first_imgI’ve been shopping recently for a new pair of running shoes, and it’s been a bit of a Goldilocks scenario. This one was too big, that one was too small. I’m still not sure I’ve landed on just right.So hearing the vice president of Digital Design Transformation at Nike, Ken Black, speak at Dell EMC World was timely insight into the next-generation footwear – enabled by next-generation technology from Dell.“Shoe design may not sound like rocket science but let’s just say the ‘cobbler has evolved,’ so to speak and actually it’s rather cutting-edge these days,” Dave Altavilla of HotHardware said after hearing him speak.Valereie Vacante, founder of Collabsco, noted in Clausette that as a physical products company, visualization and realization of the end product are crucial for Nike.“At the heart of things we’ve always been makers. From the beginning we’ve been craftsmen, tinkerers, innovators,” Black said. “I think that has really been the thing that has enabled us to drive the performance and the esthetic of what we call modern sports.“One of the things I love the most is we really boil it down to a pretty simple goal. What we want to do is inspire the world with what we create. To help athletes do things they’ve never thought possible.”Almost twenty years after Dell launched our Precision line of workstations, customers are combining them with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to change the game in design and product development.In this environment, things that will become more premium and influence the speed and possibility of creation are:Instant visualizationImmediate collaborationRealtime fidelityContextual experienceSo our own designers and engineers worked together with customers on this view of what the future of design could be, and from that collaboration came Dell Canvas.Sarah Burkhart, the product manager for Dell Canvas described it as a “dual surface immersive creation device that has a ‘doing surface’ and a ‘seeing surface,’ plus touch, totem and pen.”Canvas works with all the software used by designers and other creatives like Adobe, Autodesk and Cakewalk, as well as the AR glasses seen in the video above. That’s because in addition to listening to what customers need, we’ve also been working with partners like Meta, who make those glasses, to enable immersive creativity for designers.We can’t do that alone. We need partners like Meta and Ultrahaptics to help us rethink how work gets done. Ultrahaptics is responsible for the spatial haptics technology allowing you to feel the holographic interface seen in the video.Author Mark Schaefer called it “magic” in his recent post, but as our latest commercials note, it’s not the kind of magic only seen in fairy tales. With seven technology leaders now together under the Dell Technologies umbrella, digital transformation becomes very real for our customers.Black explained that Nike’s digital transformation is about bringing dimension to the ideas that live in their designers’ minds, as quickly and beautifully as possible.“How do we get the brilliant idea that exists in each designers head out and in the world – to you – faster, better, more beautifully and more seamlessly?” he asked the audience. “It’s about the visualization. But being a physical product company, it’s also about the realization of that end product.”When asked how can technologies like Canvas, AR and haptics free up designers to think outside of what they are limited to today, Black said he thinks of that future as “hypernatural” – a more seamless and advanced form of what creators have always been doing.“This brings it all to your fingertips,” he said after the Canvas demonstration. “As you look at the video, what we love about being able to work in 2D and see it in 3D is as we work with our athletes, which is critical being able to co-create with someone like LeBron or KD, as they see an idea taking form, becoming that 3D shape, we really think will change the game.”You can watch the replay of Black’s time on stage, as well as the Canvas demonstration, on the Dell EMC World event website.last_img read more

first_imgOur bags are packed and we’re off to Las Vegas! Global Partner Summit and OEM Futuremaker Summit are just a few short days away and I can’t wait to spend the week making it real with our partners and customers. We’re on a mission to become the industry’s biggest and best partner program, and the fastest way for organizations to bring bold solutions to market. Next week will be a momentous leap forward on both of those journeys.Our team has been hard at work building extraordinary new capabilities, solutions, incentives and program enhancements – all for you. Stay tuned for our announcements. We’re further delivering on our promise to be Simple. Predictable. Profitable.™ Implementing the things YOU asked for.Attendees, remember those surveys you filled out a couple weeks ago? Our content was built on your feedback. Those surveys acted as our guide so we can make sure we’re covering the topics that matter to you most. We have general sessions to bring us all together, and breakout sessions to offer opportunities to hear from other partners and customers in your region or your area of expertise.Did I mention the speakers we have lined up for Dell Technologies World? Two words: game changing. Michael Dell and the Dell Technologies executive leadership team, Ashton Kutcher and Allison Dew. This is going to be our best event yet. And the entertainment? Wait ‘til you hear who’s performing at the partner reception. As my millennial kids would say, it’s going to be “on fire.”We’ll talk about how to embrace and monetize emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, IoT; the latest trends impacting OEM customers; and how Dell EMC is enabling you to innovate faster, build bolder and scale smarter. It’s going to be an incredible event.So, what do you get when you put 4,000 of the world’s best partners, the Dell Technologies Executive Leadership Team and some extraordinary entertainers in one venue? A really good time. Safe travels and I look forward to seeing you next week!If you’re unable to join in person, follow us online!Follow the Partner Channel on the Dell EMC Corporate blogFollow along on Twitter, with hashtags #DellEMCGPS and #DellTechWorld, and follow our leadersEngage with our leadership team: @MichaelDell, @MariusHaas, @BillScannell2, @JayBOD3, @JimJDeFoe, @Tian_Beng_Ng, @AmbulosGregg, @CookCherylS, @S_Millard, @Chris_Wolff, and me, @JoyceAtDellTune in to the Dell Technologies World LiveStreamlast_img read more

first_imgFrom bringing cool car designs and the dragons in HBO’s Game of Thrones to life, to helping power research into the early detection of ocular diseases, Dell Precision workstations continue to help customers push the boundaries of creativity and science.Our powerhouse devices (for example: Dell Precision 7000 tower and rack workstations) are in high demand, especially for those exploring intensive workloads like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). However, as technology and the need for increased performance evolves, we’ve also seen a steady increase in the number of up-and-coming creators and innovators interested in entry-level, workstation-class devices.The purpose of technology is to help bring our ideas to life, not hold us back. Students and professionals require access to tools with the reliability and performance needed to breeze through heavy Excel workbook crunching, 2D CAD, or simple 3D CAD design. These users need technology capable of keeping up with their skillset, without breaking the bank.Historically, budget limitations have meant there’s been nowhere to turn to but off-the-shelf PCs, machines ill-equipped to deliver the necessary performance and reliability needed for graphics or power-intensive workloads. Therefore, we are excited to announce new, budget-friendly solutions with the latest Dell Precision 3540 and 3541 mobile workstations.Ideal for those looking for workstation-class performance in a small footprint, the Dell Precision 3540 mobile workstation is our most affordable mobile workstation and comes with the essentials including the latest 4-core Intel® Core™ 8th generation processors, up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, AMD Radeon™ Pro graphics with 2GB of dedicated memory, and 2TB of storage.The new Dell Precision 3541 mobile workstation will offer additional power, with 9th generation 8-core Intel® Core™ and 6-core Intel® Xeon® processor options. It’ll be available with next generation NVIDIA Quadro® professional graphics with 4GB of dedicated memory. Boasting extreme battery life – quite possibly the longest battery life in its class – the system supports on-the-go productivity. As with the Precision 3540, the Precision 3541 comes with Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity and optional features to enhance security such as fingerprint and smartcard readers, an IR camera and our first-ever camera shutter.The streamlined design doesn’t sacrifice space for performance and the narrow-edge 15.6” display provides ample viewing space for CAD applications and heavy spreadsheet use. It won’t weigh users down as they move between classes and meetings either: at 10 percent smaller and lighter than the previous generation, the Dell Precision 3540 weighs in at 4.04 pounds and the Dell Precision 3541 starts 4.34 pounds.As standard with Dell Precision workstations, both devices are Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certified, having undergone rigorous testing with professional applications like Autodesk® Inventor® and Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS® to ensure that customers get the best experience possible. Dell Precision Optimizer software also automatically tailors the system’s settings to get the best software performance out of the workstation. That means no time spent tampering with settings – the workstation does it all, so users can get to work on a finely tuned machine as soon as possible.These two new systems further broaden our Dell Precision workstation portfolio and we are thrilled to be able to support emerging talent across the manufacturing, design, healthcare, and financial industries. The Dell Precision 3540 is available on from today, starting at $799, while the Precision 3541 will be available late May. We’re looking forward to hearing about all the amazing projects they will help to deliver!last_img read more