The first gold Wangzhuan RoadSOHO easy Wangzhuan can become the future mainstream occupation

in the network mix of people may have this idea, want to earn their own life in the Internet, the first pot of gold, but some people can earn, some people can not earn, why?

one, personal online shop

two, network writer

web writers are a group of writers who focus on publishing on the major platforms of the network and publishing literary comments. Before, somebody says, network writer is literal peasant worker. In fact, this view is one-sided. Internet writer is a gathering of the grassroots network literature, in order to meet the cultural needs of thousands on thousands of users, but also can develop in a free and open platform for ambition, a medicine not in real life.

1103.english500 this is a product I do, if at the same time multi agent a few good products, and promote sales of the first pot of gold can certainly make themselves in the network, we are all smart people a point of penetration, I believe everyone can earn gold on the internet. Here, I wish you a lot of money, flow,


I thought for a long time, but also on the Internet to check a lot of information on this aspect, but also tried a lot of participation in research, do garbage website, open shop, do Witkey, etc., have not earned money. Not to say that these projects do not make money, and some people may make money for these projects. Anyway, there is no money to me, but slowly also summed up some personal experience. Found online there are still profitable projects, such as sales, training Adult supplies the data, there are huge profits. So on the Internet to find some such products to promote really made some, although not much money but I believe that the network can make money, the key is that you find your method does not give you a good custom, No.

pros and cons exist, and Internet writers have lowered the threshold for many creators, but on the other hand, it can not guarantee the level of network creation. In other words, the development of network literature is not mature enough


recently, the Interim Measures for the management of online commodity transactions and related services drafted by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Draft, began to solicit opinions from the whole society. In the "Interim Measures", the personal shop’s business license did not submit mandatory requirements, only to submit applications to the Internet trading platform provider, and submit the name, address and other real name information. This to a certain extent, relaxed the personal shop business requirements, lower the threshold, so more favored by many entrepreneurs. You can push your product around the country without having to toil around, and that’s why the SOHO family chooses.

SOHO Small Office Home English family, is the abbreviation of Office, the high-profile SOHO group, to make good use of communication equipment, computer, Internet, free from studio 35 who flat-share; or simply to home for the studio, do not go out, then the task group will be able to make money, is actually the freedom of occupation. SOHO represents a more liberal, open and flexible approach to work. Now in the network society, SOHO network build a family wealth myth, mainly related to the individual shop, shop customer service, Internet writer, Witkey, foreign investment and other areas.

shop is the largest number in SOHO group, compared with other areas of development is more mature, in the past few years is a lot of entrepreneurs of choice, mainly due to the low start-up costs, simple operation factors, it brings together a lot of popularity. It is because of the tremendous growth in online shopping has become a trend, the young generation, especially the mainstream platform Indoorsman Indoorswoman consumption, resulting in the strengthening of shop management and attention.

"three hundred and sixty, adventure.has" occupation social development so far, although "difficult employment" intensified, but every year there are too many to count the new industry growth, to a certain extent, effectively alleviate the severe employment situation. In recent years, with the growing development of the Internet, a new batch of professional groups has emerged, that is, SOHO family. It is different from the traditional way of work and can earn money and make a living without leaving the house.


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