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      secondly, the full development of the site’s own resources to obtain the highest income. Do what you want to do, and do what others can’t offer. The Internet has too many ctrl+c, ctrl+v, so for content providers, we must do characteristics, to facilitate the majority of Internet users as the first major premise, or else can not keep people, let alone consumption. It’s popular this year

so take your eyes off the pain. Think of things that make people feel uneasy, depressed, urgent or uncomfortable. Then, with these clear and mindful pain, develop therapies and focus on "healing.". When you try to invest in an entrepreneurial risk, "let the pain go away" can serve as your guide. In addition, what you need to focus on is not only identifying what the pain points are, but also when people think this need is the most urgent. Solving a current sharp pain point can be more of a selling point than solving something that is not so serious. For example, selling aspirin is always easier than selling vitamins.


      169V.Net acquaintance, that is a do very by registered site, don’t spend a lot of time, close the browser. I didn’t get a new idea of 169V.Net until the 169V.Net manager came to see me. They specialize in order to provide chat service, we can imagine the 1 prevailing before 2 pornographic video chat, general chat inside collect dues pornographic performances show, and I was beginning to think the same. But we are all wrong, 169V.Net is not only a regular company, but also their model, we can learn and study properly.

      list reasons: qualitative change, out of the traditional way to run advertising mode

has to consider is that customers and end product users don’t have to be the same person. If you sell games or toys, your users tend to be children, but actually those who buy your products

  learning points:     1, from traditional advertising to others and to obtain revenue model
      2, the full development of the site itself resources to get the highest income
      3, long-term development is the integrity of business

The last thing

entrepreneurs often end up using "customer’s pain" as a synonym for "customer demand" or "customer problems". When we sell electric gadgets or new clothes, it may be a bit exaggerated and ironic in the name of "soothing the pain of customers.". But the emphasis on "customer pain" rather than "need" or "preference" is also a point: customers are human beings. They experience the world through the prism of experience. They can feel what is challenging or interfering with them – yes, their pain is interfering with them. But people often fail to think of a solution to pain – that is, the need to build on pain.

There is a reason why

      the5v is an advertising alliance tailored specifically for 169V.Net.

      first of all, divorced from the traditional model of advertising for income. Personally think that a good site do not need to rely on others to do the advertising to maintain their vitality, because as a good site should have their own profit model, now the webmaster for the development of their own site profit model can be said very little, at most is what the membership. But the site that survives the membership system has been very successful. 169v.net model belongs to card mode, like the present consumption in games, so there is no good content in general is not consumption, we all know that voice Taiwan before it, business is very busy, regardless of their content, at least this road can go. Profit model is very clear, this is worth the webmaster learning.

puts pain and happiness together in such a sequence. All things are equal, and the more painful or the deeper a problem is, the more likely you are to find a way to fight it. The more you fight the pain, the faster the customer will buy. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, this means that "doing painful business" is often better than "doing a happy business". A business that deals with pain is often better off in terms of stamina.

      let’s take a closer look at the three questions.

, and human desire for pain termination, applies equally to corporate clients. Businesses are generally trying to do two things: increasing sales and reducing costs. If you can let your business customers look for new markets, make new products, or even raise the price of existing products, then you’ll solve their pain in terms of increasing sales. If you can provide an innovative approach for your business customers to help them manage their workforce and build an infrastructure, you can solve their pain by cutting costs.

how entrepreneurs before the existing products and services, will be able to confirm the customer will buy it? In order to answer this question, need to answer another question: why do people buy it? Here are two of the most basic answer, people usually spend money on two things: first, they often spend money against the pain, second, spending their money in the pursuit of pleasure.


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