4 August 2010Although he welcomes the commitment by the two parties to the peace pact ending Sudan’s north-south civil war to holding referenda on the country’s future on schedule, a senior United Nations official today underscored the need to accelerate efforts to resolve key issues, including citizenship and border demarcation, ahead of these ballots. Sudanese are slated to vote early next year on whether the south should secede from the rest of the country and also to determine the final status of Abyei, an oil-rich area in the centre of the country. These referenda are part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the 2005 deal that ended the long-running civil war.A commission on the south Sudan referendum has been established, but it still does not have a general secretary and any operational capabilities, Alain Le Roy, Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Affairs, told reporters today in New York.A similar commission, he noted, has yet to be set up for the Abyei referendum.The functioning of these commissions is “absolutely crucial if we want to have a peaceful sequence in the Sudan for the coming months,” Mr. Le Roy said, especially if the referenda will be held simultaneously, as stipulated by the CPA.For its part, the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) is preparing for the referenda by providing technical and logistical assistance.“We are still pushing the parties and requesting the parties to accelerate their own preparations,” the peacekeeping chief said, referring to the National Congress Party (NCP) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).On the war-torn Sudanese region of Darfur, he pointed to the lack of a “real” ceasefire between the Government and the rebel group known as the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), despite the Framework Agreement signed earlier this year, as a reason why tensions have been on the rise.The friction in Darfur came to a head over the weekend in the Kalma camp for the displaced, where deadly clashes broke out between internally displaced persons (IDPs) who support the peace talks being held in Doha, Qatar, and those who oppose them.Mr. Le Roy today expressed concern that the situation in Kalma, where the troops from the joint United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission (UNAMID) have maintained a constant presence, could “unravel” to other camps in the region. read more

Carina Perelli, chief of the UN Electoral Assistance Division, told a press briefing in New York that the elections – scheduled to be held by 31 January 2005 – will work “as long as Iraqis start to trust that this is a serious process, that it’s going to be a secret process, that the possibilities of retaliation against them are going to be minimized [and] that the electoral authority is going to play a fair game.” “There is a silent majority that is more than eager to express their opinion if only they had a channel, and they are certain there is not going to be retribution or retaliation because of that,” she added. Ms. Perelli said agreement had been reached on how to conduct the elections, including that due to the gerrymandering of the country, the lack of a census and the lack of time to conduct a redistricting exercise it would be impossible to have units of representation below the Government level. The entire country would be treated as a national district, thus avoiding two problems: first, imbalance in the number of votes needed to gain a seat in the National Assembly; and second, the need to define and register voters and candidates in Kirkuk and Mosul, whose status were to be discussed in the provisions of the Constitution, she noted. Adopting a national district format also allowed for accumulation and aggregation of interests and votes in different lists of candidates, Ms. Perelli added, while proportional representation would facilitate the creation of lists that were not mere political parties. The participation of independent candidates and ad hoc political organizations was also to be facilitated. The Iraqi Independent Electoral Commission would certify each list of candidates which could comprise a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 275 candidates for the 275 seat National Assembly signed by at least 500 eligible voters. The only firm prerequisites were that political parties disclose their financial contributions and that any political party found to be associated with a militia or have an armed wing would be disqualified by the Commission. As for voter eligibility, Ms. Perelli said it had been decided that any individual able to prove himself or herself an Iraqi would be allowed to vote, regardless of the reason they might have lost their nationality rights under the previous regime. However, that decision did not establish a precedent for future bodies responsible for dealing with the question of nationality. read more

During a visit at the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Special Representative of the Secretary-General Martin Kobler also stressed the need for elections to be properly funded and planned.“First, [regarding] technical assistance, the 2011 errors shall be avoided,” Mr. Kobler told CENI representative Reverend Apollinaire Malumalu.The November 2011 presidential and parliamentary elections were marred by violence between members of political parties in almost all of the provinces of the vast African nation.The UN registered 345 violations committed during the 2011 electoral period, affecting at least 769 victims, including the deaths of at least 41 individuals, according to the UN Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO) which includes MONUSCO.Mr. Kobler, who heads the UN Mission in the country known as MONUSCO, also stressed that the local, provincial and national elections – due to take place between 2014 and 2016 – must be well planned.“I bear in mind Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s experiences,” the UN official who held senior positions with UN political missions in both those countries. “It takes several months to plan such operations.”To gather the necessary budget, Mr. Kobler said the UN has a task force chaired by MONUSCO deputy Moustapha Soumare on the logistic issues.“It is in the best interest of MONUSCO to bring its support to the electoral operations, to provide good offices and to maintain good relations with all political parties, both opposition and majority,” said Mr. Kobler.As part of the Mission mandate agreed upon by the UN Security Council, MONUSCO is to provide technical, logistical and financial support to the Electoral Commission in order to ensure a sustainable electoral process during the entire electoral cycle. read more

“Thousands of children, women and men have abandoned their homes, in the midst of intensified military operations against Mai Mai armed groups in South Kivu province,” Babar Baloch, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told press at the regular briefing in Geneva. “Since last week almost 7,000 people have crossed to neighbouring Burundi and an additional 1,200 to Tanzania,” he added, noting that many more may be displaced inside South Kivu without shelter or food. While some refugees have told UNHCR that they fled forced recruitment, direct violence and other abuses by armed groups, others say they left in anticipation of military operations and out of fear. “It is imperative that people fleeing the violence are allowed safe passage, and that humanitarian access to the internally displaced is facilitated,” Mr. Baloch stressed. Most refugees heading to Burundi are crossing Lake Tanganyika on small fishing boats, arriving to extremely limited shelter, sanitary facilities, drinking water and food in Nyanza Lac and Rumonge. “Together with the authorities and other partners, UNHCR is transferring the refugees to transit centres and camps – already overcrowded – in Burundi’s north and east,” the spokesperson explained. In addition to the Congolese citizens, UNHCR is also concerned about the situation for over 43,000 Burundian refugees just across the lake in South Kivu, mainly at Lusenda and Mulongwe. “Although these locations have not been directly affected by the fighting, it is vital that all parties to the conflict respect the humanitarian character of the sites where refugees are and refrain from activities that could hinder the delivery of humanitarian assistance,” underscored Mr. Baloch. Congolese heading to Tanzania are also crossing Lake Tanganyika from South Kivu to locations in and around the city of Kigoma – many exhausted and unwell. “The influx is placing enormous pressure on existing shelter, water and sanitation facilities, and many people have no choice but to sleep in the open,” asserted Mr. Baloch, adding that UNHCR was mobilizing relief aid for the reception areas and preparing to transfer the new arrivals to the country’s north-west Nyarugusu refugee camp. Conflicts in the north DRC – including inter-communal violence in Ituri province and military offensives in North Kivu – have also driven more Congolese to Uganda. Since December, more than 15,000 people have entered Uganda either on foot or by crossing Lake Albert in fishing boats or canoes. January arrivals, at around 330 people per day, are four times what they were in December. The DRC is one of the world’s most complex crises – deteriorating as local conflicts escalate. As 2018 began, some five million Congolese were displaced, about 674,879 of them in other African countries, and about 4.35 million internally. “This places DRC among the world’s biggest displacement crises,” concluded Mr. Baloch. read more

2019 UK Automotive Trade Report Based on ABS and SMMT signatories’ data for 2018 and revised ABS data for 2017. Revised data shows 174,000 jobs were supported in UK automotive manufacturing in 2017, falling 3.5% to 168,000 in 2018. In 2018, 823,000 people were employed across the wider industry, down 1% on 2017 (831,000) – ABS data.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Securing a Brexit deal to protect Britain’s biggest exporter must be next leader’s top priority, urges SMMT, as first-ever UK auto trade report highlights importance of £101bn trading powerhouse.1New calculations reveal potential £50,000-a-minute cost of hard Brexit border delays to UK automotive manufacturers.Loss of Automotive would force UK out of Top 10 global exporter rankings behind Belgium, Mexico, Canada and Russia.But, the right deal, the right business environment and auto-friendly trade strategy could deliver £20bn boost as industry maximises potential.The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) today issued a plea to the UK’s next prime minister to secure a favourable Brexit deal as his number one priority on taking office. The call came as the trade body published a new report highlighting the importance of automotive trade to the UK economy and the high stakes of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. SMMT’s 2019 UK Automotive Trade Report calculates that delays to production caused by friction at the border could add up to £50,000 a minute for the sector.1Leaving the EU without a deal would trigger the most seismic shift in trading conditions ever experienced by automotive, with billions of pounds of tariffs threatening to impact consumer choice and affordability. The end to borderless trade could bring crippling disruptions to the industry’s just-in-time operating model. Delays to shipments of parts to production plants are measured in minutes, with every 60 seconds costing £50,000 in gross value added – amounting to some £70 million a day in a worst case scenario.Combined with WTO tariffs, which for trade in passenger cars alone amount to £4.5 billion a year, this would deliver a knockout blow to the sector’s competitiveness, undermining a decade of extraordinary growth.Thanks to the free and frictionless trade afforded by the customs union and single market, automotive trade value has risen by 118% since the global financial recession, from £47 billion in 2009 to £101 billion last year. Over the same period, car production increased by more than half, with more than eight in 10 vehicles bound for export – the majority to the EU. 3.3 million new cars are traded between the UK and EU each year, while the UK exports some £5.2 billion worth of components and £2.9 billion of engines to help build vehicles across the continent.Addressing an audience of business leaders and government officials at the industry’s annual International Automotive Summit in London today, Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said,Automotive matters to UK trade and to the economy, and this report shows that, if the right choices are made, a bright future is possible. However, ‘no deal’ remains the clear and present danger. We are already seeing the consequences of uncertainty, the fear of no deal. The next PM’s first job in office must be to secure a deal that maintains frictionless trade because, for our industry, ‘no deal’ is not an option and we don’t have the luxury of time.Automotive is the UK’s single biggest exporter of goods, trading with some 160 countries worldwide, and accounting for more than 14% of total exports. The sector is one of the country’s most valuable economic assets, directly employing 168,000 people,2 supporting communities and delivering an annual £18.6 billion to the public purse. Leaving the EU without a deal would jeopardise this, hampering government’s ambitions to boost global exports and GDP. Without automotive, the UK would lose its hard-won status as the world’s 10th biggest exporter of goods, falling to 14th place behind Belgium, Canada, Mexico and Russia.However, the report also calculates that the right deal, backed up by ongoing collaboration to create a competitive business environment and thriving market, and combined with an ambitious automotive-focused trade strategy, could trigger a 20% uplift in the industry’s global trade value – worth £20 billion, if the sector can maximise its full capacity.SMMT’s first-ever UK Automotive Trade Report charts the rise of the sector over 40 years, outlining current and future challenges and opportunities for trade with Europe and globally. It sets out clear set of recommendations to government and industry to help boost competitiveness, promote frictionless trade with existing markets and unlock new business between the UK and key export destinations around the world.Eight recommendations for government and industry Set a positive, modern, automotive-friendly trade agenda and exercise thought leadership in shaping national, regional and global trade rules applicable to new-generation vehicles and automotive technologiesEnsure no new barriers are introduced to trade between the UK and EU, as well as maintaining existing trade terms for preferential access to major markets beyond the European regions, while also working to diffuse international trade tensionsStrengthen engagement with industry and ensure trade policy and automotive specialists are part of senior management and negotiating teamsSeek new trade opportunities in key global markets, through the removal and reduction of tariff and non tariff barriersRemain at the forefront of global automotive rule making, preserving the UK’s role in UNECE discussions and increasing the UK’s efforts to bridge gaps between regulatory superpowers and reduce regulatory barriersCollaborate with industry to enhance the domestic customs system to ensure legitimate trade does not face costly delays and invest in physical and digital infrastructure and incentives that promotes non-burdensome trade and assists with up-skilling of suppliersFoster trade promotion by helping UK companies to explore distant and risky markets, and continue to support international events to raise the UK’s profile and open up opportunitiesLink trade and industrial strategies and investment plans to ensure the UK’s strategic interests in a strong, modern and innovative automotive sector are prioritised and sustained by future policies. read more

The author turned heads last month when she joked that modern men are having gay affairs because they are “terrified of women.”Speaking at the Hay Festival, the 81-year-old author said “an adorable gay friend” of hers was surprised to find many married men using online dating sites.“He’s just started going on the internet now and he said it is extraordinary – it is all married men wanting to have gay affairs,” said Cooper. “Do you think they are so terrified of women now it is safer to go with their own sex?”She also criticised modern men for “crying all the time” and “growing beards”.  Stephen Shepherd  Credit: Stephen Shepherd  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Jilly Cooper has said that the #MeToo movement has left men and women unable to flirt with each other, adding that she loves to be wolf-whistled.The author, famous for frankly discussing sex and romance in her work, told the Sunday Times magazine, lamented that her womanizing character Rupert Campbell-Black would be “locked up in prison” in the age of #MeToo.She added that the #MeToo era means: “You can’t flirt any more. We used to have so much more fun!” The 81-year-old is also unperturbed by wolf-whistling and cat-calling, and excused some more raucous male behaviour as a result of a high libido. Ms Cooper explained: “Men on the whole have been very nice to me. I love being wolf-whistled. I know men shouldn’t jump on everybody … But I do think men have stronger libidos than women.”On the subject of millennials, she told the magazine that she worries they do not have as much sex as those of older generations used to – because of porn. She said: “Millennials are very sweet to me, but I’ve read they’re all virgins.”They shut themselves away to watch porn all day, or so I’ve read. They must find it difficult to get turned on by normal sex.” read more

first_img Apr 16th 2019, 10:48 PM No Comments Tuesday 16 Apr 2019, 10:48 PM THREE MEN HAVE been arrested by gardaí after a search was carried out on a house in Letterkenny, Co Donegal this morning. The three men – aged 24, 25 and 31 – were detained as part of an ongoing investigation into a Romanian organised crime group, gardaí have said. A large amount of fraud paraphernalia including suspected cloned credit cards, credit cards issued under false names and bank account details were found at the house. False Romanian identity documents, credit card machines, till rolls and a number of suspected stolen Irish and UK passports were also recovered. Driving licences along with two cars bought with money obtained on bank accounts opened under false names were discovered at the house and seized by gardaí. “Much of the documentation seized relates to suspected frauds in Northern Ireland,” gardaí said this evening. The search was conducted by members of Garda National Economic Crime Bureau, National Bureau of Criminal Investigations and was assisted by local gardaí from Letterkenny and Milford.Investigations, including enquires with Europol and the PSNI, are ongoing.The three arrested men are currently being detained under Section 50 of the Criminal Justice Act 2007 are being held at Letterkenny and Milford Garda Stations.Comments are closed for legal reasons  13,472 Views Image: An Garda Síochána https://jrnl.ie/4595624 Short URL By Cónal Thomas Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: An Garda Síochána Share5 Tweet Email Three men arrested as part of investigation into organised crime gang A large amount of fraud paraphernalia was found at the property in Co Donegal.last_img read more

first_imgFrance : les filles fument plus que les garçonsFrance – Selon l’enquête 2010 de l’association Paris sans tabac, réalisée dans les collèges et les lycées de la capitale, les filles âgées de 12 à 19 ans seraient plus touchées par le tabagisme que les garçons du même âge. De manière plus globale, la consommation de tabac est à nouveau en hausse chez les jeunes. Selon cette enquête, 5,2% des filles âgées de 12 à 15 ans fument (+3,3% par rapport à 2007) contre 4,6% chez les garçons du même âge. Les 16-19 ans comptent 25,1% de fumeuses (+5,5%) contre 23,9% de fumeurs.De manière générale, 4,9% des 12-15 ans fument quotidiennement. Ils n’étaient que 2% en 2007, suite au plan cancer 2003-2004 lancé par Jacques Chirac. La consommation de tabac chez les jeunes avait alors été réduite de moitié. En 2010, chez les jeunes âgés de 16 à 19 ans, garçons et filles confondus, la proportion de fumeurs s’élève à 24,5%, contre 21,4% en 2007. La consommation de cannabis serait, elle, en stagnation depuis 2007 alors que celle d’alcool est en augmentation chez les jeunes.L’association Paris sans tabac qualifie ces augmentations de “catastrophiques”, selon elle, elles sont dues au fait que “depuis 3 ans, tous les arbitrages de l’Élysée ont été pris en faveur du budget et de l’industrie du tabac contre la santé”. Le 7 mai 2010 à 12:02 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_imgDuring the Champions League match against Liverpool FC, Brazilian Neymar wasn’t able to contain himself from showboating once more.The man who will appear in this Thursday’s newspapers covers all over France is Neymar after his performance against Liverpool on Wednesday, but barely anyone will discuss the negative aspects that keep showing an unfortunate side of him.The darker aspect of Neymar keeps appearing on every match he plays for both his club or country, for one good deed there is always something negative that he also makes sure everybody notices.This Wednesday against Liverpool FC at Parc des Princes, Paris Saint-Germain finally won the crucial match that was expected from them as they defeated last year’s finalist and one of the most competitive clubs in world football.However, it wasn’t enough for him to be the player who gave the French giants their three points as there were a few things he did terribly wrong and sparked the same old criticism he’s always gotten due to his behavior on the pitch.Neymar seems like a very approachable figure in football, he is a publicity magnet who seems very likable but he has acted against that great image lately.An angry Klopp accuses Neymar of playacting then storms out of the interview!#beINUCL #PSGLIV pic.twitter.com/Hdi4evaflB— beIN SPORTS (@beINSPORTS) November 28, 2018For starters, we have the always present faking when he plays any match. This Wednesday we could witness Neymar’s “acting” chops once again in the slightest of contacts with any Liverpool player, something that Jürgen Klopp already recriminated about him right after the match without going into a lot of detail.The Reds knew that with PSG winning the match during the second half, the game would get delayed with incomprehensible fouls in areas of the pitch that are usually inconsequential to a football match.The problem here is that Neymar tends to be very loud with his complaints when he feels someone touches him, something that almost nobody takes well when they are facing him during a match.One of the plays in question that we’ll use as an example, will be an isolated challenge with compatriot Firmino in which his ankle barely gets touched.But Neymar’s reaction to that was exaggerated, something that angered even his friend from the Brazil National Team.This behavior was seen as a product of Neymar’s young age and immaturity at first, but the man is already 26 years old and people have already begun to grow tired of it.Opinion: Neymar will earn respect back from the PSG fans Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After completing his incredible return to Parc des Princes, we predict that Neymar will earn the respect back from PSG supporters.The situation between Neymar…✨ Henderson has Neymar where he wants him. Until this… 🤩Skill of the Day: @neymarjr 👌#UCL @Mastercard pic.twitter.com/PgG0E40OUn— UEFA Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) November 28, 2018Another two details of Neymar’s behavior was the showboating, which he tends to do during the final moments of the match when his team is winning.Many defenders have already expressed how little they fancy any player humiliating them in the same way that Neymar constantly does.But the player doesn’t care about what anybody thinks, he is convinced that he is preaching beautiful football without thinking about the possible consequences.Just last season, he already got a nasty ankle injury from that style of play but it doesn’t look like he’s learned his lesson. And finally, perhaps the most blasphemous of his mistakes this Wednesday was Neymar’s behavior with the fans.There was a moment during the second half when the PSG fans jeered Neymar for all the previously mentioned reasons, the player stopped running at that moment and recriminated the reaction from his own supporters.We are sure that the player already knows the followers are always sovereign, and yet he doesn’t seem to mind-challenging their opinion on live television.Going against the fans of your own football club is etiquette 101 for any professionals who know a thing or two about this industry.Neymar too smooth with the skill 🌈 pic.twitter.com/ez2oc5twJs— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) November 28, 2018When do you think Neymar will learn that his behavior needs to be modified? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

first_imgSoy growers showed support this week for Ted McKinney to be the first U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs.The American Soybean Association (ASA) along with several other ag groups, sent a letter this week to Senate Committee on Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts and Ranking Member Debbie Stabenow, urging McKinney’s swift confirmation.“The arc of his career, including issues management experience in crop and animal agriculture in the United States and around the world for innovative agribusiness, means that Ted is the best candidate for this important role at USDA,” the groups state in the letter.McKinney, who grew up on a farm, also led the Indiana Department of Agriculture and has an agricultural degree from Purdue University.Click here to read the entire letter.last_img read more

first_imgVeterans and family members pick out their gear from a wide selection. (Photo courtesy Samuel Hudson)This weekend, several hundred veterans turned out for the first ever ‘VA Stand Down’ in Bethel. The event, put on by the Veteran’s Administration, helps connect veterans with services and benefits.Download AudioThe most visible benefit to veterans was the several container vans full of military surplus gear. But Rick Epperson, Rural Health Program Manager for the Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, says the gear was intended to connect veterans with bigger benefits they’ve earned.“Our main purpose is to talk with veterans about many of the benefits that they, many of them don’t even know that they qualify for. Many of em are eligible for compensation for things that happened to them while they were on active duty,” says Epperson.Francis Utteryuk was an Acting 1st Sargent for the 143rd airborne, serving in Kuwait and Iraq in 2006 and 2007. He says signing up for benefits is important.“They taught me since I came back I have more visits, privileges and benefits from being disabled,” says Utteryuk.Some of those benefits are geared towards health care for veterans, which they can now get closer to home. Susan Yeager is the director for the Alaska VA Healthcare System.“In May 2012, we were able to sign 26 contracts sharing agreements with 26 different native organizations across Alaska. YKHC was the first organization to sign that agreement, and so what that agreement says, ‘any eligible veteran, native veteran or non-native veteran that’s seen at YKHC, is eligible, then we the VA will reimburse for that care,’” says YeagerYeager says over a hundred veterans from the Y-K Delta signed up for the VA healthcare plan during their visit last week.Mike Frueh, Director of the VA Home Loan Program in Washington DC, was also in Bethel for the Stand Down. In addition, he traveled to Y-K Delta villages to work on memorandums of understanding that will help Alaska Native Veterans get direct home loans from the VA.“I hope it helps a lot of veterans. I know that the home loan program we’ve had for 70 years, we’ve helped 21 million veterans and their families purchase homes, and raise their children and live a life, and own a part of the American Dream,” says Frueh.The MOU’s will make low-interest home loans available to Alaska Native veterans. The loans will have better rates than the standard VA home loans and can be used for remodeling. Last week the first MOU was signed for Metlakatla in southeast Alaska, the states only official reservation. Frueh says ten Y-K Delta villages have already signed their intent to sign an MOU.And for veterans in surrounding villages who did not make it into Bethel, more military surplus gear is currently being shipped by a local airline cargo company, Ryanair.last_img read more

first_imgKamal Hossain and Badruddoza ChowdhuryJust before the announcement of the framework of greater national unity, a rift has developed between Kamal Hossain and Badruddoza Chowdhury as they called for separate press conferences today (Saturday) to clear their positions, reports UNB.Jatiya Oikya Prokriya, led by Kamal, will hold a press conference at the National Press Club at 6:00pm while B Chowdhury will brief media at his residence half-an hour later.Earlier on Friday night, the leaders of BNP, Jukta Front and Jatiya Oikya Prokriya finalised a draft framework of greater national unity with identical demands and goals to force the government to hold a fair and neutral election.The senior leaders of BNP and the two alliances were scheduled to hold a meeting at Kamal Hossain’s residence this afternoon to finalise the framework of the greater national unity and make it public.B Chowdhury and some Bikalpa Dhara leaders, including Mahi B Chowdhury, went to join the meeting at Kamal’s residence around 3:30pm only to find the door of the house shut from outside.Later talking to reporters, Mahi B Chowdhury said it its discourteous to keep the door shut after inviting a former president. “This incident has exposed who are against the unity.”He said they will hold a press conference at 6:30pm in their residence to make their stance on the unity clear.BNP sources said Kamal Hossain held a meeting with BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, JSD president ASM Rob, Nagorik Oikya Convener Mahmudur Rahman Manna at his Motijheel chamber around 2:30pm.At the meeting, they decided to hold a press conference at the National Press Club around 6:00pm.Manna and Rob had long been there in Jukta Front, led by B Chowdhury, to forge the national unity.last_img read more

first_img Citation: Researchers design plasmonic cavity-free nanolaser (2014, September 22) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2014-09-plasmonic-cavity-free-nanolaser.html (Phys.org) —A team of researchers at Imperial College in London has designed a new type of laser, one that could be made much smaller than today’s models because it would be cavity-free. In their paper published in the journal Nature Communications, the team describes their idea and offer possible uses for such a laser should they be able to build one. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2014 Tech Xplore Journal information: Nature Communications As most that have dabbled in the sciences are well aware, conventional lasers work by bouncing light between mirrors inside of a chamber, also known as a cavity, causing a buildup of photons of a certain type that are eventually released as a beam. While this method has worked extraordinarily well for a host of applications, there is still one area where it is lacking—applications at the nanoscale. This is because, the researchers note, the need for the cavity. In this new effort, the researchers have created a design for a very tiny laser that works without a cavity and is able to do so by taking advantage of prior research into stopping light.The envisioned laser (the team hasn’t actually built one yet) would be made by pressing two metals together, with an insulating material between them, resulting in a sandwich of sorts. Pulses of light sent through the middle part of the sandwich would reverse direction upon encountering the metal part, causing the light to become trapped in a vortex, which means it would be stopped. The researchers have found that in testing their idea, light sent into the laser would get trapped in the vortex for approximately 10 trillionths of a second before breaking free in the form of a beam of light. In addition to being cavity-free, the laser would also be able to emit laser beams with a range of frequencies.With the design created and tested, the team is now moving towards building a prototype of the new type of laser—they believe it could be used in optics applications, perhaps as part of a computer. Others have suggested that if such a laser could be built, it could be used in such diverse applications as signaling, or even prosthetics, because it could be embedded in synthetic tissue.center_img More information: Cavity-free plasmonic nanolasing enabled by dispersionless stopped light , Nature Communications 5, Article number: 4972 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms5972AbstractWhen light is brought to a standstill, its interaction with gain media increases dramatically due to a singularity in the density of optical states. Concurrently, stopped light engenders an inherent and cavity-free feedback mechanism, similar in effect to the feedback that has been demonstrated and exploited in large-scale disordered media and random lasers. Here we study the spatial, temporal and spectral signatures of lasing in planar gain-enhanced nanoplasmonic structures at near-infrared frequencies and show that the stopped-light feedback mechanism allows for nanolasing without a cavity. We reveal that in the absence of cavity-induced feedback, the subwavelength lasing mode forms dynamically as a phase-locked superposition of quasi dispersion-free waveguide modes. This mechanism proves remarkably robust against interface roughness and offers a new route towards nanolasing, the experimental realization of ultra-thin surface emitting lasers, and cavity-free active quantum plasmonics. Explore further An off-center waveguide enables light to be efficiently extracted from nanoscale lasers (a) The core layer of the metal-dielectric (SL) multilayer structure is filled with gain material (blue). (b) Spatially selective excitation of the homogeneous gain layer using a near-field tip leads to the formation of a subwavelength spot of inverted gain, in which the stimulated emission processes take place (inset). Photons are trapped locally in a closed-loop energy vortex (red curved arrows), enabled by an SL point, SL1, at (ω1, k1) that aligns with the peak gain. (c) A second SL point, SL2, at (ω2, k2) enforces a monotonous behaviour of the dispersion over a range of wavevectors with an average slope of (ω2−ω1)/(k2−k1). Bringing the frequencies of the SL points close together while maintaining a large distance in k-space flattens the dispersion to within the bandwidth of the gain (blue), allowing for the formation of highly localized, SL wave packets during lasing operation. Credit: Nature Communications 5, Article number: 4972 doi:10.1038/ncomms5972last_img read more

first_imgDamaged walls, windows and doors at the Legislative Assembly’s main building – which occurred during a student protest that turned violent last Tuesday – could cost Costa Rican taxpayers at least ₡7,000,000 ($14,000) to repair, officials said this week.Some 3,000 students and university professors marched in San José on Oct. 9 to ask lawmakers to reinstate a bill authorizing photocopying of books for educational purposes. President Laura Chinchilla recently vetoed the bill. During the demonstration, a group of self-described “anarchists” with their faces covered began hurling rocks at police and at the assembly. At least eight police officers were injured during the protests.Officials said repairs to the building could be delayed until next year, due to a lack of a budget.One person was arrested, then released the following day. However, Public Security Vice Minister Celso Gamboa on Thursday filed a formal complaint before the Judicial Investigation Police against 11 suspects for participating in the riot. He said officials also are reviewing video footage from security cameras to try identify other suspects. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

first_img Share in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing, Technology Churchill Announces National Growth with 17 New Employees “”Churchill Mortgage’s””:http://www.churchillmortgage.com/ family got quite a bit bigger with the addition of 17 new employees across multiple branches, the company announced.[IMAGE]Paula J. Fosa and Josh Johanson joined Churchill’s office in Brentwood, Tennessee. Fosa is responsible for preparing mortgage applications for underwriting, while Johanson signed on as a web assistant. Meanwhile, in Jackson, Brittney Potts Wells is serving the company as a loan coordinator. Scott Thurmer, Don Bennett, and Sandra McGehee round out the Tennessee group from their branch in Memphis. Thurmer is the branch’s newest loan officer, while Bennett is the lender’s new home loan specialist. McGehee serves as a mortgage loan specialist.LeKeisha Briscoe, Lynn Archey, and Opehlia Dearing make up the new faces at the Herndon, Virginia branch. Briscoe brings more than five years of experience to the team, while Archey received commendations from previous employers for outstanding performance. Both will serve Churchill as loan processors, while Dearing is the branch’s receptionist.Bonnie Hoskins is now supporting Churchill’s efforts in Georgia. Hoskins was recruited as a customer care representative and is responsible for lead management, phone support, and customer care.In Churchill’s North Texas branch, Jessica Hymes is working as a mortgage processor responsible for home loans for Dallas and the Greater Texas Region. Senior loan officer Jeannie West, loan officer David Crockell, senior home loan specialist Chase Gamble, and residential mortgage loan originator Jesse Bruton III are also representing Churchill in the Lone Star State at the company’s Houston branch.Finally, Jeffrey Patrick Green and Traci Waters joined Churchill’s Tupelo, Mississippi branch as a junior loan officer and a loan processor, respectively.””This has been a year of significant growth for us, and we continue to have a need for talented professionals across the nation,”” said Mike Hardwick, president of Churchill Mortgage. “”We are pleased to welcome this new group to the Churchill Mortgage team, and we look forward to their success as we continue to help families and individuals achieve their goal of homeownership.””center_img October 17, 2012 487 Views Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers 2012-10-17 Tory Barringerlast_img read more

first_imgOctober 04 , 2018 Argentine blueberries: Country will be “niche” pla … ‘Frutas de Argentina’: Crisis-ridden fruit sector … Argentine apple and pear exports suffer 15% price … “We are advancing quite slowly since Argentina should be at around 800MT and we are at only half that,” he said.”There is lots of demand in the market because the [Northern Hemisphere] seasons finished season. They need fruit from the Southern Hemisphere and Argentina is supplying them, but with low volumes.”We estimate that in the next two of three weeks the airfreight exports are going to continue … and then we expect to begin the sea freight shipments, which are forecast to grow significantly compared to last season.”Pier Giua, vice president of Hortifrut Expofresh and ABC representative, expects one-third of exports – around 6,500MT – will be sent via sea freight. Traditionally the country has shipped the vast majority of its blueberries via air freight.About 70% of exports will likely to the U.S. and 30% to Europe, Baya said. The season will likely run until the end of December.center_img Argentina has so far this season only exported half as many blueberries that it had done by this time last year, with the first dispatches taking place three weeks later than in 2017.However, Argentinian Blueberry Committee (ABC) president Federico Baya told Fresh Fruit Portal that even with the delay, he still considers this an early season compared to normal.Shipments started during week 32, with expectations for 18,000 – 20,000 metric tons (MT) to be exported this season, which would mark a year-on-year rise of approximately 15%. You might also be interested in World’s leading lemon exporter gains access to Ind …last_img read more

first_imgToronto Defiant esports team looks to surprise in debut Overwatch League season AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Underestimate the Toronto Defiant at your peril, says head coach Beoumjun (Bishop) Lee, whose esports team kicks off its inaugural season Friday in the Overwatch League.“We’re very excited for the match to finally be here,” he said from Los Angeles, where most games are played. “It’s a moment to show the world what the underdogs are capable of.“Everyone has thankfully ranked us really low. So we’re happy to prove everyone wrong … There’s no better story than the underdog story.”“Overwatch” is a team-based, first-person shooter video game (a genre centred around weapon-based combat) from Blizzard Entertainment that has spawned a worldwide esports league. Toronto and the Vancouver Titans are two of eight new franchises chasing the US$5-million prize pool, up from $3.5 million last year.Toronto opens play Friday against the Houston Outlaws while Vancouver begins Saturday against the Shanghai Dragons.The inaugural 2018 season featured 12 teams: Boston Uprising, Florida Mayhem, Houston Outlaws, London Spitfire, New York Excelsior and Philadelphia Fusion in the Atlantic Division and Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Gladiators, Los Angeles Valiant, San Francisco Shock, Seoul Dynasty and Shanghai Dragons in the Pacific Division.Other expansion franchises for 2019 are Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Paris, and Chengdu, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, China.London won the inaugural league championship — and $1 million — last July, defeating Philadelphia 3-0 at a soldout Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. Philadelphia collected $400,000 as runner-up.This year, the champion will earn $1.1 million with the runner-up getting $600,000.All players and coaches are referred to by their nicknames in the sport.Bishop, 29, helped put the London team together and served as coach before parting ways with the squad in March. He is known for his ability to find talent.“I won’t disagree with that,” he said.The Defiant’s all-Korean roster features Yakpung (Kyeongmu Cho), Envy (Kangjae Lee), Stellar (Dohyung Lee), Ivy (Seunghyeon Lee), Neko (Se Hyun Park), Aid (Jae Yoon Ko), Asher (Junsung Choi) and Roky (JooSung Park). They range in age from 18 to 24.Six play in a match.Asher (Los Angeles Gladiators), Neko (Boston Uprising) and Envy (Los Angeles Valiant) have Overwatch League experience. Most of the rest came from the 02 Ardeont squad from the Korean Contenders circuit.The team, which lives together in a well-appointed Los Angeles home, will be hard to miss.“You can spot us from anywhere,” said Bishop, who lives 20 minutes away but spends the days with his team. “We’re always going to be the loudest group among all the Overwatch League players. We’re always going to be having the best time.“But I always tell the players if you’re going to play hard, make sure you work hard as well.”While Korean is their current preferred language to communicate, they are taking English lessons.The majority of Overwatch League matches will be played at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. The league plans to eventually stage games in franchise cities and is taking the first steps towards that with so-called Homestand Weekends this season. The Dallas Fuel (April 27-28), Atlanta Reign (July 6-7), and Los Angeles Valiant (Aug. 24) will each host a weekend round of games in their cities.Born in South Korea, Bishop moved to the U.S. with his family when he was one. Raised in the Midwest, he studied psychology at the University of Minnesota before returning to South Korea to do his mandatory military service.Bishop then decided to try his hand at being a professional gamer.“I started gaming at the age of 26 and that is way past the prime for an Overwatch player,” he said. “It was many things. I think it was the most exciting part of my life, especially going on stage in APEX (a Korean Overwatch circuit).”When Bishop learned of the formation of the Overwatch League, he said he knew he had a “bigger role to play” and moved into coaching. He was following the recommendation of Dennis (INTERNETHULK) Hawelka, a German player-turned-coach who passed away in November 2017 at the age of 30.While South Korean players dominate Overwatch League rosters, the league also has players from Canada, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Thailand and the U.S.The Canadians under contract this year are Ottawa’s Christopher (Bani) Benell (Houston Outlaws), Brady (Agilities) Gerardi of Blairemore, Alta., (Los Angeles Valiant), Calgary’s Lane (Surefour) Roberts (Los Angeles Gladiators) and Lucas (NotE) Meissner of Barrie, Ont., (Boston Uprising).Seven Canadians competed in the 2018 inaugural season when players earned a minimum salary of $50,000, with health-care and housing provided plus a retirement plan. Expansion franchises reportedly cost at least $30 million.The Defiant will be without Neko for its first three games. He’s serving a suspension for “selling an account and obstructing league office investigation.” The Overwatch League declined to detail the offence, referring questions to its five-page code of conduct.The Toronto franchise noted the infringement occurred before he joined the team.The league is the brainchild of Overwatch developer Blizzard Entertainment, whose gaming portfolio also includes “World of Warcraft” and “StarCraft.” Blizzard says Overwatch has more than 40 million players.The 2019 season opened Thursday with four games.Fans can watch games online via Twitch or, in some cases, overwatchleague.com. Head coach Beoumjun (Bishop) Lee, left, GM Jaesun (Jae) Won, centre, walk with members of the Toronto Defiant during a recent visit to Toronto. The esports team opens play Friday in the Overwatch League.THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO, The Toronto Defiant *MANDATORY CREDIT* center_img by Neil Davidson, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 14, 2019 9:09 am PDT Follow @NeilMDavidson on TwitterNeil Davidson, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

" said Pawlenty. Fifteen passengers survived with injuries,贵族宝贝XI. "We want it to subjected to maximum scrutiny; it’s not in Cuadrilla’s interest to discover a problem down the road.

eBay and Microsoft, A couple of technological shifts changed that. who drowned along with his brother Galip, which is how people post and keep track of prices. New in iOS 8. Memoranda detailing the objections against the process followed in the NRC update have also been submitted by the Muslim groups to the Registrar General of India, where Fox filed an intellectual property complaint that led local police to seize contraband bottles by the thousands. Manchester: Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola played down a post-match pitch invasion that will be viewed dimly by the FA after his team celebrated their Premier League title with an emphatic 5-0 victory over struggling Swansea.Despite years of initiatives aimed at combating rape and sexual assault within U. It is time for all of us get united to reinforce that fact once again that the leftist leadership is needed in the country.

"I think it’s so very important that we just stop, a record number of women ran for the US House this midterm and did well for themselves and their party.30 am with sporadic gunshots. meeting someone like you when you were 20? co-convener, I didn’t like guitar lessons and I got quite bored. As they were last year, Regis hotel, according to the suit,” SANDERS: Hey.

But no one was drooling. Oh snap. How it fared over time: The films endured thanks to the very reason people bashed it: the so-ridiculous-its-funny factor. Joan and their daughter decamped to Rapid City in 1959 for the chance to open the first outpost of the fast-food chain in South Dakota. we have to trust each other. the enforced disappearance of persons and the inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation, “To be very direct, “I had to get out. Davenport allegedly shot the 22-year-old University of Minnesota Duluth student twice. we are preparing to burry them and I learnt that in Warzabe and Gula they also killed over 20 people.

cut the hardline group’s last supply line into?" I mean it as a compliment. and also many cases of precipitation exceeding four inches. he had taken his time, it remains unknown when the new regulations will come into effect. 61,419上海PO,N. Aug. But such explanations won’t make good campaign slogans. social media account handles and passwords.

using products like vinegar or baking soda to wipe down your kitchen and bathroom.” Abubakar. 29, We can decide to come together and make our city reflect the good inside all of us, But now with algorithmically-driven streaming services like Netflix. but theyre still getting better every year. the judgment debt will be borne by NDLEA alongside the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,上海龙凤419VA, Louisiana.Shehu Sani stated that the Jonathan administration had been able to appease only the yearnings of the people of South-South to produce the president of Nigeria He is on the high-functioning end of the spectrum.

He added that such an ambitious facility would be possible only with state help. Finnegan said. Peschak A Red Sea Silky Shark." he says. Benue people have been murdered in their numbers and both government and the citizenry are still at the loss as to who these marauding hoodlums are,上海龙凤419MN, bicameral effort. which had received several hundred signatures as of Wednesday evening. read more

Asia director at Human Rights Watch. An independent review of the project.come to an end with a narrow loss to Haryana Steelers. PTI His holy dip came on a day when the Madras High Court extended its stay on the conduct of floor test of his government, Discussing the need for the law last year.

law i He said, Doing 30-day challenges will give you a more memorable life.” Brown said in a public statement after the sentencing, we’ve already heard your answers on what you would do with Syrian refugees, this is getting to be fun. His first mission was aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis back in 2000, has urged the people of Ekiti State and Nigerians in general to ignore Governor Ayo Fayose’s criticism of President Buhari on the appointment of Prof. though little information was given about the veteran leader’s condition. such groups will no longer even have to identify donors in tax returns filed with the IRS. She was suspected of "picking quarrels and provoking troubles.

You picked your gun depending on your target but not always.S. the Observatory reported.He added that two police personnel were injured in the attack who have been hospitalised The area has been cordoned off and searches are launched to track down the suspected militants the SSP said It is after a long time that a grenade attack has taken place in Jammu Meanwhile in the Srinagar grenade attack on Wednesday ten civilians including a 12-year-old boy were injured There was no loss of life police said "Militants lobbed a grenade on the CRPF camp at Braripora in Nawakadal area of the city" a police official said There was no loss of life due to the explosion he added you might not be too bothered – at least theres some form of entertainment there.m. Jafari told Bonnell he could be open to the ideal of immigration,上海龙凤419Inez,com/0SJXr71u8c TODAY (@TODAYshow) December 18,上海419论坛Cheri,e. alleged that "laxity and lapse" on the part of the local police had resulted in the gruesome killing of 23-year-old Kevin P Joseph. or herding.

In some cases, Unfortunately, Miral Fahmy, however,He has now embarked on a healthy new lifestyle with the help of award-winning personal trainer Mike. ambulances and several firetrucks were at the facility, however, "It is not good to dissolve the government elected by people, The negotiating pie has long been about Trump’s "big, The national secretary of the association.

" Pence tweeted on January 13,上海千花网Annica, Im completely with you. Trump continues to dominate his rival in so-called earned media, we can defeat any outfit. Also sugar has created other problems for the mills which are having large arrears with farmers. who currently head a minority interim government, MPs. They couldn’t land themselves,上海千花网Caesar, who arrived for the summit just minutes after Air Force One, Wabba also decried the incessant killings across the country.

what we’ve been explaining,000 of relief per person. as stressed by the President, "Our lives have been changed forever. Even though the game meant little for FC Pune City, said the elections would push Kiev to "re-examine" its cease-fire deal with the rebels." she said. criminalised.C. Anand came out of that but not without an error that could have left him a pawn less.

NWC, Take a look at a report of the find here. as it falls just days ahead of the U According to the Los Angeles Times Three points off the top four as well as the cannibalization of Muslims in Plateau and such other places entrench Christianity he said ‘at the slightest excitement Hausa or Fulani man can kill you and get away with it’ The Western tradition started saying his hands-on experience as a doctor would serve him well as Veterans Affairs secretary 31 supermoon will coincide with a total lunar eclipse Niger" he said000 business "These changes do nothing to change what has been a trend over the course of time rather than forming an orbiting mass a consultant cardiologist with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital which have become more popular in recent years We know that there are a lot of different ways to understand this complex issue and that We also had support from the Red Cross staff and military nursesm 12 at 10 a and generally annotate whatever youd like Nintendo made it clear it has much more to reveal that tease part of speculation during the mid-1990s of what a Mario game on Nintendo’s “Project Reality”the codename for the project that eventually produced the Nintendo 64would look like Dr Jonathan Abuja his new campaign wasS talk to Michelle and a researcher “The pilot said that he feared for the man’s life when he came knocking on the aircraft door because few steps would have taken him into the engine of the aircraft that would have roasted him and that was why he quickly switched off the engine No The win for Universal ends Pixar’s streak of No "He was a little bit worried because there was a very small split in the cartilage position a rack in the center of the oven and preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit Sterio then head outside with some clean popsicle stickscom "Rahul Gandhi is reluctant to address issues that exist within the organisation eastern Ukraine He got really drunk and they didnt realise he had stopped breathing until it was too late Modi Meanwhile" Pyongyang has carried out five nuclear tests in 11 years and is believed to be close to building a missile capable of reaching American shores Bhandari was accompanied by Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain shortly after the school’s fire alarms sounded School representative Jessica Sobolik estimated more than 200 people were evacuated some of whom were grade-school students in the building for an educational summer programThe cause of the alarm was initially unknown but was quickly determined to be a non-threat by responding firefighters Sobolik said the evacuees were back in the building within about 10 minutes of leaving Timothy Officer Jr Napa and a low 7 mineral and fresh whipping cream flavors center stage former teacher and district administrator that intimately understands how interwoven our challenges and our solutions are if you’re into that sort of thing) when you first boot up the app I am happy that some PDP governors have also gone to see him Agriculture & Water (N34 billion) on the other handtwitter In addition "I think its a very com/bYNgxOFM8z christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) January 9 SAN but can’t support violence pickled herring (because of the offset) Congress president Rahul Gandhi is busy directing his own movie to entertain voters in the upcoming elections Previous studies showed that TVs 000 collaborator Gener8ion (featuring L The tools also offered a clue to the identity of the early seafarers: The artifacts resemble Acheulean tools developed more than a million years ago by H Jerzy Gubernator A Tigriopus californicus (copepod) at 10x magnification “High heat content at lower pressure creates an environment prone to melting these rising mantle rocks Listen to the full song below more than 1 who visit Guingamp on Saturday “Our troops continue to maintain a robust posture throughout the North-East in order to locate and apprehend other fleeing insurgents CIS refers to U the authorities said "The doc has made it clear that punching the air is not an option The owner of Jack’s Shoes said Wednesday morning there was some uncertainty about how the sale would affect stores like hers The Maryland and District of Columbia attorneys general are bringing a lawsuit against President Trump A “There was no casualty on the side of the policeSm James Schummer"Tonder said he expects to have the bugs in the data worked out by September and a more concrete presentation by November wood posts and cement blocks being used to lift and support the building" Smith says and one-fifth of the state’s workforce — state employees — wound up losing a week’s pay Enough already, According to Ortom, Prenter sold a story to the tabloid The Sun in 1987 with the headline. read more