following 1 billion yuan subsidy, Tmall supermarket in Beijing, there are big moves, from September 16th to 26, as long as consumers in the Beijing area can be sold on Tmall supermarket shopping.

Tmall supermarket home page

it is understood that today, consumers can buy 1 cents in Beijing, milk, paper towels, toothpaste, laundry liquid, eggs, grain and oil in any kind of goods in the 1. September 26th years ago, consumers can only spend 1 cents to buy a variety of explosive goods, a total of 1 million copies, and enjoy the buy one get one and other concessions. read more

click on the mouse, select the desired side dishes, there are special door-to-door, which is to buy food network, life becomes more convenient and quick. Recently, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places have emerged such shopping network. Under the financial crisis, "online shopping" rise of this phenomenon are many white-collar workers, in order to concentrate on work, have chosen "online markets", save time, save time and cost.

however, the "king of money" a good shopping network has also appeared in different degrees praised situation, therefore, the innovation of management mode, adopt diversification strategy may be to achieve rapid development of a good size. read more

as more and more traditional industries constantly engaged in e-commerce, the auto industry momentum of rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce platform website such as a large number of auto parts industry China auto parts network, cool distribution network such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, from scratch, from there to many. Electronic commerce benefit shows in two aspects: one is to use the auto industry to improve customer service level, the two is to reduce the operating costs of enterprises. In the vigorous development of the information industry today, as a traditional industry, the auto parts market can realize the informationization, can obtain benefits in electronic commerce, there are many difficulties. read more

network is now very popular, many people even became a full-time network SOHO family, some people with his team said Navy for network promotion or push, so many people earn a small, Wangzhuan gives us the feeling is like a beautiful bouquet of poppies, very attractive, but it is full of the trap, here I will combine their experience to talk to you about how Wangzhuan fraud prevention, so that we do not follow in my footsteps! Two now Wangzhuan liar are mainly the following, one is claimed to be a printing company, need a lot of words need to input, so it needs a lot of talent, often in said recruitment needs 100 or more, and then here there is a web site, there is a question mark at the back of the general, after the question mark is generally registered nicknames, then in the recruitment Three hours a day, easily earn one hundred yuan, the temptation of others registered, the registration time will let you provide the mobile phone number, these websites and even China Unicom, telecom or mobile logo, made with really like, and then tempt you to register, once registered may be deducted 10 yuan, to you you may feel cheated! But some of them will continue read more

2010, Xu Lei in the Jingdong named Chinese Grand Prix ceremony on

from my personal point of view, I appreciate the brand marketing, brand marketing I personally love to find a carrier, what is this carrier? I am not what the media to do advertising, but a good marketing platform, in this platform we can put their own brand image, hope and hope to build feelings express.

one of my favorite carriers is the Volvo yacht race, which is the world’s top event, giving people a strength and adventure spirit. I also want to find a similar carrier, Jingdong in 2010 to do two similar things, one is super, one is the world cup. There are results in 2011, the entertainment marketing, men help, are hoping to find a good carrier. read more

Ali Minsheng Bank signed a strategic cooperation site

news September 16th, Minsheng Bank and Alibaba group announced a strategic cooperation, the Minsheng Bank and Alibaba President Hong Qi small and micro financial services group (chips) CEO Peng Lei today signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Alibaba and Minsheng Bank’s strategic cooperation, in addition to the traditional capital clearing and settlement, the credit card business cooperation, many aspects of financial services, direct banking, finance, science and technology IT internet terminal has become the focus of cooperation. read more

recent news about Taobao is getting smaller, while the Taobao mall reported an increase in the publicity has also increased the intensity.

After Taobao mall

relay Museum, the library name shoes, sports hall, Amoy teles under a strategic push another vertical industry Jiezhuang museum. November 3rd Taobao mall in Guangdong, Foshan hosted the 2010 China home improvement industry forum, the official launch of the home improvement museum.

with Chinese to strengthen the housing demand, the demand for the home industry is also increasing, strengthen, and to enhance the competitiveness of traditional industries in the production and sales model, because of high cost, management and other issues weaken its advantages, while the rapid development of the Internet to Jiezhuang industry has a new channel, especially now the Internet – recruits group purchase website, is to provide a new platform for the industry. Taobao added a moving house, home museum. read more

DoNews in December 7th after Taobao news exposure – play, NetEase koala have been exposed to sea purchase is actively preparing for the "1212 World Festival", really cheap, red star hit multiple gameplay.

During the twelve

preheating, NetEase said it would purchase the koala sea price in the end, some light luxury big names such as UGG, Marc, by, Clinique, Kiehl’s Marc Jacobs and DKNY to ensure adequate supply at the same time in advance to grab cheap open; "update life" concert will also be synchronized on-line, 99 yuan, 58 yuan and 12 Optional Optional 3 a 98 yuan, 6 optional activities will advance the opening price. read more

Abstract: the social value of the release is not the electricity supplier through the social networking platform to share, but in the internal interaction and sharing of the user, when the external flow all rely on WeChat, micro-blog share, as can be imagined final conversion and success rate.

following the cross-border electricity supplier, social electricity supplier, social electricity providers have begun to fire.

was born, the cross-border electricity supplier Ocean Terminal red book such as platform, community electricity supplier also appeared in "the logic of thinking", "the Wu Xiaobo channel" player, but not the emergence of social business platform to rise above the common herd. read more

      June 5th news, Google and are expected to launch a joint website on Tuesday, aiming to make the work of customer relationship management software vendors like Google AdWords advertising service resellers like.

      for, the alliance expanded its efforts to link’s hosted CRM software with Google AdWords after it acquired private enterprise last year. will allow users to start Google applications from the AdWords to expand to the same as the Google AdWords platform resellers. read more