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Taobao !

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off two years ago is very fire, a lot of people through the Taobao off really earn a lot of money, we all know that any industry money is to make the pedestrian, so while doing this, we must first make analysis and prepare in advance, clear positioning, so there is a purpose to do to earn money, you I like to share my personal experience! When the promotion of Taobao customers in many ways, I only search engine to talk about my personal idea! We want to help

three: industry choice: the choice of the industry is also very important, since it is related to the interests of development and so on, so be sure to spend more time, first we are preliminary Taobao customers, there is a misunderstanding in the choice of industry, on the choice of the high commission, high search industry, metaphor slimming, whitening, breast, these are very violent, quite a lot of people do, extremely competitive, if it is to do it, that is their own death, at least now we have not reached this level, ability is limited. Therefore, to avoid these industries, find some relatively cold industry, and gradually accumulate experience. Secondly, in the process of doing do not clutter, to do an industry, an industry specific, do fine, it is also very important, do Necklace do necklace, do watch do watch, it is relatively easy to do, but also more professional.

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: a clear positioning: we do not blindly follow the trend, today see Taobao Ke Moumou compared how much money, what products do, what words do the effect, and then by his to do, all copy, success can be replicated, but must first understand yourself. You can first ask yourself if you do Taobao off to what, simply in order to earn a little money, or want to have development on? Take it as their own business, the difference is very big, so we have to treat it as a career, so that your position is very clear, in the process of doing your purpose is very clear, so the next step you go steady, go

four: Net >

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two: Market Analysis: since we put it into their own business, so the market analysis has become an important course of our operations: now do Taobao off so many people, how do I carry out my? First we choose products in time, must appropriate the hearts of customers demand more for their consideration, how the product is suitable for them to search, and the market demand is now relatively large, all of them are listed one by one meaning, the final selection, network is the trend of the future, so in the choice of the market, must be long-term considerations, and not simply to the immediate interests, that it did not last long, in the process must be to those who have done many years many people ask, listen to their views and experience can give you many detours, and in your network On the industry should also grasp and understand the overall, as long as more grasp of counseling and skills, the probability of success will be great.

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