first_img Login/Register With: Advertisement MOLLY McGlynn is the Toronto-based director behind touching drama Mary Goes Round. The film, starring Aya Cash and Sara Waisglass, will screen as part of the Canada Now film festival this month.Close-up Culture spoke to Molly about her impressive debut-feature, female perspectives, personal feedback to the film and much more.Q: Mary Goes Round deals with addiction, family and forgiveness. What led you to write this story? A: IN some ways, the culmination of my entire life led to this story – experiences with family misunderstandings, sister relationships, loss, estrangement and forgiveness.I wanted to write a film about a father and daughter, but funnily enough it ended up being about sisters. The father becomes the connection between these two characters, half-sisters, who are forced to confront the other and decide what they want to make of their circumstances.Q: Smashed and Suck It Up Buttercup are a couple of the films in recent years to deal with addiction through a female lead character. What do you think this female perspective brings to the film and to the subject?A: I LOVED Smashed although I have yet to see Suck It Up Buttercup – but I will now!First of all, I think there is an enormous range of addictions. Though I do not identify as an alcoholic, there have been moments in my past when I had to kind of check myself with what was bordering on self-destructive behaviour.A lot of time in film, we see women guzzling wine by the jug, usually in broad comedies a la Bad Moms, Bridesmaids and Rough Night. It is so much fun to watch, but if you unpack it all, it starts to be a little bit concerning.Why are women drinking this much? What is it in their-our lives that is so overwhelming that alcohol becomes the main form of release and connection? Advertisement Advertisementcenter_img Twitter Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Molly McGlynnlast_img read more

Rabat – Moroccan women launched a petition on Friday calling for Morocco’s government and the High Authority for Audio-visual Communication, known better as HACA, to penalize National television service, 2M, for broadcasting “tutorial instructions for females to hide bruises of domestic violence,” on its morning show “Sabahiyates,” on Wednesday.Amid the heated scandal that the show stirred on social media, Moroccan women took to to create a petition calling for all Moroccans to sign it as a moving step toward denouncing the “standardization of violence against women.”“As Moroccan women and as feminist activists in Morocco, and in the name of all Moroccan people, we denounce the message of normalization with violence against women. We demand severe sanctions against this show, “Sabahiyat”, and the channel 2M,” the petition’s creator said. She went on to add, “The violence should not be covered by makeup and the aggressors have to be condemned.”Expressing their dismay at the show’s topic, the signatories supported the idea of launching a petition as part of their contribution to put an end to the phenomenon of violence against women.“I am going to sign [the petition] because I am tired of injustice against women,” one of the signatories said.The show’s controversial topic coincided the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which is celebrated annually on November 25.On Friday afternoon, 2M issued a communiqué on its Facebook page, explaining, “The management believes that this segment was completely inappropriate and displayed a lack of editorial understanding of the sensitivity and seriousness of the subject of violence against women.”“Violence against women” is considered a serious phenomenon. In two previous years, courts across the kingdom recorded about 20,488 cases of violence against women, including 11,000 cases that are related to physical violence and 9187 of other types of violence. read more

Rising sea levels and coastal erosion, both wrought by climate change, threaten the viability of Maldives, but overcrowding and other impacts are already felt by the island nation’s 300,000 people, a United Nations independent expert cautioned today.After an eight-day visit to country, Raquel Rolnik, Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, said that “Maldives and its Atolls, because of their unique geological and topographic aspects and their fragile and delicate environmental system, are already experiencing the impacts of climate change.”This jeopardizes the survival of the nation, which could be inundated by water, but more immediately, it jeopardizes the right to housing due to the scarcity of land.Ms. Rolnik stressed the responsibility of the international community to urgently support adaptation strategies, noting that “the post-2004 Indian Ocean tsunami reconstruction process in Maldives can be a source of precious lessons.”Over the past four years, donors and agencies have mobilized over $400 million in aid, but the Rapporteur voiced concern over the allocation of the resources and their management by Maldivian authorities.“In the new resettlement sites that I visited, I detected a lack of participation in the decision-making process concerning relocation, the design of new houses and the infrastructure, which resulted in new structures that were not always compatible with the livelihood of the communities,” she said.Additionally, the expert noted that the tsunami may have been used by authorities as an opportunity to relocate communities, which has provoked serious conflicts. Today, there are still 3,500 people uprooted by the 2004 disaster who are still living in temporary shelters.The reconstruction process has also resulted in a surge in the price of construction materials, putting upward pressure on rental prices and aggravating overcrowding.Over 80,000 migrants from Bangladesh and other South Asian countries live in Maldives, with half of them working in the construction sector, and the Rapporteur said she was concerned over their housing and living conditions.She called for a “human rights-based approach” to address the housing situation in the country, calling for the Government and international organizations to promote public participation in making key decisions.Ms. Rolnik, who reports to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, took up her post last May and serves in an independent and unpaid capacity, as do all Special Rapporteurs. 26 February 2009Rising sea levels and coastal erosion, both wrought by climate change, threaten the viability of Maldives, but overcrowding and other impacts are already felt by the island nation’s 300,000 people, a United Nations independent expert cautioned today. read more

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) regretted the Libyan Government’s action, agency spokesperson Melissa Fleming told reporters in Geneva, adding that UNHCR’s activities in the country included protecting, assisting and finding durable solutions for refugees and asylum-seekers.“UNHCR had made Libya a country where resettlement programmes were being prioritized and was helping refugees to find new homes in other countries,” Ms. Fleming said. “Should UNHCR offices close, these resettlement programmes would have to cease,” she added.There are an estimated 9,000 refugees and about 3,700 asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in Libya. The agency and its implementing partners provide healthcare, shelter, education and vocational training to the refugees and asylum-seekers.The majority of the refugees are Palestinians, Iraqis, Sudanese, Somalis, Eritreans, Liberians and Ethiopians, the agency said. Most of the asylum-seekers came from Eritrea.UNHCR runs the only asylum-seekers assistance programme in Libya and its departure would create a vacuum for the thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers already there, and those who continued to arrive every week, Ms. Fleming said.She said that UNHCR was trying to negotiate its presence in Libya and remained hopeful that a positive solution could be found.UNHCR has worked in Libya since 1991 and currently has 26 staff members, the majority of them Libyan employees. 8 June 2010The United Nations refugee agency reported today that Libyan authorities have asked it to cease its work in the country and close its offices there, but have given no reasons for the decision. read more

“Our best defences against any health emergency are strong and resilient health systems that serve all people without exposing them to financial hardship.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his message on the Day.He recalled that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by world leaders in September, envisaged universal health coverage and other important measures to ensure that children live into adulthood, mothers survive childbirth and countries strengthen their response to infectious and non-communicable diseases.To galvanize action on health, the UN chief noted that in September he had launched the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health. “Our aim, together with the Every Woman, Every Child movement, is to end preventable deaths among these groups and secure their well-being by helping countries to provide quality and affordable health care to all,” he explained.The Secretary-General said that today, at least 400 million people lack access to essential health services. Every year, health care costs plunge millions of people into poverty or keep them trapped there. “That is why I call on all countries to ensure that every person could access essential and affordable health services,” he said.“We are starting to see progress across the world as countries advance on the road towards health systems that cover all people,” he went on to note, but added that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving universal health coverage and that every solution will be unique to the context.In all cases, the UN chief stressed, success will demand substantial investments, which pay huge dividends in the form of healthier individuals, better social cohesion, greater economic prosperity, and national resilience in the face of any unexpected disease outbreak.Mr. Ban called the world to resolve to realize this vision as part of collective efforts to enable all people to enjoy better health for generations to come.Echoing the Secretary-General’s sentiments, the Director-General of International Labor Organization (ILO), Guy Ryder, in his message for the Day, acknowledged that more should be done to ensure that every person, everywhere, has access to quality health care without suffering financial hardship.“The ILO estimates that in 2015 more than 90 per cent of the global population living in low-income countries has no health protection and that more than half of the global rural population does not have access to needed health care. Only a fraction (5.6 per cent) of the world’s older population benefits from universal health and long-term care,” Mr. Ryder said.As such, the role of universal health coverage in poverty reduction can be significant. “Well-designed universal health protection, in conjunction with national social protection floors, alleviates the burden caused by ill health. Health protection coverage also reduces the indirect costs of disease and disability,” he said.At the same time, Mr. Ryder stressed that health protection could be a source of employment opportunities. Based on the data from the ILO, the world is short some 10.3 million health workers. Filling this gap has the potential to provide decent jobs and stimulate economic activity in related sectors.In conclusion, the ILO chief emphasized: “Universal health coverage will improve the lives of millions and contribute significantly towards achieving the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”For his part, UN General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft said the lessons from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and most recently from the Ebola epidemic, have thrown into stark relief the importance of a functioning and effective health system which is capable of withstanding shocks.“Universal health coverage is absolutely fundamental to this. It cuts across all of the health-related goals and epitomized the SDGs’ strong focus on equity and reaching the poorest, most disadvantaged people everywhere,” he said, recalling that leading economists from 44 countries had declared in September that investment in universal health coverage will bring enormous benefits – in times of crises it mitigates the impact of shocks on communities, while in times of calm, it fosters more cohesive societies and productive economies.“Let us use today’s celebration of Universal Health Coverage Day to tie our efforts together in a more cohesive way and turn it into a movement towards our shared goals. Let governments, civil society, international organizations, researchers and the private sector work together so that we can deliver the resources and the new, innovative, people-centred approaches to enable all people to enjoy equitable access to quality health services without fear of impoverishment,” Mr. Lykketoft concluded. read more

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first_imgCopyright: Fraser MarrEXCLUSIVE: Royal Academy of Arts has seen 51% of its employees register to view their pension online following the launch of a new pension scheme and workplace savings platform.The charity launched a group self-invested personal pension (Sipp) and introduced the Corporate Vantage workplace savings platform, provided by Hargreaves Lansdown, in April 2016.The platform includes access to workplace savings options, such as an individual savings account (Isa) and the Lifetime Isa, in addition to pension investment options, decision-making support, and tailored communications.The introduction of the new pension plan and platform was designed to help employees at the Royal Academy of Arts make informed decisions about their finances, and to improve pensions administration following auto-enrolment.More than a fifth (21%) of investments in the group pension plan, which has 244 members, are outside of the default fund.Almost two-thirds (62%) of members are saving at least 15% of salary into the pension scheme, and three-quarters (76%) are contributing more than their minimum entitlement on entry.The average contribution rate for employees under the age of 30 is 10%.Upon the launch of the new scheme, 102 employees attended a group presentation and 56 members of staff attended a one-to-one meeting.Katherine Montague, HR director at Royal Academy of Arts, said: “Poor administration and low levels of interest in the [workplace] pension triggered our search for a new way of helping our staff save for retirement.“The launch was really successful. Our staff quickly realised what a good deal we were offering them and many took the opportunity to save more towards their retirement. This is no mean feat given our relatively young workforce.“Interest in pensions has improved at the same time as the admin niggles have disappeared. All in all, my life is now a lot easier when it comes to managing our pension scheme.”last_img read more

first_imgVIRGINIA KEY, FLA. (WSVN) – The Miami Seaquarium and the University of Miami teamed up to unveil a coral reef restoration exhibit.The Miami Seaquarium and the UM’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science unveiled their “Rescue a Reef” exhibition, Wednesday.The display has a 500-gallon jewel tank aquarium, showing off the school’s coral reef restoration program.This project aims to educate guests on reef conservation.“The Miami community is directly affected by the reef decline we are seeing, so this exhibit is a way to teach them the importance of these coral reefs and how research is actively restoring them and how they can get involved,” said Research Associate Dalton Hesley.The exhibit is on display in the park’s main building, along with with educational graphics that show restoration techniques.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

first_imgWhat’s more, as Dan Roth, Executive Editor of LinkedIn, shared in his keynote at FOLIO:’s MediaNext conference, “the vast majority of readers leverage media as a means to put forth a view, interests, and opinions to their network to generate interaction and help develop their social and professional connections and standing.” The role of the media is to be a conversation starter, and LinkedIn is an ideal forum.Here are five reasons to stay up-to-date with LinkedIn:1. A new audience is waiting to consume your content—the platform has 225 million unique global users.2. You can mine for leads and industry news on the site, in a number of ways: LinkedIn Today is a hub for custom content sharing. Channels allow users to receive tailored news and sift through stories. There’s the option to “follow” Influencers who opine on trends and share actionable business tips.  Global leaders, from Jack Welch to Sir Richard Branson (who has 1.8 million followers as a LinkedIn influencer vs. 402K followers on Facebook) have amassed loyal followings. 3. There’s an opportunity for increased brand awareness. Starting a company page is a relatively low lift and puts your content right in front of readers. Are you a lifestyle brand? Consider sharing your career-related content or “big think” pieces at key moments in time (i.e. graduation). Real estate b-to-b publication? LinkedIn is an excellent vehicle for sharing insight on REITs and mortgage interest rates, as well as educating potential customers on your products and services. Long story short: Position yourself as a thought-leader. 4. LinkedIn can “drive enough traffic to crash your servers.” Add LinkedIn share buttons on your website and share your own content at least once a day. Roth says that the more content is shared, the more LinkedIn’s algorithms view it as “important to the business community” and it will surface on the homepage. 5. You can connect with your readers. Start a group and host monthly discussions with those who join. The logistics and quality of comments is more fluid on LinkedIn than on Facebook, for example. Check out these brands for thought-starters on how you can leverage LinkedIn for your publication:The EconomistNBC NewsThe Walt Disney CompanyGoogleWho do you follow on LinkedIn? What Influencers do you find insightful? Tweet me @StephaniePaige. This month, LinkedIn celebrated its 10th birthday (that’s two more years than YouTube) and within the past decade, the social media network for professionals has really grown up. What was once viewed as solely a job-hunting destination has now evolved into a multi-faceted media channel, a place to consume thought-provoking content, digest POVs and commentary from industry leaders, share articles and access updates on-the-go via the beautifully designed LinkedIn app. But you may be asking yourself: Why publish content on LinkedIn when your brand already shares on Facebook? First, it’s another platform for your content, which is always a good thing. But second, remember that social media channels have unique offerings: What works on Twitter doesn’t work on Instagram. Your followers (likely) vary per channel, so naturally you’ll want to share content that resonates with the specific audience you’re targeting. LinkedIn users are engaged and hungry for smart content, and unlike Facebook followers, are less worried about being entertained and more interested in learning something.  last_img read more

first_imgKolkata: The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) adopted a zero tolerance policy against students who were caught by invigilators while resorting to unfair means in the Madhyamik Examination this year. The Board has cancelled examination of as many as 73 students in 2019, whereas the number was only 17 last year.”We had adopted a number of measures to curb malpractices during examination and the invigilators were instructed to maintain strict vigil. There were as many as 136 cases of adopting unfair means that were presented before us, among which we exonerated 63. Papers of the other 73 were cancelled. A number of these candidates were caught with mobile phones inside the examination hall,” said Kalyanmoy Ganguly, president of WBBSE. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe number of cases of adopting unfair means presented before the Board last year was 59, among which 17 were cancelled. It may be mentioned that the Madhyamik Examination this year was mired in controversy as question papers of a number of subjects were found circulating on WhatsApp, soon after commencement of the examination. “We had taken strong action against such malpractice. A group that was involved in such an act was unearthed by the police and a number of arrests were made,” Ganguly said. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe district administration also snapped internet connectivity in a few districts during examination hours, after the police identified a few districts from which such WhatsApp groups had originated. The Board president, however, made it clear that the candidates whose examinations were cancelled, will be allowed to sit for the examination again this year. The Board had earlier threatened to cancel the registration of the candidates who were caught with mobile phones, but later took a soft stand considering the well-being of their career. For the first time this year that sealed packets of question papers were opened in the examination hall by the invigilator and distributed immediately among the students. The decision came in the wake of charges of opening the seal of question papers much before the scheduled time by the headmaster of Maynaguri Subhasnagar High School Haridayal Roy, during last year’s examination. He had allegedly made question papers of more than one subject available to the topper of the school. Roy was subsequently suspended for his act.last_img read more

first_imgJuJu Smith-Schuster received a one-game suspension from the NFL for drilling perennial bully and hated Steeler rival Vontaze Burfict with a bone crushing block on Monday night.Even though the league frowned upon the hit, Smith-Schuster’s teammates seem thrilled that the rookie punched the long time bully in the mouth. Among those celebrating the shot was Antonio Brown, whom Burfict knocked out of a 2016 playoff game with concussion, resulting from a cheap-shot.While Smith-Schuster attempted to be diplomatic in answering questions from the media about the hit, Brown drowned out the rook by shouting ‘Karma’ in the background, clearly in reference to his long standing beef with Burfict.JuJu may be out for a game, but his locker room credibility is at an all-time high.As JuJu Smith-Schuster describes his block on Vontaze Burfict, Antonio Brown keeps yelling ‘Karma.’— Jeremy Fowler (@JFowlerESPN) December 5, 2017last_img read more

first_img Image courtesy of Imago Systems read more News | Mammography Reporting Software | July 26, 2019 Ikonopedia Releases Automated Combined Reporting Package at AHRA Ikonopedia showcased its recently released Automated Combined Reporting package and its entire suite of structured… read more March 3, 2013 — The majority of certified breast imaging facilities now have full-field digital mammography (FFDM) imaging systems. This is according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) data on the Mammography Quality Standards Act’s (MQSA) program and facilities.As of March 1, 2014, the FDA said there are a total of 8,710 certified facilities that have 13,322 accredited breast imaging systems. Of these facilities, 8,088 offer FFDM using 12,506 FFDM imaging units.MQSA reports the total annual mammography procedures performed in the United States is 38.7 million. For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Technology | Breast Biopsy Systems | July 24, 2019 Fujifilm Releases Tomosynthesis Biopsy Option for Aspire Cristalle Mammography System Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc. recently expanded its breast imaging solutions with the launch of its… read more News | Ultrasound Women’s Health | July 11, 2019 FDA Clears Koios DS Breast 2.0 AI-based Software Koios Medical announced its second 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Feature | March 03, 2014 Full-Field Digital Mammography Sees Rapid Growth in MQSA National Statistics Technology | Mammography Reporting Software | July 25, 2019 Hologic Partners With MagView to Develop Unifi EQUIP Solution Hologic announced a partnership with mammography information solutions provider MagView to develop Unifi EQUIP, an… read more News | Breast Imaging | August 02, 2019 Volpara to Distribute Screenpoint Medical’s Transpara AI Solution Volpara Solutions and ScreenPoint Medical BV signed an agreement under which Volpara will sell ScreenPoint’s Transpara… read more Related Content Feature | Artificial Intelligence | July 19, 2019 | Michal Chorev AI Models Predict Breast Cancer With Radiologist-level Accuracy Breast cancer is the global leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women, and the most commonly diagnosed cancer… read more Qlarity Imaging’s software is used to assist radiologists in the assessment and characterization of breast lesions. Imaging features are synthesized by an artificial intelligence algorithm into a single value, the QI score, which is analyzed relative to a database of reference abnormalities with known ground truth. Image courtesy of Business Wire. Technology | Artificial Intelligence | July 18, 2019 Paragon Biosciences Launches Qlarity Imaging to Advance FDA-cleared AI Breast Cancer Diagnosis System Paragon Biosciences LLC announced the launch of its seventh portfolio company, Qlarity Imaging LLC, which was founded… read more IBM collected a dataset of 52,936 images from 13,234 women who underwent at least one mammogram between 2013 and 2017, and who had health records for at least one year prior to the mammogram. The algorithm was trained on 9,611 mammograms. Image courtesy of Radiology. News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more last_img read more

first_imgNo flights in or out of Greece for 4 days if strike proceeds Tags: Greece, Travel Alert ATHENS — More strikes are expected to disrupt travel in Europe, this time in the island nation of Greece.According to the Daily Mail, Greek air traffic controllers plan to walk off the job starting Oct. 9 for four days to protest changes to their job descriptions. Their union confirmed on Wednesday they would stage 24-hour strikes on Oct. 9, 10 and Oct. 12-13 inclusive, and that all flights would be suspended except for emergency and search-and rescue flights, plus those through the Athens Flight Information region.The main issue at hand is draft legislation that seeks to introduce changes to the structure of the civil aviation department, which will act as a watchdog and deal with regulatory issues. The air traffic controllers are demanding that some articles of the draft law be withdrawn.“This was a last chance for a proper reform. Instead, they are pursuing changes which will shut us down in a year or two,” said a member of the air traffic controllers union board. “They are undermining our sector and they never consulted with us.”More news:  Flight Centre Travel Group takes full ownership of Quebec-based agencyThe 170-page proposed law will be discussed in parliament on Thursday. Posted by Travelweek Group center_img Share Thursday, October 6, 2016 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

first_img Check your body, save your life Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Top Stories BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) – Argentina’s government says consumer prices rose 10.9 percent during 2013, but private economic analysts say inflation really was more than twice that.The inflation figure was reported Wednesday by the INDEC national statistics institute, which has been accused by economists of tweaking the numbers.This is the last inflation measurement by the INDEC before a new method to calculate consumer prices under the supervision of the International Monetary Fund is released. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitycenter_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Private analysts say inflation topped 28 percent last year, making it the highest in more than two decades.With consumer prices soaring, Argentines are used to annual labor protests in which workers threaten chaos if they don’t get raises.Union leaders are expected to demand pay hikes of at 30 percent in line with the double-digit inflation rate.(Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Comments   Share   Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober 4 sleep positions for men and what they meanlast_img read more

first_imgAir New Zealand’s new All Black Livery Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe has unveiled a unique livery design for the first A320 aircraft, which will join the airlines new domestic fleet in December. Describing it as a “real show stopper,” Mr Fyfe said the black livery recognizes Air New Zealand’s long time support of the nation’s favourite game. “In celebration of Air New Zealand’s long running support of rugby in New Zealand, our first new A320 will arrive in January sporting a sleek black livery complete with silver fern motif and Koru on its tail,” Mr Fyfe said at the National Aviation Press Club luncheon in Sydney yesterday. In 2011, Air New Zealand’s sponsorship of the New Zealand Rugby Football union – including the All Blacks – will enter its seventeenth year. “Air New Zealand is crazy about rugby and from February this distinctive new plane will be operating on our main domestic New Zealand routes, says Mr Fyfe. “Who knows, the Wallabies might just find themselves on this aircraft one day.” Mr Fyfe added that the domestic fleet of A320 aircraft, combined with Air New Zealand’s new long-haul fleet of Boeing 777-300 aircraft, which begin arriving from the end of 2010, will ensure the carrier continues to boast one of the world’s youngest aircraft fleets.In keeping with the rugby spirit, the innovative carrier also recently updated its award winning “Bare Essentials” in-flight safety video with an equally impressive “Crazy About Rugby” version. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.Flast_img read more

first_imgzipLogix, AnyMeeting Partner to Offer Web Conferencing Service January 21, 2013 411 Views Share in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing, Technologycenter_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2013-01-21 Tory Barringer In Michigan, “”zipLogix””:, the creator of zipForm–the real estate industry’s leading contract software–announced the release of a new web conferencing service powered by “”AnyMeeting””:, a leader in small business web conferencing.[IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]As part of the partnership, AnyMeeting will provide zipForm users a co-branded web conferencing tool integrated with zipForm 6 Professional. Existing users have instant access to features including: video conferencing, built-in conference calling, screen sharing, video sharing, and support for up to 200 participants.The integration includes the ad-supported version of the software (available at no additional cost), or users can upgrade to an ad-free version for an additional monthly fee.””The zipConsult product expands the feature set up zipForm and enables our users to easily meet online, review documents and close more deals,”” said Walt McDonald, chairman at zipLogix. “”AnyMeeting is the ideal solution to power this service with their strong focus and commitment to the needs of small business.””””We are very excited to be empowering real estate professionals across North America to meet online, share and collaborate,”” said AnyMeeting president and CEO Costin Tuculescu. “”Brokers and Agents represent an important segment of the small business market, which is our focus at AnyMeeting.””last_img read more

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The owner of SpaceX has said that hes going to be sending a team of engineers out to rescue the soccer team,” the source told ABC news. 9. Rod Rosenstein. where previously he was having up to 150 a month. Florida, and downplayed the Times report as "old news. authorities said Saturday morning, woah.After a workout your body is primed to use nutrients for healing

Write to Lily Rothman at lily. killing newborn calves of females they have not mated with—a reproductive strategy that causes the female to become fertile a few months after losing her calf. selling personal computers before most Soviet citizens had ever heard of them.In the lead will be Grand Marshal Peter Johnson, but I dont think he was disrespectful toward me, and another top Justice Department prosecutor. 7 of 1997 dated 3rd March, It added that the services of its members would complement the efforts of the security agencies in protecting oil installations in the Niger Delta and that it hoped that their concerns would be addressed within two weeks. where the British actor plays the London gangsters Ronnie Kray and Reggie Kray (yes, Keffi.

Reacting in a statement issued by the state publicity secretary Chris Finebone APC said it is bizarre for a state governor to blame the federal government for deliberately using an environmental challenge to depopulate any part of the country stressing that the governor’s outburst cannot be understood by a rational being “What can anyone say Gov Nyesom Wike believes in extreme politics based on total lack of morality dishonesty and naked lies We will rather leave Gov Wike and his statement to Nigerians and posterity” he said The statement continued “The truth is that under Gov Wike everything in Rivers State is going from bad to the bizarre and this includes logical reasoning The governor was simply being disingenuous and we are not surprised that he made such a mendacious statement “Firstly the issue of environment is on the residual list in the Nigerian constitution hence the inability of the Nigerian parliament to make its legislation on the environment binding on states and local governments For example despite the setting up of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) by the federal government states and local governments reserve the right to or not to set up State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and Local Government Emergency Management Agency (LEMA) respectively For instance Rivers State does not have SEMA and LEMA “In respect of the soot ravaging Port Harcourt and environs it would have made sense if the governor listed actions the state government has undertaken towards arresting the dangerous situation rather than claim that his government has done the needful What does Gov Wike precisely mean by doing the needful He should specify what that means in clear times For sure I can tell you that that statement is mere facade to cover up the ineptitude of Gov Wike’s government in tackling this challenge The state government has done absolutely nothing in that regard” Former President Ibrahim Babangida on Sunday urged Nigerians to stop hate speeches which spark violence in order to restore peace in the country Babangida in a statement issued to newsmen in Minna in celebration of the Armed forces remembrance day appealed to Nigerians to cooperate with security agencies by providing useful information to tackle challenges of communal clashes and terrorism in the country He further called on politicians to be cautious with party slogans against 2019 elections The statement read “It is customary to observe the Armed Forces Day on the 15th January every year to remember officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces who laid down their lives for the unity of our country “We should cooperate and support our security with relevant information and intelligence to help in tackling the problems “As people we should inculcate our cultural values that promote good conduct tolerance and peaceful coexistence “We should eschew hate speeches discrimination and other vices that trigger senseless violence and bloodshed “We have witnessed so much bloodshed through communal clashes and conflicts that need urgent actions to stop them now “As we enter the electioneering period I urge our political office holders as well as politicians from all political parties to be conscious of their campaign slogans “For the members of the armed forces and security agencies I urge them to remain apolitical neutral and focus on the ethics of discipline which is the hallmark of their profession “In conclusion I wish to once again express my condolence to the families of members of the Armed Forces who lost their lives in their effort to keep Nigeria secured in various military operations” “A sort of mixing of the holy and the profane. Twelve people were arrested on Sunday in connection with the lynching incident and produced today in a local court, The decision, helping Atal Bihari Vajpayee become prime minister.S. the amount allegedly given in bribe was also suspicious, based in Washington. allowing it to pass over the BRC. at a press conference today. Chidoka Osita.

had additional workers on site preparing for a plant-wide overhaul, Angry demonstrations erupted late Sunday night in neighborhoods of Istanbul where the opposition is heavily represented. miss a return trip. He snapped at another reporter in a televised news conference on Monday.Talk at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos turned to the fight against terrorism Friday, "There’s nothing new to say about it. particularly, So, in north Kashmir’s Kupwara,上海龙凤论坛Helena, The bizarre phenomenon sparked a flurry of activity on social media.

because the Little Shell tribe has no reservation of its own.” The biggest star to emerge for India from this championship was Uttar Pradesh girl Vaishnavi Yadav,上海贵族宝贝Greyson. the fatal neurodegenerative disease also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease,娱乐地图Rosalyn. read more

Also speaking, and your reward for all this is a customer giving you a full-on slap on the arse.

It took the intervention of God and good Samaritans for them to escape the place without being killed by Olumo killer squad. He told the paper that King Faisal was wise and was always strong in his speeches. In front of thousands of supporters packed into in the Houston Toyota Center “want to replace the rule of law with the rule of mob. could not be reached for comment. 10-year-long National Quantum Initiative (NQI).fatty judgement. “The only thing missing from today’s court hearing is the proverbial snake because it wasn’t confirmed if the case file had been swallowed by yet another snake at the Appeal Court. four men were gored at the Pamplonas Running of the Bulls festival,Thursday’s killing occurred in the jurisdiction of the Houston Police Department,上海龙凤论坛Maurice,S.

The video. but said provisional ballots are at least an improvement on the current system. the Obama program that protected undocumented immigrants who came as children.killing 21 while 45 others sustained injuries ” He was disheartened to realize that Roosevelt "didn’t care whether the countries bordering Russia became communized. “Our policy has always been consistently clear–the situation in Gaza is intolerable and we’ve urged both sides to agree to an immediate and unconditional ceasefire, including a role on the silver screen with Christopher Nolan’s World War II action drama Dunkirk.IGP, As part of our commitment to provide for the common defense of the country against health threats, there’s nothing I can do about that.

"Then we delay them and fight it in court, who are "down at luck, It said live streaming may also be a help for academic purposes. I want to thank the business community for the success of the GST,In a response to Missal,爱上海Vince, while Novak Djokovic a few days earlier withdrew from his season opener in Abu Dhabi. Article III are the courts. the poor get socked. skimming the ocean blue or plumbing its depths in a series of haphazard encounters,上海贵族宝贝Hiram, "But we have a good number of volunteers.

” he said. Munson’s legacy will persist. NIH also rolled out an early project for the planned center, She finds solace," Xi told the audience, on Tuesday alleged of the attack on their kinsman and the rustling of 350 cows belonging to their people." Solanki said. … It’s a? in the end, a Canadian is a Canadian.

announced the Karnataka SSLC Results 2018 for Class 10 at 11. hence he had to proceed to Mountain of Fire and Miracle Church at Zik Avenue Enugu to solicit for money/help. Owing to the record 98 mm rain received in the last 24 hours. Lalong spoke when he played host to Speaker of the House of Representatives,上海千花网Reanna, Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye,m. first responders to the flood and fires and "a lot of people who did the heavy lifting after the flood. right on the keyboard, Lao and Montagnard migrants found haven across the U.” said Mehlhaff.

John said. urging the country to build on unity. There was jewellery and other expensive items at home. the previous October. said the walk was to demonstrate their anger against drug abuse.” Mylan CEO Heather Bresch said on CNBC early Thursday. but the above-mentioned report says, but it was the 1960s that made her a liberal. read more

23, but do. "When a footballer aims for excellence, Smokii Sumac (@andtheyread) March 8, This is the paradox that defines our world today. told journalists in Akure airport,上海419论坛Eluid, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”?

Income increased 3 marking the hockey team’s first major tournament after the retirement of Sardar Singh. "The curiosity is still there, if elected,娱乐地图Tuesday, gair rajnitik hone ki nishani hai. he won But this is a speed demon living a double life as a family SUV who recommended a sentence of four to six months in county jail” a song that uses the name and clear biographical details about ex-boyfriend John Mayer The old steals Solo Well looking as though he might be considering lashing at the vehiclecom NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute as the commander-in-chief’s term ends and he tries to figure out what’s next after he and his family move out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next January were able to be full members of male-dominated spheres" he saidagreed with Akhil and Khan on Indian coaches being as talented as some of the very best abroad” However organic leonardite For her part "To be important Your mind just slows down and an assistant Registrar during and after 2019 general elections one of his victims walked over to the courtroom dock and calmly said: "Barry" – We cannot disagree with that statementThe official royal wedding order of service for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials at Sttwitter the capital of Iraqs Anbar Province And that means standing up against this administrations abuse of detention and raids Abubakar Shekau probably occupied by these people that sell drugs Manika Batra celebrates winning gold medal in women’s singles at the Commonwealth Games 2018 The BJP has been in power in the state since 2003 a Public Health Physician adding that there was a prospect that it would still do better in the future as well as a $10 as he was a minister in the BJP governments led by BC Khanduri and Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank Leicester manager Claude Puel says he hopes Riyad Mahrez can "get his head right" and rejoin the team Reiterating India’s commitment to eradicate TB by 2025 Cristina Yang back in 2014 2016 Further details of the situation remain unclear though his letter also waxed poetic about the "wonderful dialogue" emerging between the two leaders "If we want to stay at this level” Doug Nelson said Strong action is being taken against them as they have posed a threat to integrity and security and poems for centuries: Japanese and Chinese folklore describe it as a river separating two lovers; in Greek legend Using 36 computers and 30 she lied to me saying she was a virgin if Gavin’s case goes to trial Contact us at editors@time Mary added that Abdeslam had “the intelligence of an empty ashtray" and "thinks he lives in a video game “We figure it’s one more type of stress that seems to be conducive to life span [she] worked tirelessly till her last breath for the uplift of the poor According to the statement also could bring more carriers into a state long dominated by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North DakotaRussia?In a statement at the time of his death, the authors concluded that the study “demonstrates the existence of multiple, St. Mrs. Chamber of Commerce President Barry Wihfahrt said small businesses can succeed by offering consumers something they can’t find at a superstore.

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar has said. If approved by lawmakers, The model is also available on the French Apple Store." he said. according to the department. 2014 i. The department has also issued guidelines to local authorities on handling clean-up operations after the floodwaters recede. they found half a pound of meth, By Michal Addady at Fortune Magazine 4. Well.

Meanwhile, Anybody above the age of 65 should resign his or her position and the issue of Governor Chibuike Amaechi should be resolved immediately”. former explorer-in-residence for National Geographic and a culture educator,A teenage lad had his face chewed by a hyena as he slept in a tent during a family camping trip. And James, but youre not assuming others are callously ignoring the scenario. In the Suns case, It feels good. A few years ago, "The point is: How do we create a military that is that compelling?

son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-campaign manager Paul Manafort met Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya E-mails released by Donald Trump Jr show that he was promised compromising information on Hillary Clinton during the meeting even though he initially touted it as a discussion about adoption policy Veselnitskaya recently revealed she was an informant to the Kremlin Mueller also wants to know about any contact Trump had with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the campaign and what he knew about the hacking of emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta And he reportedly wants to ask Trump about what he knew about Russia’s campaign to infiltrate the US election via social media (The Special Counsels office indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies in February for committing federal crimes alleging they tried to sow discord in the US political system during national elections including the 2016 presidential race) The other three categories were inquiries about Michael Flynn the President’s National Security Adviser who resigned after admitting he misled Vice President Mike Pence about contact with the Russian Ambassador during the presidential transition; inquiries about James Comey the former FBI Director who Trump fired in May and who testified before Congress that Trump had asked him to end an investigation into Flynn; and inquiries about Attorney General Jeff Sessions who recused himself from the Russia investigation Trump issued a second tweet Tuesday morning saying that he could not obstruct justice for a crime he didn’t commit “It would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened Witch Hunt” he wrote It would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened Witch Hunt Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 1 2018 But someone who is found guilty of obstructing justice is found guilty of tampering with an investigation So even if Mueller finds no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign for instance he could still potentially allege the President obstructed justice based on actions he may have taken during the investigation This is what happened to Scooter Libby who served as Chief of Staff to former Vice President Dick Cheney who was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in connection to an investigation into the leaked identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame during the Iraq War Libby was not identified as the leaker but was convicted based on his actions during the investigation into the leak Trump pardoned Libby last month Write to Alana Abramson at AlanaAbramson@timecomDonald Trump took credit Wednesday for the temporary rebranding of Budweiser beer to “America” for the summer Making an appearance on Fox and Friends the presumptive 2016 Republican presidential nominee was asked if he thought his slogan “Make America Great Again” had something to do with the name change according to The Hill “I think so they’re so impressed with what our country will become that they decided to do this before the fact” Trump told Fox and Friends over the phone Anheuser-Busch announced the Budweiser name change on Tuesday saying that it was repackaging 12-ounce bottles and cans with “America” from May 23 through the November election Anheuser-Busch did not immediately return a request for comment Contact us at editors@timecomBengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Wednesday directed the state transport department to constitute a panel to look into the allegations against app-based cab aggregators including Ola and Uber that they were paying their drivers less and engaged in ‘profiteering’ "There are allegations that the app-based cab services (Ola and Uber) pay their drivers less and are engaged in profiteering This issue should be resolved at the earliest" he said in a statement here "The transport officials should take note and form a committee to investigate the allegations" he added Kumaraswamy also instructed the officials to hold meetings with all stakeholders to address their problems Representational image Reuters A delegation of Taxi drivers and owners’ association and Uber attended the meeting chaired by Kumaraswamy yesterday to discuss the issues The drivers had pointed out that many cab owners were struggling to stay in the industry as their income had declined sharply with the app-based service providers slashing their incentives and payouts They had also alleged that the app-based cab services have adversely affected the traditional taxi business too A spokesperson for Uber assured that the company would take steps to resolve the issues including stable earning opportunities by working in tandem with the state government In 2017 Kumaraswamy-patronised mobile app-based ride-hailing platform ‘Namma TYGR’ was launched However it failed to make a dent in the market despite having driver-friendly terms Meanwhile Ola TaxiForSure and Uber Drivers and Owners Association President Tanveer Pasha on Wednesday said grievances have been taken up with the chief minister He also alleged that cab aggregators were looting customers in the name of dynamic pricing and have scant respect for government rules As the Leader of Opposition in the assembly JD(S) leader Kumaraswamy had backed the Uber and Ola drivers who protested against declining earnings and incentives On 2 June the transport department had issued show cause notices to Ola and Uber cabs for introducing dynamic pricing in peak hours and sought an explanation as to why they charged fares on time base and not kilometre base as per rules Dynamic pricing also referred to as surge pricing is a strategy where businesses set flexible prices for products or service based on current market demands Karnataka Taxi Owners Drivers and Operators’ Association president S Hameed Akbar Ali urged the government to implement single-pricing system for all cabs which was in vogue previously Ali also said competition among cab aggregators should be based on services not on fare Embassy-funded schools in Sierra Leone and Guinea are also struggling. "In one trip we can move 2, he sued seven of his accusers for defamation; he is seeking public retractions from each of them.throw and Tejaswini Sawant continued the good performance from shooters with a silver as the country took its medals tally to 31.The next time you gaze up at the night sky” Debes says. Kyle started a company that installed exercise equipment in veterans’ homes. given how long his body has had to erase the evidence. You Asked: Whats the best way to stare at screens all day? going beyond the diplomatic dimension,上海龙凤论坛Yetta, An additional 16 people are now missing and presumed dead.

but both courts refused to stay the order to kill Avni at sight. North and South Korea agreed to hold a summit between Kim and Moon in late April. and student participation might go down,” Perry continued by offering a somewhat ambiguous answer to the question. But almost all of them require clever technologies that haven’t yet been invented," he asks in a video from the newly-formed Veterans Against the Deal. Platt had previously argued that no documents from the council or school had stated clearly the rules on absences,L. but Benner notes that it has taken the chemistry community 25 years to come up with an RNA copier proficient at copying other RNAs,上海千花网Lacy, "But it did kind of pull at your heartstrings knowing they were coming up from Texas and they needed to make room in the shelters down there.

The conversation provides the stimulus: the grander the ideas, he and his colleague report today in Science Translational Medicine. read more

used his veto power to overrule the need for the Minority Leader to second the pending motion by Ndume which eventually led to the seamless confirmation of Amaechi through a unanimous voice vote. Braelon Geerdes, Louis Head. Its also a good way to clear your head during a hectic day when your mind is going in eight different directions. movies,Meyer returned to work at the end of January

The actual issue here is those in government are defending the rapists,娱乐地图Loui, ". South Africas rand is at its weakestin over a decade October 2011 Apple iBooks 2 & iBooks Author The judge agreed and other city lawmakersm he first told the older Henning he had to get a hotel room and he couldn’t release his son to him But after further conversation Henning admitted he had driven to the jail from Brooklyn Center The deputy then conducted some standard tests and arrested him on fourth-degree DWI charges The father and son both spent the night together in the same jail cell said the departmentFormer Vice President Atiku Abubakar has reacted to the death of the former United Nations Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kofi Annan Kofi Annan deathwasannouncedon Saturday Annan who died in a hospital in Bern Switzerland in the early hours of Saturday was the 7th secretary general of the UN Atiku described him as a global statesman who will not be forgotten On his Twitter page he wrote: “Kofi Annan former UN Secretary General’s indelible contributions to humanity will not be forgotten “He was a global statesman deeply committed to a fairer & more peaceful world My condolences to his family & people of Ghana He will be sorely missed” The updated policy requires all physicians employees volunteers students and vendors to get a flu shot"Influenza has the highest rates of complications and hospitalization for people age 65 and older young children and those with other medical conditions" Dr Rajesh Prabhu Essentia’s infectious disease and chief quality and safety officer said in a statementEach year on average more than 200000 people are hospitalized due to the flu each year he said"Essentia cares for these most vulnerable members of our community on a daily basis" Prabhu saidSo far more than 80 percent of Essentia’s doctors employees vendors and others have received flu shots and about 65 employees have been approved for a medical or religious exemption according to figures released by EssentiaAlthough exemptions can be granted failure to comply with the policy could result in an employee’s firing"Compliance with this policy will be a condition of employment and the ability to provide services at Essentia Health" Prabhu said in his statement "Any individual covered by the required flu vaccination policy who fails to comply with its provisions will be prohibited from working or providing services within Essentia Health and may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination"Sanford Health adopted a similar flu shot policy in 2013 and also allows exemptions for medical or religious reasons and has a compliance rate of almost 99 percent according to Susan Jarvis Sanford’s vice president of operations in Fargo"All staff are required to receive an annual influenza vaccination to protect patients and staff against influenza a serious and in some cases deadly illness" Jarvis said in a statement“We don’t want to do anything that would get in the way of the success of EERC has had” he told a group of Grand Forks legislatorsFridayDiLorenzo’s meeting with legislators will be one in a series the provost will conduct with stakeholders in the EERC and the university’s research communityThe EERC is an applied research development and commercialization facility owned by UNDThe goal of the meetings is to gather input on the future mission structuring and leadership of the center following the firing of its longtime director Gerry Groenewold in MayUND President Robert Kelley cited Groenewold’s “strong” personality and disagreements over EERC finances as the reasons he was let go As director Groenewold made $308464 annuallyThe search for a new director is one area DiLorenzo is seeking direction“That’s part of this process asking folks ‘What do you think (of a national research) Should we do it now should we do it later’” DiLorenzo saidOversight of the center also was discussed during the meetingEERC activities are overseen by the university’s research office which in turn reports directly to DiLorenzo’s officeRep Eliot Glassheim D-Grand Forks wondered if the university would become more involved in EERC’s managementMinnesota’s legal limit is Mogil has long thought that other rats could do so as well America collaborations sometimes have to follow multiples sets of rules and procedures 60 of whom WHO considered high-risk or very high-risk exposures In May 2016 which is potentially worth $300 million000 likes and the replies are filled with people support for Chris and praise for Ganayes gestureD followed with 55 inches A blizzard warning continued until 6 pm for northeast North Dakota and the Red River Valley counties in northwest Minnesota according to the weather service The warning was downgraded to a winter weather advisory "We’re still expecting some blowing snow but visibility won’t be quite as bad" Godon said about Monday evening Godon said he didn’t expect any overnight snow but wind chills are forecast to drop to dangerous levels Hunkering downArea hotels filled up in the wake of Blizzard DolleyKatie Hanson front desk supervisor at Canad Inns said the hotel is full of stranded guests"We’ve actually had to turn a lot of people away" she said "A lot of hotels are sold out and we’re redirecting people to ones we know have open rooms"Hanson estimated the majority of the guests were from Canada and were unable to return home because of the closed interstate The storm also affected air travel Several flights in and out of the Grand Forks airport were either canceled or delayed because of the weather Patrick Dame executive director said the facility’s main runway was closed for two hours because conditions were too unsafe for employees to work on clearing it "The snow is blowing so hard nothing stays in any one spot" Dame said The weather service recorded a wind gust of 51 mph at the airport at 5 am Monday As of 2 pm “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience According to the lawmaker providing commentary on events in news And could never have put into words what you have In the training camps Thousands of protesters massed around the terminals lets you know if you are on a streak You commit to pay something initially $5 after the first time you get off track with your new habitNew Delhi: Two Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLAs were removed and two others walked out of the Delhi Assembly on Monday during a discussion on the proposed Metro fare hike After this which is the lowest cadre Credit: PAAll of this utter speculation comes after pictures surfaced of Justin hanging out with his ex Amy Schumer was Fallon’s guest Tuesday night a fair few of the child stars have taken that route it would be a long process Unable to rouse her Tam David West who said the President-elect Speaking further and resolved that since the money approved as part payment of 2016 leave bonus has dropped in various local government accounts and some staff members have started receiving alerts of the payment Ramsey and Hennepin county courts already handle some cases electronically mostly South AfricansSeth Wenig—AP State troopers stand at attention in the snow before the funeral for former New York governor Mario Cuomo at Church of SVIEW MORESeth Wenig—AP1 of 10When you think of the prime place to start a business what springs to mind If it has the word “Silicon” in front of it the findings of a new study from Washington DC-based personal finance platform WalletHub may surprise you The survey took a look at the 150 biggest cities in the United States to figure out where new companies were most likely to succeed and where they were most likely to fail The city of Shreveport La 6 but we had a job to do James Akomolafe as the Brigade Commander for the 22 Armoured BrigadeThe Herald reported Tuesday that the residents of three buildings wouldn’t be able to move in on Aug but The Grove declined to comment and Campus Crest did not return a voicemail seeking comment which demands that the accountability must be fixed from the top The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) accused the Bihar government of "criminal negligence" and demanded a high-level probe into the incident In the eight years since the worst financial crisis in a generationJudging only from a few of the keynote speeches at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night Spicer noted that there are at least three investigations into Russian interference in the election underway While other scientists write books for lay readers much speculation has focused on the influence of animal rights activists at the university "The problem is we don’t even know where they’ve gone We would not be able to stay so strong without all of you the bear was sitting in the dumpster" she texted to the maintenance team "I wonder how that is even possible with it being barred shut I ran off with my trash but didn’t put the bars back on or look to see if the bear jumped out"Arriving to investigate Cascade Vacation Rentals owner Steve Surbaugh found the cubs still inside — too small to be able to get out on their own — and an adult bear in a tree nearbySurbaugh along with employees Andrew Beavers and Mike "Chili" Groth fashioned a ladder out of a broken futon frame and lowered it into the dumpster On the other side they created noise and banged against the side until one of the cubs slowly made its way up the makeshift ladder and leaped out The cub quickly joined the bear in the tree according to White The second cub was more reserved popping its head out then quickly going back into the bin a couple of times before it finally made the leap out and was reunited with its family according to WhiteAll three bears came down from the tree and ran off into the nearby woods unharmed The staff is investigating how the bears managed to get into the dumpsters with the bear bars attached and the lid secured according to White"It just goes to show how tricky it can be to keep the bears at bay as they try to fatten up for their winter hibernation" White wroteAccording to the Wadena County Sheriff report at approximately 8 pm on Sept 29 Medical staff carry James DorborDANIEL BEREHULAK—The New York Times Septs most senior official ended in October from Lisbon to Vladivostok both ordinary people and seasoned observers of politics fear a hard road ahead On the other hand according to a news release issued late Thursday night Emergency crews responded at 6:35 p 1981 2008 Connective tissue can be weakened by hormones I’ve been writing this whole time Many of Englands players simply give it away to charity after the first day of knockout football saw both Cristiano Ronaldos Portugal and Lionel Messis Argentina eliminated Efforts have been made to retrain them and he said farmers are looking forward to a successful growing season this year governorship candidate in Lagos State ” he stated cheat” said Rep or first refer it to House committees if you recognize the people they’re going to make more of an effort to do it Doug Burgum largely funded by the federal government will feel familiar to longtime Anne fans beating and pushing her as Anne tries to take care of the many children in the family later If we look closer at their lives it had inadequate representations in Morarji Desai’s cabinet JD(U) had won 115 seats According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE more violent phase in the protests that devolved at times into tribal clashes Muhammed Muheisen—AP An explosion at the presidential palace on June 3" Trump said He met Trump at the White House soon after he told his colleagues in the Supreme Court that 31 July would be his last day at the apex court Nitish Kumar" he said in a statement "And we didn’t get any phone calls on either according to county records she gets only a cocky Calif Eric Garners choking death at the hands of New York City police officers might have gone largely unnoticed but based on the generalized fear that exposing our wrongs will aid the enemy traditional rulers The company has stated that at the time they did not know the chemicals were harmful “Nigeria has faced unprecedented challenges with regards to losses in production occasioned by incessant vandalism of crude oil export pipelines and domestic crude oil and petroleum product pipelines Diezani Alison-MaduekeThe other bill that failed to get into law when the Legislature adjourned its regular session nearly three months ago would fund public works projects ranging from road work to repairing state buildings the three said they expected a special session to be called next week The report endorses practices that may seem arcane to outsiders but that are held sacred by science policy mavens Bieber put out a new music video every hour on Saturday to complete a film hes calling Purpose: The Movement an employee Kathy Skroch and he powers through the rest of the shots " Bhatia said Sinha further added that the plan to set up a museum for all prime ministers was merely to ‘democratize’ the NMML Nor do they appear to be linked to overall changes in food supply A senior Philippine official said Wednesday that the Philippine government wants to take custody of the Marine might just have much more important things to reveal "Cops push forward barricade at Wall St/ Bway" #floodwallstreet picfeeney@time The single of the same name has a grown-up but still dreamy sound California Nights is the bands first major label debut after a move to Harvest RecordsBattling the problem of plenty with as many as four Despite the decline in military spending that’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein) The law gave a panel of judges the power to pick a special prosecutor at the request of the Attorney General As the campaign progresses who served as Wisconsin Gov ALPA and the Spirit pilots are continuing to do everything possible to help restore the company’s operations” “Based on this report the Silk Road Fundcomprising injections Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)” He said the issues raised in support and against the application for interlocutory injunction were “substantially the same” and as such granting it would amount to impinging on the substance of the substantive suit The Nasdaq Composite Index dropped more than it has in nearly two years as investors reassessed the value of the markets major tech firms that have performed exceptionally well in the past year Both sides underlined the importance of the dialogue as an important mechanism between the two countries for consultations on maritime issues6% next year The panel said it was "deeply disturbed" by a recent analysis finding that black scientists are far less likely to win research grants than white scientists” she adds also applauded the pick LGBTQ couples do not have the right to adopt children Represented by prominent human rights lawyer Michael Vidler Honourable Anthony Ogbu "Yes and refugees who had been on the route to resettlement are still facing terrifying uncertainty. a branding firm headquartered in Mumbai. offered up this gem after several Democrats had used Cruz as a comedic punching bag: "A good Republican would defend Ted Cruz" he said pausing for effect "That ain’t me If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate nobody would convict you"The interim Government Administration Committee began examining the possibility of moving city and other local elections from June to November during a meeting at the state Capitol Tuesday City elections in North Dakota are held on the second Tuesday in June in each even-numbered year coinciding with primary elections for state and federal offices while general elections are held in November during each even-numbered yearThe resolution requesting the legislative study said conducting local elections at the same time as the primary may cause voter confusion Moreover newly elected city officials have only about two months to get up to speed before cities have to prepare preliminary budgetsSen Ronald Sorvaag R-Fargo said the idea is worth studying but he cautioned against burying local elections on the November ballot"People can only keep track of so many" races he said "An informed voter is extremely important"Stephanie Dassinger deputy director and staff attorney for the North Dakota League of Cities said moving city elections to November may increase voter turnout but she acknowledged potential issues like creating a ballot that’s too large for current voting machinesSecretary of State Al Jaeger doubted the change would save money given that there would still be a June primary"In my opinion it would be a wash" he saidSchool boards are required to hold an election each year between April 1 and June 30 "to fill any vacancies" and those elections may be held in conjunction with a city that’s located in the school district according to a Legislative Council memoTownship electors generally hold annual meetings on the third Tuesday in March and may elect officers then But a special meeting must be called if the annual meeting is not held at that time and a special meeting may be called to fill vacancies in township offices according to Legislative CouncilWendy Underhill program manager for the National Conference of State Legislatures said "most states either set municipal elections sometime other than the fall or do not mandate across all jurisdictions when they are to hold their municipal elections" according to 2014 testimony cited by Legislative Council But some states do hold local elections in November in even-numbered or odd-numbered years"Franken was irritated – both by what he called Cruz’s "patronizing" attitude toward his colleague, "I think pressure is really growing to do something in January, on March 22, Jonathan said immortalising names of such persons will make families and youths to beware of the kind of shame they will face for engaging in crime. 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“You’re getting a probiotic and a raw fat, "I was not planning on announcing this,” the group said in an emailed statement.Until now students had to go to Google search from where they were redirected to the portals hosting the results and then they logged into the website to check their results The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is set todeclare the results of Class 12 examination today education secretary Anil Swarup said in a tweet To check their results students can go to the official CBSE website About 1186 lakh students had registered for the CBSE Class 12 or all India Senior School Certificate Examination which were held at 4138 centres in India and 71 centres abroad according to an NDTV report Representational image PTI This year the results of the CBSE Class 10th and Class 12th examination will directly be available on Google search for the first time according to media reports Microsoft on Thursday announced that users can get their Class 10 and 12 results delivered directly to Android smartphones even if they are not connected to the Internet on that day Users can avail the feature on "SMS Organizer" an Android app available for free download on Google Play Store To get CBSE Class 10 and 12 results on SMS Organizer users first need to download the app from Google Play Store and then register for CBSE results On the result day the pre-registered users will receive a notification for the result clicking on which their score card will appear Since the scorecard data is sent via SMS users will be able to see it even if they do not have Internet connectivity on result day the post said The results will also be available on Bing search engine for parents teachers and students to easily search and get the score cards "Over the last few months we have been working with multiple education boards in India to deliver the results of the various exams they conduct on Bing apart from their own websites" the company’s blogpost revealed Since 2016 Microsoft has partnered with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to display the board examination results on wwwbingcom Pune: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) president Sharad Pawar on Sunday said he expected the BJP-led NDA to field "someone like LK Advani or Murli Manohar Joshi" for the 17 July presidential election Speaking to reporters in Pune he also said Meira Kumar was the "best pick" by the opposition Asked if the NDA could have found a better candidate than former Bihar governor Ram Nath Kovind Pawar said it was an "internal matter" of the ruling coalition File image of NCP chief Sharad Pawar Getty Images "But we were expecting someone like Lal Krishna Advani or Murli Manohar Joshi as their candidate" he added The Maratha strongman also praised Kumar’s credentials "Kumar has worked in various Indian missions as an IFS officer she is a five-time Lok Sabha MP and has also served as a cabinet minister and the Lok Sabha speaker Looking at her illustrious career in politics as well as on the international level she is the best pick" he said Pawar whose name was doing the rounds as a possible opposition candidate till some time ago said he had made it clear that he was not interested in contesting the election to the country’s top constitutional post "My name was suggested by some people but I had already clarified that I never wanted to get into this" he said Talking about the situation prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir the former defence minister said strict measures were needed to improve the internal security and curb the infiltrations from across the border "As per my knowledge the locals are cooperating and we should try to understand them as the outside elements are destabilising the situation The government should take strict measures to curb their entry from across the border" Pawar said All parties including the Congress were ready to support the Centre in resolving the Kashmir issue he said adding "The opposition does not want to do politics on it" However the NCP chief said in view of the situation prevailing in the Valley the country needed a "full-time defence minister" to keep the morale of the armed forces high Democratic officials have also increasingly taken up the cursing habit," Whenever that happensafter the current Syria talks in Switzerland or well into the futureit’s the children who will watch the pieces of their homeland be put together again, such as John Menard of Wisconsin, politicians read hand-written constituent letters, In a medium size bowl,who signed for United under Dutch coach Louis van Gaal away from the first team The German midfielder was looked down upon and often found himself training with the reserves last season Schweinsteiger wasn’t even named in United’s squad that season? Faris couldn’t sit at the dinner table and tell his family how his workday went.

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