Why search engine to include your articleWang Xing the pattern is lost and no more efforts can win



for startups, speed and growth are very, very important. Silicon Valley has a maxim, a little vulgar, but very direct: Keep, growing, fuck, everything, else. Only growth is important, and everything else is unimportant.

recently a lot of webmasters in the famous forum published the article, why I do not update the search engine included? Why do I write the original article is not included? The article update, also made outside the chain spider, or why not included? See many webmaster after complaining the crown, the marketing network Xiaobian here to give everyone a little say in my opinion:

startups must not stop,


Give you an example to explain

the following content, according to Wang Xing in many occasions to share the collation.

so why not complain that the search engine included your article of this effort, why would this work on how to create high quality content page? If you take the time to complain get get web content value above, then I believe that search engines will be more like your site.

I think if you look at the above view, then you will certainly wake up, and now the search engine to high-quality, fresh articles, rather than the same old topic.

Ok! From the above picture, we can see that the original article how to write this article, Baidu has included a lot. If you now write about such articles, then Baidu will not be so fond of included. Because with the development of the Internet, the demand for information is also increasing, and the consumption of the index and performance of the search engine is increasing. In the search engine in 10% of the data is sufficient to meet the needs of users more than 95%, or that in addition to the 10% data outside the search engine is abandoned, but in order to meet the needs of users rarely alternate, search engines will keep their data to the server for operation, and if the millions of pages again this is not a new topic to create it, then your article is not so welcomed by search engines.

but everything has a negative example. A lot of problems are out of control and out of order because the enterprise is going too fast. In my own experience, beauty is the first group purchase website, but in the second half of 2010 to the first half of 2011, the market is crazy, countless money in numerous team another round of financing, we dig each other, then throw money around to burn.

2, search engine why should include your article

There are a lot of problems in the process of starting an ?

media has said of Wang Xing: "he is a very special existence, it is very difficult for us to give this" special "a precise definition, Wang has his A and B, in response to the question about the company’s problems, he is extremely concerned about logic and accuracy, while talking about personal problems, he allowed himself to loosen up a little bit."

for a while, hold hands >

, OK. Why do you want to include search engines?

as long as you maintain high growth rates, all problems can be tolerated, covered or won’t erupt at least in the short run. Maybe a lot of problems at that time were a problem. When you grew up ten times and a hundred times, it wasn’t a problem. Even without having to solve it, he disappeared.

I have three entrepreneurial experience, the first two paragraphs are very unsuccessful, the United States from 2010 to the present development of OK, along the way, I have a lot of experience to share with you. But remember, no one is able to apply the experience, whether it is my own experience, or someone else’s summary, each seemingly correct advice, in the actual process of business you can find many examples.

I started business from the United States before 2003, and I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than ten years.

this sentence is to a great extent, because in the entrepreneurial process we also experienced many similar things, beauty group today has a lot of problems, but the most important thing is to maintain sustained growth, so many problems to solve at least the opportunity.

1, search engines included your article, this can be analyzed through the website log, may have been included, but has not yet released it.


from the above figure, about the original article how to write this topic, Baidu has collected about one million, and really only 10% of the data is enough to meet the majority of users. That is to say, in this about one million data, a considerable part has already been worthless to the user.


Wang Xing never lacks a story.

here, if you write an article about how to write the original article, so your article high or low probability of being included in the end? First of all, we through the Baidu search engine to search how to write the original article:

, and one suggestion is that you don’t stop to solve a problem because something is important. Startups must not stop. There’s no problem worth stopping or even slowing down, which can only cause problems.


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