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3, see others site advertising, it is a kind of online resources.

for a long period of time in the past, SPCP is a direct and alliance cooperation, did not see the SPCP and direct cooperation center, the reason is that when the price is high, can reach a few yuan, and the upstream can achieve a few% >

1, a site, a site can make money, this is a Wangzhuan resource.

, first of all, I simply introduced what is called SP, CP, what is called the league. Because many webmaster is still not clear, here is a brief introduction, we all have an understanding,

reprinted please indicate gold rush station: goldzhan/, p=6964

interface to the mobile phone PHS and other deductions

and SPCP are operators Mobile Unicom cooperation and alliance, dividends to the League 7 / or 8 gross divided into a, of course I here only to talk about the movie other similar messages, operators to SPCP 12~15 yuan a month, so it can get 5~8 yuan a, but also with the cooperation alliance webmaster, webmaster to 5~6 yuan a, then the alliance is the lowest profit, only 1 yuan for a ~.

I love watching ads into a relevant Wangzhuan blog or site. I’ll look at the ads he placed first. Because these ads must be the most profitable items he thinks, he will show it in the most conspicuous way. Others like to do Witkey tasks, I like to see Witkey task. Because the employer who released the task must have thought it would make money or benefit him, he would publish it. Many times, the resources are in front of you, you can not see. The idea of operation, others have been shown to you with actual cases, you can not see. Make me love, think about the other ways of thinking about wangzhuan.

SP: has a channel by telecommunications, mobile, Unicom and Netcom. The interface provided by the company, called SP, is the need to channel application conditions, at least the minimum requirements of the company’s registered capital reached 200~500 million yuan to the general application. A company can only be a channel for a business for example, SMS SMS channel, has a channel, is to have the.


2, see how others released Witkey publicity work, learning his way of thinking, this is also a kind of Wangzhuan resources.

for resources, I have a point of view:

read the above simple introduction, the webmaster should understand it, then I will analysis, we do stand to take advertising to make money, what is cooperation with the alliance or cooperation with SPCP good? Because now some SPCP with advertising, direct and webmaster cooperation! Oh, looks like there is no problem, but the truth and I will uncover the mysterious veil of


webmaster is really hard to find a good partner, are very hard to find, a variety of access providers numerous doubts, don’t know what to do, some people say that SPCP is a good channel, must be good, some people say that doing good alliance alliance, alliance advantage! What kind of good here? I will analyze specific issues in


instead of some do not know the so-called tutorial, or that is a powerful and unconstrained way of thinking, the basic use of foot hair, want to know, is not feasible, not operational fantasy. There are more people who agree with each other, but there are also dissenting opinions. I don’t know if it’s time for everyone to reply, in order to be able to take the front row, get more points, or let the signature, multi-point Puguang rate, blind answer, or a purely single thinking. For the post, regardless of any post, I will seriously look at the full text, seriously thinking, and then in reply. Some want to increase the rate of the front of Puguang, did not complete the post reading, and the grass with a few words to express their own views of friends, I can only say that you are doing very pure is a waste of time.


CP: provides content services company, called CP, what is the content? Content is the product, for example: you need to download customized ringing tone, not only for others to download customized ringing tone, chargeback interface and no content, that is cheated, will undue deductions! And now the SP company development no, some strength also need to cooperate with the CP to provide a diversion channel interface, providing a content service. But generally speaking now SP will provide the content, so that no channel CP is dying. Next, I don’t differentiate SP from CP, because SP is also CP, and both provide content.

League: as a subordinate of SPCP, the union provides advertising code, advertising is much tempted, that’s the League thing. The union just provides advertising code and Adsense cooperation!

net home ID, I was registered last year, in June this year began to use frequently. I have to work during the day, only at night it is time to go home, send post, and others posts. So when the top paste, you can see that other friends have made a lot of complaints. What is puzzling about one thing? If someone releases the resources, it is not a simple echo, or it can not be operated. Moreover, someone will jump out and pick up the questions which are not the problem at all. I have a look at the next, some foreign resources earn several YHI is good, but also have actionable value.

! We can


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