the upcoming Lunar New Year, the major shopping malls, supermarkets surging tide of people, cheap vegetables, fresh beef and mutton, discount clothing, are people with special purchases for the Spring Festival list. To ensure market supply, stabilize prices is an important measure to protect the livelihood of the municipal government, the reporter visited the major supermarkets found that adequate supply of meat, vegetables and other major necessities, shopping malls and other discount Rangli activities attract many customers, be permeated with the flavor, compared to previous years, this year the new year was down the cost of the public.
discount none more affordable in the Wangfujing department store, department store and other major shopping malls in the aromatic flavor, all kinds of clothing, daily necessities, all at a discount on sale, part of the winter clothing discount to 2-3 fold, usually thousands of dollars a few hundred dollars can buy clothes. The Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, before the holiday, the major shopping malls and supermarkets to exhibitions, festivals, anniversary and other activities as an opportunity to take a variety of ways, for clothing, shoes and hats, appliances and other goods on sale, increase the intensity of discounts, expand consumption, let the public have a low cost of the spring festival.
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School, medical treatment, housing, employment, income, travel…… It is undoubtedly the focus of the masses and the need to address the hot and difficult issues and livelihood issues. It is so, this year, Xining city to protect and improve people’s livelihood in a more prominent position, the precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty as the main direction, efforts to solve the ten problems of the interests of the masses are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic.

reporter yesterday from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that the first quarter of the province’s 15 thousand and 200 new urban jobs. Three months ago, the province has increased the system reform, decentralization, accelerate structural adjustment and industrial restructuring and upgrading, and vigorously support the Small and micro businesses and family service industry and the third industry development, reform dividends continue to release, promote employment and entrepreneurship. read more

yesterday morning, the central square crowded, bustling, jointly organized by the provinces, cities Industrial and Commercial Bureau Consumer Association "to enjoy the treatment of consumer rights large propaganda service activities kicked off here. Reporters from the City Consumers Association was informed that the day a total of 11 thousand people poured into the square of the complaints consulting, as of the day of 12, 5 complaints desk on-site handled the scene 26 complaints, 25 thousand yuan in economic losses of consumers.
it is reported that during the 15 year of 3· a large square campaign consulting services, in addition to the establishment of consumer complaints scene Taiwan become the focus, showcase of fake and shoddy goods has been favorable for consumers. Reporters learned from the City Consumers Association, this year, 3· 15, the City Consumers Association in the Central Plaza, a total of fake and shoddy goods set up a display of the 20, the scene shows the 12 major categories of counterfeit and shoddy goods. Reporters saw at the event, the staff of these fake and shoddy goods on the display platform, immediately attracted hundreds of consumers onlookers, consulting. Consumers Uncle Zhang told reporters that he 3· a year; 15 the most love counterfeit showcase, in addition to the scene to allow staff to identify their buy goods is not fake, but also learn to identify fake and shoddy goods tips, little knowledge, it is benefit.
to take up arms to protect themselves a small brochure, a thin brochure for consumers, when their enthusiastic staff will send to you when you read, study, do you know in violation of their legitimate rights and interests, to turn it into a sword to protect their legitimate rights and interests? I believe that many people will receive most of these information will be discarded. Chengdong District Consumers Association Secretary General Wu Baowen in an interview with reporters reminded, "after the implementation of the new consumer law" in fact, there are a lot of content to maximize the protection of the legitimate interests of consumers, if every one of us can read, understand, even if not by the associations, consumers can also pick up a powerful weapon protect yourself.
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city transportation Inspection Brigade, "51" small holiday period, the city transportation inspection team to investigate the illegal operation of the black car 9, illegal "fight off" taxi 8, capacity car appearance is not neat, no 18 taxi license 6 cars in the West train station.

West Train Station illegal operation "black car" transportation and taxi meter "fight off" to require the use of soliciting, pay more attention to the municipal government, the Department of transportation requirements severely punished. City Transportation inspection team according to the Municipal Bureau of transportation arrangements, law enforcement officers dispatched with fixed-point and flow combination, carry out the fight against the illegal operation, regulate the taxi market special rectification action to crack down on the illegal operation of "black" and "rejection, fight off", and the West train station around the illegal operation of the "black car" 9 a random and "fight off" soliciting a taxi 8. By carrying out special rectification actions, undocumented black car illegal business phenomenon has been effectively curbed, taxi business behavior has been clearly standardized. read more

this year, the city of Xining city to further promote the area of enterprises to carry out technological innovation.
North District adhere to the science and technology play a role in supporting and leading, relying on scientific and technological progress and innovation, the adjustment of economic structure, change the mode of economic growth, promoting the construction of innovative district. This year, the North District plans to implement the Qinghai Jieshen group of swing arm type self loading garbage truck technology research projects, Qinghai machine tool company milling compound machining center project and Xining Beichuan coal company application of microwave desulfurization technology for production of fine coal desulfurization project three technology innovation projects, overhaul and environmental protection technology upgrading steel construction projects supporting the transformation of power grid the reconstruction project, Qinghai electric power company Qinghai electric power service Equipment Manufacturing Company tower steel production line, Qinghai Zhao Ning building materials autoclaved aerated block projects and other types of technical transformation project 13, project total investment of 1 billion 573 million yuan. read more

the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, arrived again when you panic buying moon cake, the moon cake ticket for everybody is not strange, is this small moon cake ticket can make a white-collar workers earn 60 thousand yuan in a month, then the story is what kind of?

"XX floor recruitment moon cake ticket clerk", "Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the moon cake ticket sales, greatly profitable"…… Moon cake sales season approaching, recruiting moon cake coupons post posts have appeared on the Internet, including Chen Yong (a pseudonym), the company. A candidate for the students of Ronaldinho, told reporters about the training and experience of part-time sales of moon cake coupons, mode of operation and the company sales of moon cake coupons. read more

Xining municipal solid waste pollution prevention and control information released


release date: 2010-05-26

information release agency: Xining Environmental Protection Bureau

according to the "People’s Republic of China environmental protection", "People’s Republic of China solid waste pollution prevention law", "large and medium-sized city solid waste pollution prevention information guide", the 2010 Xining city solid waste pollution prevention information announcement is as follows: read more

15 days 16 when, with the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau Ming from the depths off Cape Mount cannons twice by Chinese railway tunnel group and Chinese railway sixteen Bureau Group Co in nearly seven years the world’s longest plateau railway tunnel — new angle mountain tunnel on Qinghai Tibet Railway closed double hole is completed.

"angle" in Tibetan means "climbing the ladder". The new tunnel is 3497.45 meters above sea level, a total length of 32.645 km, is the Qinghai Tibet Railway West (ning) grid. The tunnel is located in Tianjun County of Qinghai province and Wulan County off Cape Mount, Qinghai Tibet railway station to the ceiling between qagan Enoch station, the design speed of 160 km. After the formal operation, the train crossing the Cape Hill will be shortened from the current 2 hours to 20 minutes.

since November 6, 2007 to start the construction, the construction units to overcome various Alpine complex geological conditions, construction conditions and other difficulties, scientific construction, to ensure safe and smooth implementation of the project.

the new tunnel Guanjiao Railway Tunnel Group Commander post often should introduce new Guanjiao tunnel design for the single double holes, line spacing of 40 meters, the whole tunnel by drilling and blasting method. China Railway Tunnel Group Construction of the export section, including 15273 pairs of positive hole Yanmi (equivalent to one-way length of 30546 meters), 7 – 10 inclined 5514 meters, and the outlet sluice culvert engineering. The project department to carry out scientific research in the field of the ventilation and the construction of the fault zone, and strive to solve the problem of the construction of long tunnel. After the completion of the construction of this section, but also to assist the construction task of more than 560 brothers unit.

Golmud of Qinghai Tibet railway line east of Xining West Railway Station, via Huangyuan, Delingha station, West to Golmud Railway Station, a total length of 763.5 kilometers, the line planning of passenger transport capacity of 20, 50 million tons of special purchases for the Spring Festival volume.Through read more

To ensure that before the fall semester teachers and students health and diet safety, prevent food poisoning and food borne diseases occur, I in the school canteen, small dining catering service food safety special rectification action in full swing in August 20th.

check, once found operators violations, food and drug supervision and management departments will be in accordance with the law to crack down on food security, food safety and order of school units. During the rectification, the inspection authorities will take no notice, without warning, do not listen to the report, and not accompanied by the reception method, went straight to the grassroots, in-line scene, supervision and inspection of the county to carry out special rectification actions.  
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