Millet eyes of the new marketing participation is the soul


what is the essence of millet as new marketing? Last week "twenty-first Century economic report" derived from the technology blog 21tech to do a forum, take this opportunity, I also told some friends said that the industry with our ideas.

is not the same as before the traditional marketing ideas, millet is the main battlefield in the social media channels, there are colleagues joked that we are doing marketing with life. Has also been a lot of friends ask, millet tips in the end what is


I give the answer is, the first is the sense of participation; second is the sense of participation; the third, or a sense of participation.

Millet’s new marketing approach is based on our understanding of the brand and business model on the basis of.

millet our core products are millet phone, millet TV, millet box, our sales channels two channels, one is millet network, the channel is the operator of the second channels. Among them, we have the weight of millet network is 70%, communication operators channel is 30%, which just happens to be contrary to many traditional vendors. They are very dependent on the physical store, so far we do not have a physical store. This year the annual sales of millet mobile phone in about 18 million units, sales in about 30 billion, 18 million for the mobile phone industry is still very small numbers, we know that mobile phone shipments in Chinese annually in about 3 ~ 400 million, even 20 million units of the scale is only less than 5%.

A digital

but let us more proud that we see a lot of large user base platform in the past data, whether it is QQ or micro-blog or Youku or many users of Android mobile phone client is active, we are in the front row, way ahead to domestic brands. The latest report in September, in China’s 10 most active Android machine inside, there are only two brands, one is Samsung, the second is millet. Samsung accounted for 6 models, millet accounted for 4.

from the start of our business, we determined that millet is the Internet phone brand. We want to use the Internet channel sales, use the Internet to communicate with our users. What we end up with is not how much we sold, but the user’s activity. For millet as a whole, some of the industry’s inspiration is probably about our business model exploration and innovation. We firmly believe that the Internet phone brand, in essence, not to rely on hardware to make money, but to be like Internet applications, the future will be driven by value-added services.

so, what do we understand the sense of participation, how to shape the sense of participation?

community is the foundation of user participation

to do social media, the first to have a community. This community in the end what is it? A lot of channel positions, we see a forum, micro-blog, WeChat, as well as QQ space. In these channels, you need to select products that are consistent with the product characteristics


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