Snatch billions of car travel market Mobile nternet under a gold mineWhen do you want to make money

second is the coupon mode, such as Tintin, pudding concessions, but this model can not only guide the consumer, lock the user, so the effect is very weak, now basically evolved into the advertising model, paid in accordance with the business display advertising, and not pay.



according to Roland Begg consulting company survey shows that in 2011, China’s car rental market size of about 20 billion yuan, by 2015 will reach 39 billion, from 2011 to 2015 composite annual growth rate of 18%.

easy to car is trying to use the Internet the way to have a share in China auto rental, a car rental hi traditional car rental company.

is now the network environment with more than a few years ago is talented, not tens of thousands of IP station to coax cattle. I also often encountered, the site full of advertising, I went to his download station, browse the next home 5 ads, download page, all the League advertising, I can not find the place to download. I do download the source code is difficult to find the download site, you say other browsers how to find, can find the point of this download, the results of the point, download what express installation. Hey this station I asked him you are visiting this site would you like to come for the second? Even if your site is mostly traffic from Baidu but keep the site, no one is willing to visit the web site second is absolutely no future. With the hotel a good environment, good service dishes do well, naturally repeat customers. On the first day of the opening, 10 of these 10 guests come to the hotel second times in a week, to infer how many people will eat in the hotel a year from now. Won’t you make money,

on the official website, easy to use the car to "China’s first professional to provide special ride about rent car service e-commerce website" to describe themselves.

‘s website has been advertising since the first day of the show, thinking about how to make money. Even the least of these have not been understood, I think this will not succeed in N, will not make money. Adsense to your site to make money to keep for a long time, the number of visitors to make your site to determine whether people want to visit the site is good. When someone comes to a restaurant, it makes a profit, and so does the website. So in the webmaster webmaster Empire source suggested less snacks floating gas multi-point noise buried in hard work, less vanity more sincere and patient. Stick to the station where others are willing to visit. One year later, I’m sure your station will make a profit!



easy to use car mixed mode

"whether Ctrip or hotel housekeeper, they are just a marketing channel, it is easy to be replaced.". Therefore, easy to use vehicles do not want to become only channels, but want to become part of the service, so as to have irreplaceable value." Zhou hang said.

, a friend of a download station today asked the source Empire when he would be able to make money. I asked him how much his station IP now, what is the main profit? He said, IP2000 put affiliate ads and FlashGet download and install ads, every day when you want to profit, make money. When I asked him when he was going to start making profits, he said, the sooner the better, the better today. He stood for only 2 months. I am surprised, I began to do the download station in 04 years, 40 thousand ranked tens of thousands of IP, he did not so impatient to make money.

third is the channel reservation, such as Ctrip and hotel housekeeper, a location based hotel reservation, APP. However, this model only involved in the marketing level, did not participate in the service itself, in the industry chain in a relatively passive and disadvantaged position.

"a lot of hotels are reluctant to give listings to Ctrip, which they even go to the user and shop with users and say," next time it’s cheaper than booking from the official website. "." Zhou boat explains, because carry Cheng to want to take a part to be divided, reduce the profit margin of the hotel.

several typical car trips APP summary

note this article for the source code Empire, in the first Admin5 reprinted, please indicate everywhere, I hope we can talk to each other more exchanges.

is a strong travel demand and road congestion, one side is inefficient, Kongshi vehicles, entrepreneurs hope to use the Internet the way from the huge travel market share, they can succeed?

in his opinion, there are three main business models in the M2O field. The first kind is group buying, a very difficult industry to do. "The payment and consumption of group buying are out of sync, and it’s so difficult for users to buy non current services by prepaid, so there must be a very high discount."."

"the market always likes new words. Last year it was SOLOMO, and this year it was O2O.". Now the market for electricity providers disappointed, the scale seems to be unable to solve the electricity supplier problems. The next hot spot, I think, is M2O Mobile, to, Offline, from mobile Internet to offline." Talking about their company’s business model, easy to car founder Zhou hang seems quite excited.



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