugural tour of her new musical adventure with Ghost Light wherein she will be able to show off the funk-rock chops she has been honing with Phil Lesh, Everyone Orchestra, and others. She will be joined in this new endeavor by Tom Hamilton (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead) and his (American Babies collaborator) guitarist Raina Mullen, as well as bass player Steve Lyons (Nicos Gun) and a funky-ass percussion pummeler, Scotty Zwang (Dopapod). Stay tuned as we see how Holly Bowling continues to evolve, though it would seem that the future health of our jam scene is in good hands.You can check out photos from Holly Bowling’s Thursday night performance at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver, Colorado, below, courtesy of photographer Bill McAlaine, and look for Ghost Light as they begin their first national tour in March. Holly Bowling | Bluebird Theatre | Denver, CO | 2/4/2018 | Photos: Bill McAlaine Photo: Bill McAlainecenter_img Load remaining imageslast_img read more

first_imgEarlier in the week, on February 26th, Dead & Company continued their run of fall tour makeup shows with a performance at BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida. The city of Sunrise is located in Broward County, the location of the horrific February 14th mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that claimed the lives of 17 students and teachers. During the show, Dead & Company paid tribute to the MSD students and faculty by performing primarily songs with themes of togetherness, unity, and love, as well as by wearing t-shirts emblazoned with #MSDStrong t-shirts. However, after the show, photos began to circulate of a special pre-show meet-and-greet between the members of the Grateful Dead-inspired six-piece and students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas.In the wake of the school massacre, the students and faculty of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have been at the center of a national debate about gun control and education. Despite their younger age, the students have risen to meet the challenges of such a role, effectively galvanizing the country into action. Seventeen-year-old student Emma Gonzalez first made waves a few days after the shooting during a blistering and emotional speech at a press conference, calling out politicians for their inaction and monetary involvement with the NRA and declaring that “it’s time for victims to be the change we want to see.”With Gonzalez setting a tone for the movement, surviving students and faculty and victims’ family members held nothing back during a CNN Town Hall in Sunrise last week as they called out politicians and the National Rifle Association for preventing common-sense gun control. There, in addition to Gonzalez, a number of other MSD students came into the national spotlight, including MSD student Cameron Kasky who challenged Senator Marco Rubio (R) to stop taking campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association and repeatedly followed up on the question when Rubio refused to give a straight answer.With these brave high schoolers leading the way and the fear of fallout high, the gun control movement has been steadily gaining steam. A number of huge national corporations have been distancing themselves from the NRA in recent weeks as well, with yesterday seeing major gun retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart raising the minimum age to buy guns to 21 and banning the sale of assault-style rifles (Dick’s also announced it would no longer sell high-capacity magazines) and attributing to the decision to the Parkland shooting. Furthermore, on Wednesday, President Donald J. Trump stunned the nation when he called out Republican Senators for being “afraid of the NRA” and declaring, “I like taking the guns early. Take the guns first, go through due process second.”It’s clear that the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have become the faces of something huge. During some of the students’ meet-and-greet with Dead & Company on Monday evening, Bob Weir and the other musicians hammered home the students’ power during a heartfelt speech. In new video uploaded by Sergio Rozenblat, Weir addressed the room of students—which included Cameron Kasky of  CNN Town Hall fame—first noting, “You’ve created quite a stir, and it’s focused, and it’s not the kind of thing that anyone can argue with, because you’re right.” Later during the video, Bill Kreutzmann doubled down on this idea, interjecting “They can’t ignore you.”Weir encouraged the students to connect with HeadCount, a non-partisan organization that registers voters at concerts and engages musicians and music fans in democracy, explaining “HeadCount isn’t going to tell you what to do, because you guys are doing it, but they can give you tools and a little feedback like, ‘That didn’t work for us, but it might work you,’ because you guys have more punch.” He also encouraged the students, if interested, to register people to vote before declaring to the students, “Y’all could save our democracy.” In a different video posted by Mickey Hart, Hart also encouraged the students, doubling down on the idea that the kids speak for millions and millions of people (and Weir adding in that they speak so eloquently as well). After asking if the students were familiar with Joan Baez, Hart explained that he had been texting with Baez and had explained that he would be meeting with MSD students: “She asked me to give you her love and tell you much she respects you for doing this and that you have to do it. You have to be in the streets, you have to get out there. You have to knock ’em down in pieces, and don’t let go.”You can also check out Oteil Burbridge’s Facebook post from Tuesday, when he called the students “some of the bravest young people I have ever met” and thanked them for being so inspiring.last_img read more

first_imgIt’s the most wonderful time of the year in the Big Easy! New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is upon us, which means 10+ days of nonstop festivities surrounding the annual commemoration of New Orleans music and culture. While the festival itself boasts some of the most prestigious national and celebrated local acts around, the late night antics around the city are really what bring hoards of music fans flocking back year after year. You really never know what you might see during Jazz Fest! If you’ve experienced it, you know. And if you haven’t, we highly recommend you move this to the top of your priority list.Presenting: L4LM’s annual Guide to New Orleans Jazz Fest After Dark! (Remember, kids, it’s both a marathon and a sprint). We’ll be at all the below shows in bold.Weekend One— Thursday, April 26 —The 2018 Jazz & Heritage Gala: All-Star Tribute to Fats Domino ft. Trombone Shorty, Irma Thomas & More @ Hyatt Regency – 7 PM [Tickets]Jon Cleary @ d.b.a. – 7 PMTrey Anastasio Trio @ Civic Theatre – 9 PM [Sold Out]Railroad Earth @ Tipitina’s – 9 PM [Tickets]St. Paul & The Broken Bones w/ The New Orleans Suspects @ The Joy Theater – 9 PM [Tickets]Stanton Moore Trio ft. Stanton Moore, Robert Walter & Will Bernard @ Maison – 10 PM [Tickets]Johnny Vidacovich, George Porter Jr. & Vernon Reid @ Maple Leaf – 11 PM [Tickets]Mike Dillon, James Singleton & Brian Haas @ SideBar NOLA – 11:30 PMIke Stubblefield Trio @ d.b.a. – 1 AM— Friday, April 27 —Mike Dillon’s Punk Rock Percussion Consortium @ The Music Box – 7 PMGeorge Porter Jr. & The Runnin’ Pardners @ Touro Synagogue – 7:30 PM [Free Show]Queens of the Stone Age @ Saenger Theatre – 8:30 PM [Sold Out]Tank & The Bangas, The Soul Rebels, Big Freedia @ Tipitina’s – 9 PM [Tickets]Trey Anastasio Trio @ Civic Theatre – 9 PM [Sold Out]Matador! Soul Sounds @ House of Blues Parish – 9 PM [Tickets]David Shaw @ House of Blues – 9 PM [Tickets]St. Paul & The Broken Bones w/ Chapter Soul @ The Joy Theater – 9 PM [Tickets]Dumpstaphunk (performs “Dumpsta Sugar Sex Majik”), Naughty Professor w/ Chali 2na @ Howlin’ Wolf – 10 PM [Tickets]Axial Tilt Ft. Joan Osborne, Stu Allen, Rob Eaton, Mitch Stein, Robin Sylvester & Jay Lane @ Cafe Istanbul – 10 PM [Tickets]Voodoo Dead ft. Steve Kimock, Jeff Chimenti, Jackie Greene, George Porter Jr., JM Kimock & Brandon “Taz” Niederauer @ Republic NOLA – 10 PM [Tickets]John Medeski, Chris Wood, Skerik & Johnny Vidacovich @ Maple Leaf – 10 PM [Tickets]Honey Island Swamp Band @ d.b.a. – 10 PMKermit Ruffins @ Blue Nile – 10:30 PM [Tickets]California Honeydrops @ House of Blues – 11:30 PM [Tickets]Robert Walter & Posthuman Ft. Chris Alford, Cochema Gastelum, Reed Mathis & Simon Lott @ Blue Nile – 12:30 AM [Tickets]The Floozies @ Tipitina’s – 1:30 AM [Tickets]Blue Plate Special ft. Will Bernard, Stanton Moore, John Medeski, Chris Wood & Skerik @ Maison – 1:30 AM [Tickets]Corey Henry & The Treme Funktet @ d.b.a. – 2 AMSonic Bloom @ Maple Leaf – 2 AM [Tickets]Boyfriend @ One Eyed Jacks – 2 AM [Tickets]— Saturday, April 28 —Instrumenthead Guitar Jam Ft. Eric McFadden, Billy Iuso, Will Bernard @ 8319 Oak St. – 8 PM [Free]Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Treme Threauxdown @ Saenger Theater – 8 PM [Tickets]Johnny Vidacovich, Skerik, Brian Haas & Steven Bernstein @ Hi Ho Lounge – 8:30 PMBonerama, Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience, John ‘Papa’ Gros Band @ Rock N Bowl – 8:30 PM [Tickets]Galactic @ Tipitina’s – 9 PM [Tickets]Trey Anastasio Trio @ Civic Theatre – 9 PM [Sold Out]Dirty Dozen Brass Band @ House of Blues Parish – 9 PM [Tickets]Axial Tilt Ft. Joan Osborne, Stu Allen, Rob Eaton, Mitch Stein, Robin Sylvester & Jay Lane @ Cafe Istanbul – 10 PM [Tickets]Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Robert Walter’s 20th Congress @ House of Blues – 10 PM [Tickets]Hot 8 Brass Band @ d.b.a. – 10 PMKermit Ruffins & The BBQ Swingers @ The Little Gem Saloon – 8 & 10 PM [Tickets]Voodoo Dead ft. Steve Kimock, Jeff Chimenti, Jackie Greene, George Porter Jr., JM Kimock @ Republic NOLA – 10 PM [Tickets]Anders Osborne w/ Samantha Fish, Eddie Roberts & Rebirth Brass Band @ Howlin’ Wolf – 10 PM [Tickets]Red Baraat @ Blue Nile – 10:30 PM [Tickets]Leafopotomus: The New Orleans Suspects w/ Eric McFadden, Roosevelt Collier, Bobby Lee Rogers, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, Jennifer Hartswick, DJ Logic @ Maple Leaf – 11 PM [Tickets]Fruition @ House of Blues Parish – 1 AM [Tickets]MEGAWATT Ft. Bajah, Adam Deitch, Borahm Lee, Raja Kassis, Josh Werner, Weedie Braimah, Luke Quaranta, Khris Royal, Maurice Brown @ Blue Nile – 1:30 AM [Tickets]Naughty Professor w/ Chali 2na @ d.b.a. – 2 AMBeats Antique w/ the Preservation Horns @ The Joy Theater – 2 AM [Tickets]Flow Tribe @ Tipitina’s – 2 AM [Tickets]Terence Higgins, DJ Logic, Will Bernard & Wil Blades @ Maple Leaf  – 2 AM [Tickets]Nth Utero: The Nth Power Nirvana Tribute @ One Eyed Jacks – 2 AM [Tickets]— Sunday, April 29 —Foundation of Funk Ft. Zigaboo Modeliste, George Porter Jr., Anders Osborne & Jojo Herman w/ The Bonerama Horns & Brandon “Taz” Niederauer @ Howlin’ Wolf – 9 PM [Tickets]Red Baraat @ Gasa Gasa – 9 PM [Tickets]Worship My Organ Ft. Robert Walter, John Medeski, Skerik, Adam Deitch & DJ Logic @ One Eyed Jacks – 9 PM [Tickets]Los Lobos @ House of Blues – 9 PM [Tickets]Jon Cleary @ House of Blues Parish – 9 PM [Tickets]J.E.D.I. (Jazz Electronic Dance Improvisation) ft. Aaron Johnston, Marc Brownstein, Borahm Lee, Ryan Zoidis, Eric Benny Bloom, Eddie Roberts, Shira Elias, Davi Viera, Mauro Refosco, and Gustavo di Dalva @ Maison – 10 PM [Tickets]Funk & Chant w/ John “Papa” Gros & Big Chief Monk Boudreaux @ d.b.a. – 10 PMMaple Leaf All-Stars: Tony Hall, Ivan Neville, Derwin “Big D” Perkins, Raymond Webber, Ian Neville & Cyril Neville @ Maple Leaf – 11 PM [Tickets]Mike Dillon, Steven Bernstein & James Singleton @ SideBar NOLA – 11:30 PMBernard Purdie’s Party Ft. Joan Osborne, Cyril Neville, Will Bernard, Jason Crosby, Victor Little & Brad Walker @ Cafe Istanbul – 1:30 AM [Tickets]Z-FUNK: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin & Parliament Funkadelic ft. Michelangelo Carubba, Shira Elias, Roosevelt Collier, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, Steve Swatkins, Rob Walker, Mike “Maz” Maher & Chris Bullock @ Maison – 2 AM [Tickets]The Nth Power @ Maple Leaf – 3 AM [Tickets]Daze Between— Monday, April 30 —WWOZ Piano Night: Marcia Ball, Jon Cleary, Ellis Marsalis, Henry Gray and the Cats, Davell Crawford, Tom McDermott, David Torkanowky, Joe Krown, Bob Seeley, Al “Lil Fats” Jackson & John Autin @ House of Blues – 7 PM [Tickets]The New Orleans Suspects, Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, Naughty Professor, Honey Island Swamp Band, Bo Dollis Jr. and the Wild Magnolias, The Nth Power @ Tipitina’s – 8:30 PM [Tickets]Frequinox ft. Donald Harrison, Stanton Moore, Robert Mercurio, Robert Walter & Will Bernard plus Green is Beautiful: A Tribute to Grant Green ft. Eddie Roberts, Alan Evans, Chris Stillwell, Chris Spies, Congo Sanchez & Nick Gerlach @ One Eyed Jacks – 9 PM [Tickets]Mike Dillon, Brad Houser, Dave Easley & Doug Belote @ SideBar NOLA – 9 PMJohnny Vidacovich, Chris Wood & John Medeski @ d.b.a. – 10 PMAlex Massa’s Fat Trio ft. Nikki Glaspie, Wil Blades, Brad Walker, Cliff Hines, Noah Young, Erica Falls, DJ Quickie Mart @ Siberia Lounge – 10 PMGeorge Porter Jr., Terrance Houston & Mike Lemmler @ Maple Leaf – 10 PM [Tickets]“Snarky Sasha” w/Chris Bullock & Sasha Masakowski @ SideBar NOLA – 11:30 PMGlen David Andrews @ d.b.a. – 1 AMNeon-Medeski ft. Daru Jones, John Medeski, MonoNeon, Skerik, Robert Walter & DJ Logic @ One Eyed Jacks – 2 AM [Tickets]— Tuesday, May 1 —Johnny Vidacovich Trio Ft. John Medeski & Will Bernard @ Cafe Istanbul – 8 PM [Tickets]Mike Dillon @ SideBar NOLA – 8, 9 & 10:30 PMDragon Smoke ft. Stanton Moore, Ivan Neville, Eric Lindell & Robert Mercurio @ One Eyed Jacks– 9 PM [Tickets]Rebirth Brass Band @ Maple Leaf – 9:30 PMAdam Deitch Quartet @ Blue Nile – 10 PM [Tickets]FIYA BOMB Ft. John Medeski, Chris Wood, Nikki Glaspie & Skerik @ Maison – 10 PM [Tickets]Honey Island Swamp Band @ The Little Gem Saloon – 11 PM [Tickets]The Eddie Logic Project ft. Eddie Roberts, DJ Logic, Victor Little, Chris Spies, Jermal Watson, Mike Olmos & Joel Cohen @ One Eyed Jacks – 1:30 AM [Tickets]— Wednesday, May 2 —Ivan Neville Piano Sessions @ Blue Nile – 9 PM [Tickets]Marian Hill @ Republic NOLA – 9 PM [Tickets]The Daze Between Band Ft. Dave Schools, Eric Krasno, Duane Trucks, John Medeski & Tom Hamilton @ One Eyed Jacks – 10 PM [SOLD OUT]The Radiators @ Tipitina’s – 10 PM [Sold Out]Game of Bones ft. Big Sam Williams & Corey Henry @ Blue Nile – 11 PM [Tickets]Johnny Vidacovich, George Porter Jr., Ivan Neville & June Yamagishi @ Maple Leaf – 11 PM [Tickets]John Medeski’s Mad Skillet ft. Terence Higgins, Kirk Joseph & Will Bernard @ Maison – 1:30 AM [Tickets]FU*K 2017: A Tribute To Those We Lost Ft. Craig Brodhead, Michelangelo Carubba, & Shira Elias of Turkuaz; Joey Porter, Garrett Sayers, & Lyle Divinsky of The Motet; and Special Guests Cris Jacobs, Nate Werth, DJ Williams & The Turkuaz Horns @ One Eyed Jacks – 2 AM [Tickets]Roosevelt Collier, Tony Hall & Terence Higgins @ d.b.a. – 2 AMWeekend Two— Thursday, May 3 —Shorty Fest 2018: Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Tank and the Bangas, The Soul Rebels & More @ House of Blues – 7:30 PM [Tickets]The Revivalists @ Saenger Theater – 8 PM [Tickets]Turkuaz @ Tipitina’s – 9 PM [Tickets]Neville Jacobs (Ivan Neville & Cris Jacobs) @ Ace Hotel – 9 PM [Tickets]Saucefest 2018 ft. Skerik, Nikki Glaspie, Brian Haas, Eric Layer, Simon Lott, Helen Gillet, Martin Krusche, Dan O, James Singleton, Chris Lane, Sam Dickey, Aurora Neeland @ Hi Ho Lounge – 9 PMThe M&M’s ft. John Medeski, Stanton Moore, Robert Mercurio & Papa Mali @ One Eyed Jacks – 9 PM [Tickets]John “Papa” Gros @ Chickie Wah Wah – 9 PMThe Daze Between Band Ft. Eric Krasno, Dave Schools, Duane Trucks, Marcus King & Deshawn “D’Vibes” Alexander @ Howlin’ Wolf – 9:30 PM [Tickets]Lettuce, DJ Soul Sister @ The Joy Theater – 10 PM [Tickets]Sonny Landreth, George Porter Jr. & Johnny Vidacovich @ Maple Leaf – 10 PM [Tickets]Jon Cleary @ d.b.a. – 10 PMDead Feat Ft. Anders Osborne, Jackie Greene, Paul Barrere, Fred Tackett & Chad Cromwell @ Republic NOLA – 10 PM [Tickets]Gatorators Ft. Dave Malone, Camile Baudoin, Reggie Scanlan, Mitch Stein, Eric Bolivar & Brad Walker @ Cafe Istanbul – 10:30 PM [Tickets]Dead Blues ft. Grahame Lesh, Luther Dickinson, Elliott Peck, Daru Jones, Marcus Machado & Special Guest John Medeski @ The Little Gem Saloon – 11 PM [Tickets]Colonel Bruce Tribute Ft. Duane Trucks, Marcus King, Dave Schools, Kofi Burbridge, John Medeski, Jake Eckert, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer & Roosevelt Collier @ Maple Leaf – 1 AM [Tickets]Marco Benevento @ Tipitina’s – 2 AM [Tickets]FIYA POWA Ft. George Porter Jr., Roosevelt Collier, Ivan Neville, Tony Hall, Karl Denson, Big Sam, Stanton Moore & Maurice Brown @ Maison – 2 AM [Tickets]— Friday, May 4 —Send Me A Friend Benefit ft. Anders Osborne, Nolatet ft. Mike Dillon, James Singleton, Brian Haas & Johnny Vidacovich @ John Bukaty Studio and Gallery – 8 PM [Tickets]Eminence Ensemble @ One Eyed Jacks – 8:30 PM [Tickets]Gov’t Mule, Marcus King Band @ Saenger Theater – 8:30 PM [Tickets]The Devon Allman Project with Duane Betts @ Tipitina’s – 9 PM [Tickets]Tank and the Bangas, Maggie Koerner, Naughty Professor @ Civic Theatre – 9 PM [Tickets]The 16th Annual Bayou Rendezvous @ Howlin Wolf – [Tickets]9 PM: 300 Years! New Orleans Suspects with John Gros and Bonerama Horns11:30 PM: Dr. Klaw (Eric Krasno, Adam Deitch, Nigel Hall, Nick Daniels, Ian Neville, Eric “Benny” Bloom & Ryan Zoidis)1:30 AM: The New Orleans All-Stars (George Porter Jr., Stanton Moore, Ivan Neville, Johnny Vidacovich)3:30 AM: PolyrhythmicsIn The Den:10 PM: Butcher Brown12 AM: Southern Avenue2 AM: Space & Harmony: The Revivalists and Naughty Professor Side Project4 AM: Roosevelt Collier’s Nolarado Get Down Ft. Dave Watts, Garret Sayers, Joey Porter6 AM: Sunrise Breakfast Jam with Ideateam & Brooker D.Artists At Large:Eric McFadden (P-Funk, Anders Osborne)Kofi Burbridge (Tedeschi Trucks Band)Wally Ingram (Steve Kimock, Bob Weir)Joe Russo’s Almost Dead @ Mardi Gras World – 9 PM [Tickets]Galactic, Dirty Dozen Brass Band @ The Joy Theater – 9 PM [Tickets]Funky Meters @ House of Blues – 9 PM  [Tickets]Cowboy Mouth @ House of Blues Parish – 9 PM [Tickets]Soul Rebels @ d.b.a. – 10 PMFlow Tribe @ Gasa Gasa – 10 PM [Tickets]Kermit Ruffins @ Blue Nile – 10:30 PM [Tickets]James Brown Birthday Tribute Ft. Tony Hall & The New Orleans Souls Stars @ Maple Leaf – 11 PM [Tickets]Dirty Dozen Brass Band @ Cafe Istanbul – 1 AM [Tickets]Big Sam’s Funky Nation @ Blue Nile – 1:30 AM [Tickets]The Motet Tribute To Sly & The Family Stone @ House of Blues – 12 AM [Tickets]Spafford @ Republic NOLA – 2 AM [Tickets]The New Mastersounds @ The Joy Theater – 2 AM [Tickets]Turkuaz Gives You Wings: A Tribute To Paul McCartney & Wings Ft. Denny Laine @ Tipitina’s – 2 AM [Tickets]Worship My Organ Ft. John Medeski, Marco Benevento, Robert Walter, Skerik, Adam Deitch & DJ Logic @ Maison – 2 AM [Tickets]— Saturday, May 5 —Weedie Braimah @ The Music Box – 7 PMThe Motet w/ Butcher Brown @ House of Blues – 9 PM [Tickets]North Mississippi Allstars @ Tipitina’s – 9 PM [Tickets]Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe Presents Eat a Bunch Of Peaches w/ Stanton Moore, Mike Dillon, Kenneth Crouch @ The Joy Theater – 9 PM [Tickets]Joe Russo’s Almost Dead @ Mardi Gras World – 9 PM [Tickets]Cris Jacobs Band w/ Ivan Neville & Naughty Professor @ Blue Nile – 10 PM [Tickets]Sonic Bloom @ One Eyed Jacks – 10 PM [Tickets]Dirty Dozen Brass Band @ d.b.a. – 10 PMAnders Osborne & Friends w/ Eric Krasno, Marc Broussard @ Howlin’ Wolf – 10 PM [Tickets]George Porter Jr. & Runnin’ Pardners @ Cafe Istanbul – 10 PM [Tickets]Glen David Andrews Band @ The Little Gem Saloon – 11 PM [Tickets]Maurice “MOBETTA” Brown & SOUL’D U OUT feat: TALIB KWELI + Special Guests @ Three Keys at Ace Hotel – 10 PM [Tickets]Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen w/ Nigel Hall @ Maple Leaf – 11 PM [Tickets]Ripe @ House of Blues Parish – 11 PM [Tickets]The Main Squeeze Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix @ House of Blues – 1 AM [Tickets]Marco Benevento @ Blue Nile – 1:30 AM [Tickets]Spafford @ Republic NOLA – 2 AM [Tickets]The Greyboy Allstars @ Tipitina’s – 2 AM [Tickets]The New Mastersounds: Celebrating The Women Of The Scene W/ Kim Dawson, Adryon De Leon, Mayteana Morales, Shira Elias, Sammi Garett, Boyfriend, DJ Soul Sister, Erica Falls @ The Joy Theater – 2 AM [Tickets]Break Science @ One Eyed Jacks – 2 AM [Tickets]GALACTIPHUNK Ft. Ivan Neville, Stanton Moore, Tony Hall, Nick Daniels, Robert Mercurio, Ian Neville, Erica Falls, Alvin Ford Jr. w/ The Naughty Professor Horns @ Maison – 2 AM [Tickets]Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes @ Maple Leaf – 3 AM [Tickets]— Sunday, May 6 —George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic @ House of Blues – 9 PM [Tickets]Eric Lindell @ One Eyed Jacks – 9 PM [Tickets]Dumpstaphunk, The Nth Power, DJ Soul Sister @ Tipitina’s – 9 PM [Tickets]Herbie Hancock Tribute Ft. Joey Porter, Garrett Sayers, Ryan Zoidis, Robert “Sput” Seawright, Nate Werth @ Maison – 10 PM [Tickets]Bonerama Ft. John “Papa” Gros & Darcy Malone @ Cafe Istanbul – 10 PM [Tickets]Stanton Moore Trio @ d.b.a. – 10 PMFunky But Better Ft. Big Sam Williams, Doug Wimbish, Roosevelt Collier, Maurice Brown, Daru Jones & Marcus Machado @ Blue Nile – 10:30 PM [Tickets]XONIUQERF Ft. Donald Harrison, Jr., Stanton Moore, Robert Walter, Robert Mercurio & Will Bernard @ d.b.a. – 1 AM [Tickets]Purple Party: A Tribute to Prince Ft. MonoNeon, Corey Frye, Ryan Jalbert, Lyle Divinsky, Shira Elias, Sammi Garrett, Casey Russell, Steveland Swatkins, Robert “Sput” Searight, Chris Bullock, Mike “Maz” Maher, Jeff Franca, Will Trask & Megan Letts @ Maison – 2 AM [Tickets]last_img read more

first_imgToday, Umphrey’s McGee released the official remixes to their latest album, it’s not us. The it’s not them Remix EP features reinterpretations of UM originals from Manic Focus, TAUK, Work Drugs, and Wyllys + Moonsine.“We reached out to a variety of our peers for their take on a track from our latest album and we got back a cross section as diverse as the UM fan base,” the band writes on their website. “Whether you are a drum ’n bass fan, like that 80s retro vibe, or prefer a good old-fashioned rock, these gamut running tracks have you covered.”The it’s not them EP is now available to download or stream on the platform of your choice. Head to the band’s website for more information, and check out the remixes below.last_img read more

first_imgIt’s been five years since we last heard from the Arctic Monkeys. After touring in support of their fifth studio LP AM in 2013-2014, the band members redirected their focuses to side-projects. Flash forward to present day, and they’re back in full swing with their sixth album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino–officially due on May 11th–and a full tour schedule ahead.Ahead of the album’s release, Arctic Monkeys will celebrate the new record with release parties at San Diego’s The Observatory North Park (x2) and Brooklyn’s Brooklyn Steel, in addition to a previously announced concert at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. Tickets for the newly-added album release parties go on-sale at 10am local time on Friday, April 20 on the band’s website.In addition to that, Arctic Monkeys have expanded their North American headlining tour to include stops in Canandaigua, New York, as well as headlining festival appearances at Chicago’s Lollapalooza and Osheaga Festival in Montreal.You can get a preview of the new album in the teaser video below:Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino – Teaser Video[Video: ArcticMonkeysVEVO]Check out the full tour schedule below, and head to the band’s website for more information.Arctic Monkeys 2018 Tour Dates:05/02 – San Diego, CA @ The Observatory North Park05/03 – San Diego, CA @ The Observatory North Park05/05 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery05/09 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel05/22 – Berlin, DE @ Columbiahalle05/23 – Berlin, DE @ Columbiahalle05/26 – Rome, IT @ Cavea05/27 – Rome, IT @ Cavea05/29 – Paris, FR @ Le Zenith05/30 – Paris, FR @ Le Zenith06/02 – Barcelona, ES @ Primavera Sound06/04 – Milan, IT @ Mediolanum Forum06/08 – Hilvarenbeek, NL @ Best Kept Secret Festival06/14-17 – Dover, DE @ Firefly Festival06/16 – Raleigh, NC @ Red Hat Amphitheater06/18 – Nashville, TN @ Ascend Amphitheater06/19 – Atlanta, GA @ Coca Cola Roxy Theatre06/22-24 – Neuhausen Ob Eck, DE @ Southside Festival06/22-24 – Scheeßel, DE @ Hurricane Festival06/26 – Dusseldorf, DE @ Mitsubishi Electric Halle06/27 – Copehagen, DK @ Royal Arena07/01 – Glasgow, UK @ TRNSMT Festival07/04 – Gdynia, PL @ Open’er Festival07/06 – Athens, GR @ Rockwave Festival07/08 – Werchter, BE @ Rock Werchter07/12 – Lisbon, PT @ NOS Alive Festival07/13 – Madrid, ES @ Mad Cool Festival07/24 – Queens, NY @ Forest Hills Stadium07/25 – Canandigua, NY @ CMAC07/27 – Boston, MA @ TD Garden07/28 – Washington, DC @ The Anthem07/31 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Petersen Events Center08/01 – Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple Theatre08/02 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza08/04 – Montreal, QC @ Osheaga Festival08/05 – Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre08/08 – Oslo, NO @ Oya Festival08/09 – Gothenburg, SE @ Way Out West Festival08/11 – Helsinki, FI @ Flow Festival08/14 – Budapest, HR @ Sziget Festival09/06 – Manchester, UK @ Arena09/07 – Manchester, UK @ Arena09/09 – London, UK @ The O209/10 – London, UK @ The O209/12 – London, UK @ The O209/13 – London, UK @ The O209/15 – Birmingham, UK @ Arena09/16 – Birmingham, UK @ Arena09/18 – Sheffield, UK @ Flydsa Arena09/19 – Sheffield, UK @ Flydsa Arena09/21 – Sheffield, UK @ Flydsa Arena09/22 – Sheffield, UK @ Flydsa Arena09/24 – Dublin, IE @ 3Arena09/25 – Dublin, IE @ 3Arena09/27 – Newcastle, UK @ Metro Radio Arena09/28 – Newcastle, UK @ Metro Radio ArenaView All Tour Dateslast_img read more

first_imgIt’s hard to imagine that one of the heaviest of heavy metal guitar gods as a baby, but 54 years ago today, that’s exactly how Metallica‘s James Hetfield entered the world. As a young boy, Hetfield was always delighted by the music that his opera singing mother filled the house with, and wanted to join in. Hetfield started out on the piano and switched to drums, before he finally picked up a guitar and found his path towards mega-stardom. Inspired by classic rockers like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and The Misfits, he developed into a versatile fretboard wizard, capable of picking lightning fast leads but also able to churn out pace-setting, dark power chords to back up his trademark throaty howl.As Hetfield turned thirteen his parents divorced, and his father disappeared from his life completely. That emotional void would contribute to the darkening of James’ worldview and emotional stability, a topic he would speak on with great impact in the Dustin Hunt film Absent. This simmering anger, focused through his words and trademark low slung guitar, was fuel waiting for a spark that was soon to come in an unlikely way.Hetfield answered an ad posted in the Los Angeles metro area newspaper The Recycler that read “Drummer looking for other metal musicians to jam with, Tygers of Pan Tang, Diamond Head and Iron Maiden.” His odds were good at getting the gig, since his was one of only two responses. Luckily for him and us all, the encounter spawned a true friendship with Lars Ulrich that rests at the heart of the Metallica, the biggest hard rock band the world has ever seen. Quickly recruiting bass player Cliff Burton and original lead guitarist Dave Mustaine (Replaced early on by band mainstay Kirk Hammett), Metallica was born in crashing waves, thunderous drumbeats, and squealing guitars.Quickly leaving the pretentious party scene of LA behind for a new home base of San Francisco, the band was developing worldwide appreciation for their fusion of naked aggression, musical intricacy, and lyrical brutal honesty. Sneering at the make-up wearing glam rockers dominating the charts and bigger venues, Hetfield and Metallica made it their mission to never compromise in their pursuit of perfection. That drive and perseverance honed and perfected a less a music style than a full-on battle cry. Songs like “Hit The Lights” and “Am I Evil” were a call to action among their fans that exploded into reality, in the form of head banging free-for-alls in the clubs and crowds wherever they played.The first two Metallica albums, Metal Up Your Ass and Ride The Lightning saw incredible sales relative to the size of the genre’s audience, and paved the way for international tours that saw them leapfrog more established acts they had previously opened for, like Venom. A choice gig as the opener for Ozzy Osborne‘s 1986 Ultimate Sin Tour helped make their third album, the game-changing Master Of Puppets, a multi-platinum seller that brought their music to a more mainstream audience. Unfortunately, the tragic death of bassist and true brother-in-arms Cliff Burton days after their last show with Osborne would cause a chain reaction, nearly destroying the band and Hetfield himself.Though the next fifteen years would see incredible success for the band, Hetfield’s sadness and frustration would find expression in angry outbursts and epic drinking binges. While his playing would always manage to stay sharp enough for shows, his inter-personal skills deteriorated quickly. Jason Newstead, who had been brought in to replace the late Burton, became a lightning rod for hazing that soon evolved into near constant abuse, often led by Hetfield. Finally, with his home life and band teetering on the brink, he entered an intensive rehabilitation program in a desperate effort to regain control of his life.The whole process of returning from rehab and recording the newest album was the heart of the documentary Some Kind Of Monster that gave the world an unexpectedly frank look into the lives of the band. Hetfield was remarkably tame after his self correcting ordeal, and cameras caught it all. While some fans decried the taming of the metal maven, he at last found himself transitioning from the senseless anger of his youth into a healthy, focused, yet still fairly angry adulthood.In managing to defy the conventional image of a rocker, Hetfield and his now clean and sober ways have served as a positive force among the fan base. His is an open example to the millions of Metallica fans that real life health and sanity is more important in the long run than any addiction, no matter how good or strong it feels. Making the fact that we all need to lean on others from time to time less of a stigma in so many minds has surely saved lives.He always seems ready to help a good cause, such as his recent acoustic performance for Acoustic 4-A-Cure to help fight pediatric cancer. His support of any form of cancer research makes perfect sense, given the tragic loss of his mother, and he has made the performances a chance to be present in the lives of at least one of his children in a special way. Check out his acoustic duet with his daughter on the Adele tune “Crazy For You” from this year’s fundraiser below:In their 35 years, Metallica changed the face of heavy metal, and James Hetfield has been a big part of that. From the raw power and wild abandon of their beginnings to the focused drive to reach new heights that followed, Hetfield helped make music and memories that changed lives. In managing to work through the difficulties any group of people would face over the course of a multi-decade partnership, they are a testament to the ability of music to unite. An entire generation of music fans know what metal should sound, look and most importantly feel like thanks to riffs that have come screaming out of his guitars and amplifiers.In celebration of Hetfield’s birthday here are a pair of shows representing the past and the present of the band that headbanged their way into the record books with 100 million albums sold worldwide, nine Grammys and countless ticket sales. The first is a special look back at a classic moment in the band’s history when Cliff Burton still plucked the bass strings and the fans were in lockstep as they marched to the beat of the heaviest band in the land.Here’s Metallica playing Germany’s Metal Hammer Fest in 1985:And to close out this birthday retrospective, here’s Metallica’s completely unhinged show from earlier this year. A full-length hi-def homecoming at San Francisco’s AT&T Park in front of a rabid sold-out crowd of joyous fans. Enjoy!last_img read more

first_imgGHOST-NOTE // US Tour Dates10/9 – Memphis, TN – 1884 Lounge10/10 – St. Louis, MO – Old Rock House10/11 – Chicago, IL – 1st Ward Chop Shop10/12 – Detroit, MI – Detroit Institute of Music Education10/13 – Grand Rapids, IA – Founders10/14 & 10/15 – Toronto, CAN – The Rex10/16 – Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s10/17 – Washington, D.C. – Gypsy Sally’s10/18 – Asheville, NC – Asheville Music Hall10/19 – Charlotte, NC – Neighborhood Theatre10/20 – Nashville, TN – Exit/In10/21 – Atlanta, GA – Aisle 510/23 – Hattiesburg, MS – Thirsty Hippo10/24 – New Orleans, LA – Blue Nile10/25 – Houston, TX – Last Concert Cafe10/26 – Dallas, TX – Deep EllumEU/UK Tour Dates11/5 – Göteborg, Sweden – Nefertiti11/6 – Stockholm, Sweden – Fasching11/8 – Oslo, Norway – Cosmopolite11/9 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Jazz Onze Plus11/10 – Ingolstadt, Germany – Ingolstädter Jazztage11/11 – Ulm, Germany – Roxy11/12 – Aschaffenburg, Germany – Colos-Saal11/14 – Berlin, Germany – Quasimodo11/15 – Bielefeld, Germany – 15 Bunker Ulmenwall,11/16 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Super Sonic Jazz Festival11/17 – Heerlen, Netherlands – Jazz Out11/18 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – Bird11/20 – Leiden, Netherlands – Scheltema11/21 – Paris, France – Badaboum11/23 – London, England – Ronnie Scott’s11/24 – Munich, Germany – Unterfahrt11/25 – Bari, Italy – Teatro Forma11/27 – Pisa, Italy – Lumiere / Pisa JazzView All Tour Dates Ghost-Note, the musical brainchild of multi-Grammy Award-winning artists Robert “Sput” Searight and Nate Werth, will make their European debut next fall. Following their upcoming October tour—which will take them through major cities across North America including Memphis, TN; Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; New Orleans, LA; Dallas, TX; and so many more–Ghost-Note will head overseas for a series of dates this November.From November 5th through the 27th, Ghost-Note will visit 18 oversea cities, with performances in Norway, Switzerland, France, and England, with multiple dates scheduled throughout Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands. and Italy.The seven-piece ensemble is comprised of Dywane “MonoNeon” Thomas Jr. (bass), Xavier Taplin (keys), Vaughn “V-Keys” Henry (keys), Peter Knudsen (guitar) and Jonathan Mones (alto sax & flute) alongside Werth and Sput. After launching their debut record, Fortified, in 2015 to showcase the diverse musical landscape of Dallas, TX, Snarky Puppy cohorts Robert “Sput” Searight and Nate Werth found their identity in the Ghost-Note moniker. This past spring, pair headed back into the studio for the follow-up release, Swagism, which garnered a #1 position on the iTunes jazz charts. Swagism showcases an evolved sound, elaborating on the sonically powerful and diverse talents of each individual member of the group, and features over 20 guest musicians, including Kamasi Washington, Karl Denson, Nigel Hall, Brandon “TAZ” Niederauer, and many more. Listen to Ghost-Note’s Swagism below:Ghost-Note – Swagism – Full AlbumLive performances of the unique supergroup have been scarce, until now. Catch them in a city near you. Tickets for the upcoming tour dates are on sale now on the band’s official website. Check out a list of their upcoming tour dates below:last_img read more

first_imgThe Chris Robinson Brotherhood is busy as ever, announcing the forthcoming release of Betty’s Midwestern Magick Blends, due out November 16th via Silver Arrow Records. Betty’s Midwestern Magick Blends is the fourth volume from the series, featuring highlights from three shows in Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago in October 2016. While also promoting Barefoot In The Head, the band’s sixth full-length record that is due out in 2019, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood are on their way toward completing 200 shows across the U.S. and Europe this year for the fourth year in a row.As noted in a press release,Through that prolific touring schedule, the band has emerged a razor sharp, riveting live unit. Each evening The CRB plays two sets of music with a dynamic, ever-changing setlist. Presenting original material stretching across six studio albums, plus a repertoire of covers that runs from Slim Harpo to Bob Dylan and beyond, it’s only fitting that the band would document this output. They’ve done exactly that through a series of live recordings dubbed, ‘Betty’s Blends’—taking its moniker from legendary Grateful Dead archivist and recording engineer Betty Cantor-Jackson who is called upon to capture The CRB’s performances in multi-dimensional, audio-verite.Read Live For Live Music’s interview with Betty Cantor-Jackson and Chris Robinson about how CRB helped Betty rediscover her love for recording live music here.The Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s Betty’s Midwestern Magick Blends will be available as a vinyl exclusive, 3-LP set with only 3500 copies released and on digital formats. The live collection includes originals “New Cannonball Rag,” “Forever As The Moon”, and “Shadow Cosmos,” as well as two covers of The Rolling Stones: “Down Home Girl” and “Let It Bleed”; and the rarely played fan-favorite, Steppenwolf‘s “Magic Carpet Ride.” The set is now available for pre-order at independent record stores.Today, you can listen to “New Cannonball Rag” ahead of the full release.The Chris Robinson Brotherhood – “New Cannonball Rag”The Chris Robinson Brotherhood is currently in the middle of a massive cross-country U.S. tour. Highlights along the way include two night stands at Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC; The Ardmore Music Hall outside Philadelphia; Revolution Hall in Portland, OR; Variety Playhouse, where Robinson grew up in Atlanta, GA; and their first-ever appearance at Brooklyn Steel in Brooklyn, NY. The CRB closes the year in customary fashion at their now-annual three-night run at The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA.CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD // Tour DatesOctober 16 – St. Louis, MO – Delmar HallOctober 18 – Chattanooga, TN – Walker TheatreOctober 19 – Nashville, TN – 3rd & LindsleyOctober 20 – Atlanta, GA – Variety PlayhouseOctober 21 – Charleston, SC – Charleston Music HallOctober 23 – Asheville, NC – The Orange PeelOctober 25 – Raleigh, NC – Lincoln TheatreOctober 26 – Raleigh, NC – Lincoln TheatreOctober 27 – Norfolk, VA – The NorVaOctober 28 – Charlotte, NC – Neighborhood TheatreOctober 30 – Columbus, OH – Newport Music HallOctober 31 – Millvale, PA – Mr. Smalls TheatreNovember 2-3 – Ardmore, PA – Ardmore Music HallNovember 4 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn SteelNovember 6 – Portland, ME – Port City Music HallNovember 8 – Charlottesville, VA – Jefferson TheaterNovember 9 – Washington, DC – 9:30 ClubNovember 10 – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock ClubNovember 11 – Albany, NY – Upstate Concert HallNovember 13 – Lancaster, PA – Chameleon ClubNovember 15 – Hartford, CT – Infinity Music HallNovember 16 – Norfolk, CT – Infinity Music HallNovember 17 – Rochester, NY – AnthologyNovember 18 – Detroit, MI – St. Andrew’s HallNovember 29 – Vancouver, BC – VenueNovember 30 – Seattle, WA – The ShowboxDecember 1 – Portland, OR – Revolution HallDecember 2 – Portland, OR – Revolution HallDecember 4 – Chico, CA – El Rey TheaterDecember 5 – Sonoma, CA – Gundlach Bundschu WineryDecember 7 – San Diego, CA – The Observatory North ParkDecember 8 – Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda TheatreDecember 9 – Felton, CA – Bret Harte HallDecember 11 – Santa Barbara, CA – Lobero TheatreDecember 12 – Crystal Bay, NV – Crystal Bay Club CasinoDecember 14 – San Francisco, CA – The FillmoreDecember 15 – San Francisco, CA – The FillmoreDecember 16 – San Francisco, CA – The FillmoreView All Tour Dateslast_img read more

first_imgThe British rock band Arctic Monkeys made a stop at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium last night, in support of their most recent album, Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino.Below, you can view a gallery of photos from Saturday night’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium show via photographer Kate Haley.Arctic Monkeys | Bill Graham Civic Auditorium | San Francisco, CA | 10/20/2018 | Photos: Kate Haley Load remaining images Photo: Kate Haleylast_img