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generally speaking, the Internet circle is more equal, the atmosphere is active, but a little impetuous, sometimes feel like entertainment, saliva battle constantly.

we chose to adhere to, go ahead, because there is no time to worry, anxiety. Over the past year, we have earnestly and steadily made products, continuous innovation, rapid implementation, and strive for

one, groping for six months before beginning to enter the circle,

yesterday was the official release of the product. 1st anniversary, it’s been more than a year since then. Just a brother to me to write, I hope to share the experience of the venture to write an article. Sharing is not at all, this is just to say some of their own experience, and a little bit of shallow view of the industry, said that despite the wrong place.

This is why

for ofo, this is following the April 22nd strategic investment in ants clothing, and the latter in the payment, credit, internationalization and other fields of strategic cooperation after another major action.


had to cut the lead in this field Chinese voice assistant: subscriber growth data is very beautiful, investors continue to seek a meeting, from time to time, media reports, everything looks so beautiful, smooth is not normal, but the team is aware of the severe test is still behind.

surprisingly, the first to open the entrance to ofo is the same as ofo investors drops. From the analysis of bit angle, access ofo can provide short distance travel more diverse solutions for every user; judging from the ofo, by means of a high conversion rate of the entrance, with low cost can be obtained a number of new users, while the v-mobile has with WeChat depth bound under the condition that the ofo has access drops with Alipay taking into account the relative share bicycle taxi platform travel traffic entrance, more potential access to Alipay’s next ofo is an almost inevitable event can form a deterrent to Mobell strategy.

my company is mainly responsible for this piece of foreign affairs, and at first I have a black eye, no one knows, and I don’t know how to get into this circle. Only know how to try to squeeze in this circle, but fortunately in Beijing at that time, has a unique advantage. Now sum up to two: the line, large and small gatherings, roadshow, competition within the circle of what are in line, circle; famous gangster, media, science and technology are concerned about the blog, the daily must learn relevant knowledge. Finally, about half a year, the circle of investors, media friends know some, for the mobile Internet has a deeper understanding, slowly into this circle.

April 27th, 36 days before krypton was informed, drops travel announced that drops APP upgrade to 5.0.16 version, the new ofo page car bicycle entrance, and in the country gradually. From now on, drip travel users can gradually use the ofo small yellow car through the App, enjoy seamless access convenient travel experience. The two sides will be in the user registration, certification, deposit payment, online payment, customer service aspects of the line through.

ofo won the April 22nd ant gold suit strategic investment, we predicted that with the deepening of bilateral cooperation, the future of Alipay service window will access ofo.

you will find that giant products are easily crowded into prominent positions in various channels, media coverage, a variety of industry meetings to award their products, insiders praise. At the same time, investors are beginning to keep your distance and begin to wait and see if you can walk far.

both sides have resources that are not at one level, especially, like our products, unwittingly entering the so-called Dead zone. Many investors out of kindness, advised us to take advantage of the temporary lead, and quickly recognize a giant when Pro father. The entertainment circle qindie Godfather works, the Internet before the steward.

this is the following in September 2016, Didi travel strategy investment ofo. The two sides opened the first level of product depth cooperation.

ofo had previously obtained including drops, DST, CITIC Industrial Fund, Jingwei Chinese, venture capital, Coatue, Jinsha River Atomico, new Hualian Group, Jing Yuan capital, it real fund, Wang Gang and other well-known investment institutions and individuals, in early March this year completed a $450 million D round of financing.

36 krypton learned that the drop bus will also be more in-depth cooperation with ofo. The real-time query product of the bus will join ofo’s driving route in the algorithm model, and through the artificial intelligence technology, it can plan the connection plan of ride and bus for the users, so as to satisfy the diversified short distance travel demand of the users.

two, face the big competition,

for sharing another bicycle main game player Mobell, October 13, 2016, Tencent to participate in more than $100 million bike Mobell C round of financing; January 4th, Tencent, China Ping led Mobell bicycle a new $215 million round of financing after the completion of v-mobile transferred to the Tencent under the Department of camp bicycle. In March 29th, WeChat wallet open page two entrance to Mobell bicycle, v-mobile officially arrived WeChat squares.

sure enough, when competitors, especially giants, entered the field, they immediately felt the power of giants. Competition between the two sides is three-dimensional, all-round, including products, operations, channels, publicity and other aspects of competition.

predictably, after sharing the entrance to the ofo, share the bikes

I am a master of Science in Environmental Science, master of environmental engineering, engaged in the study of diffusion forecasting model for air pollution. Beijing became the PM2.5 event recently can be said to raise a Babel of criticism of my profession, shame is almost forgotten, finally accidentally enter the mobile Internet, more than a year has gone by.


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