first_imgAdvertisement Facebook Advertisement Advertisement Montreal-born poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen has died at the age of 82.A posting on Cohen’s official website gave no other details but said a memorial would take place in Los Angeles at a later date.The posting says Cohen’s family has requested privacy “during their time of grief.” Cohen, who favoured black suits, fedoras and tweed caps, was born in Montreal on Sept. 21, 1934, to a middle-class family.He studied at the same high school as Canadian poet Irving Layton — who he credited as one of his influences — and after learning the guitar formed a country group known as the Buckskin Boys.A big break came in 1966 when Judy Collins recorded his standard “Suzanne,” and he came out with his first album “Songs of Leonard Cohen” the same year.BY THE CANADIAN PRESS.ADDITIONAL STORY LINKSROLLING STONE MAGAZINE CBCBBC Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitterlast_img read more

first_img(Liberal MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette. APTN/File photo)Jorge Barrera APTN National NewsIndigenous Liberal MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette says he plans to vote against his party’s proposed bill to legalize medically assisted dying.Ouellette, who represents a Winnipeg riding, said the decision to vote against the bill is rooted in deeply held spiritual beliefs.“I think symbolically, for the community where I am from, that I will need to demonstrate that I believe in a certain path and that this is the path I am choosing,” said Ouellette, in an interview Wednesday.Ouellette said he doesn’t believe he will face any repercussions from voting against the bill. Liberal MPs are being allowed to vote their conscience on the issue.“I think it’s a very personal thing,” said Ouellette.The Liberal government introduced a bill last week to make medically assisted death legal for consenting adults over 18 years of age. The bill would make assisted death legal for people who are in “an advanced stage of irreversible decline” and suffering from ailments where natural death is “reasonably foreseeable.”The government introduced the bill facing a June 6 deadline set by the Supreme Court which struck down the ban on physician assisted dying last year. The high court said consenting adults suffering from “grievous and irremediable” ailments should be able to seek medically assisted death.Ouellette said the federal government should work around the deadline and delay legalizing assisted death for at least five to 10 years until it’s absolutely clear what sort of impact it would have in all corners of Canadian society.“I think we need to take more time, especially in light of Attawapiskat,” said Ouellette.Attawapiskat, a Cree community in Ontario’s James Bay region, recently declared a state of emergency after suffering through 11 suicide attempts in a 24-hour span.“I think there are communities that have this issue and if you allow, all of a sudden, this to occur…it might be very difficult,” he said. “If grandma, grandfather decides they had enough in life…if they weren’t able to carry on, why should I carry on? If they weren’t strong enough, why should I be strong enough? I think that is a question that is asked in Attawapiskat more often than not and the ripple effect of assisted dying is not the same in Toronto as in other places.”Ouellette said his views are known within the Liberal caucus and to Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, an Indigenous politician who was a regional chief for the Assembly of First Nations. Wilson-Raybould played a key role in developing the assisted dying bill.“People know my viewpoint on it,” he said.Ouellette said part of his current position on the issue was influenced by a conversation he had with his Sundance chief about three years ago.“We were talking about suicide and he was talking in the lodge about this and he said, ‘Never forget the spirit of suicide, you have to fight the spirit of suicide, make sure it doesn’t come into our lives,’” said Ouellette. “I am afraid if we open this little door right now we won’t be able to fight that suicide spirit.”Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett told reporters this week she didn’t believe the proposed bill, if it becomes law, would impact communities dealing with suicide like Attawapiskat. She said there is some concern medically assisted dying is sometimes referred to as assisted suicide.“The more we can keep that separate, the better,” said Bennett.The House of Commons debate on the bill is scheduled to begin–with files from Canadian Presslast_img read more

HIKKADUWA, Sri Lanka — Sipping fresh coconut water while sunbathing on deserted Hikkaduwa beach, Alexi Konchayenko, a sports trainer from Ukraine, struck a stoical note.Bomb blasts can happen “anywhere, anytime,” he said, adding that he was not afraid. “Sri Lanka is an amazing country. This is my first visit and I will tell my friends also to come.”His is a lone voice — and a lone presence. Sri Lanka was the Lonely Planet guide’s top travel destination for 2019, but since the Easter Sunday attacks on churches and luxury hotels, foreign tourists have fled.Many of those booked to come in the next few months have cancelled. Hotel occupancy across the island has plummeted by 85% to 90%. The tropical beaches, restaurants and shops are empty.The co-ordinated suicide bombings on April 21 not only destroyed lives but also wiped out the livelihoods of Sri Lankans who depend on tourism.More than 250 people, including 45 foreigners mainly from China, India, the U.S. and the U.K., died in the Islamic State group-claimed blasts.Tourists normally come to Hikkaduwa, in the southwest, for the strong waves that are perfect for surfing and sparkling clear waters made for snorkeling. Today, of the 27 hotels, very few are open. Most, along with the eateries that line the 6-kilometre (3.7-mile) stretch of palm-fringed beach, are closed.Among the few hotels still open is Hikkaduwa Beach Hotel. On April 21, all 50 rooms were occupied; today, only a handful. “It’s a real disaster. We don’t know what to do right now,” said Sanjeewani Yogarajah, an executive with the hotel. She said the attack has cost the hotel 5.5 million Sri Lankan rupees ($31,000), forcing the hotel’s management to send half the staff home.Some tourism officials say the damage to the industry after the bombings is worse than during the 26-year civil war between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the government which ended a decade ago. At least then, the violence was mostly contained to the north of Sri Lanka, they said. This time, no part of the island has remained untouched by the blasts.Lankesha Ponnamperuma, general manager of hotel chain Hikka Tranz, is one of the luckier ones. While most hotels report wholesale cancellations, he is surviving thanks to business from local residents. Last Friday, two-thirds of the 150 rooms were booked, mostly by domestic tourists.“I haven’t sacked anyone yet. Instead, we are training our people to adjust their expenditure and helping them restructure their bank loans,” Ponnamperuma said.The president of Sri Lanka’s Hotels Association, Sanath Ukwatta, said hotels have offered 30-50% discounts to entice local residents.Such a strategy won’t solve the problem, he said, but will “help at least to keep the hotels going.”The manager of a clothing shop said the owner had shut the group’s other two shops and the factory too. “Business collapsed after April 21,” said Kumari, who declined to give her surname.According to government figures, there has been an 80% drop in arrivals since the attack. Tourism accounts for 4.9% of Sri Lanka’s GDP. Last year, 2.3 million tourists visited the island, generating $4.4 billion in revenues, a nearly 12% jump from 2017. Around half a million Sri Lankans directly depend on tourism while 2 million depend on it indirectly.One of them is Mohomed Musflick, the owner of a souvenir shop in Galle which is full of wood carvings, local paintings and postcards. “I have not sold one item. There are no tourists and we are in a huge crisis,” he said.While life is gradually returning to normal on the island with offices and schools re-opening, the tourism industry is in a sombre mood over the slump in foreign tourists. Tour operators from Russia, Norway and Britain have cancelled bookings going right up to April 2020.A travel ban issued by nearly a dozen countries is the greatest cause for concern. “The ban is our main worry. Until it is removed or softened, we can’t start our marketing to attract tourists. If it is lifted soon, we are hopeful we can bounce back this year or otherwise definitely next year for sure,” said Yogarajah.In the meantime, Sri Lanka’s government should target “people and countries resilient to this kind of attacks and situations, such as Russia, Israel and India,” said Anusha Frydman, managing director of the Lavanga Resort and Spa.The industry is clear about what else it wants from the authorities: Ensure that stringent security measures are in place to reassure potential visitors; persuade politicians to put their differences aside and adopt a bipartisan approach on national security; and work fast to get the travel ban lifted.To help the industry cope, the government has put together a relief package comprising easy loans at special rates and reduced taxes. The government also plans to formulate a $100 million insurance fund for compensation to any tourist injured or killed while visiting the island.“In the past we have had many serious crises and we have recovered. I am quite positive we can do it again,” said Jan van Twest, general manager of the Fortress Resort and Spa near Galle, where 750 room nights have been cancelled from May to October.“But we need to recover, recover very fast,” he said.Bharatha Mallawarachi, The Associated Press read more

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last week wrote to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, saying that he himself had ensured that India dilute the wording of the draft to safeguard against any inclusion of monitoring mechanism.India has also not been on the same page with Russia and China on Syria. Both Russia and China vetoed a UNSC resolution against Syria. Kadakin said that Syria would be at the forefront of all major international issues that are discussed here this week. “Sri Lanka was India’s sovereign decision. The resolution was politically motivated and has discredited the UNHRC,” said Kadakin. “We are against any country imposing its will on other countries. Nobody can say that he (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad) must go and that unilateral advantage be given to the rebels,” Kadakin said.“But we need to understand the position of our partners…at the summit the leaders will try to coordinate their positions,” he said.Iran too is likely to be discussed at length at the BRICS summit with Russia ready to express concern over threat from Israel and the US which, the ambassador said, could jeopardize peace in Asia and also destabilize global economy. “Hopefully, the new summit will give a clear warning signal against military adventurous plans in the Gulf and will speak with authority in favour of renewed constructive dialogue of the international community with Iran over its nuclear programme,” he added. (TNN) Without criticizing India directly for backing the US-initiated resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council, Russia has described the resolution as “politically motivated” and one that has ended up discrediting the Council itself.The remark by Russian ambassador to New Delhi Alexander M Kadakin, ahead of the BRICS summit in New Delhi, has brought to the fore differences among the grouping which is seeking better coordination on major international issues. “Why did it all of a sudden decide to take up a country-specific resolution? That is not how the UNHRC works,” he added. Both Russia and China had voted against the resolution censuring Lanka for human rights violations. read more

“If Mike Trout walked into your neighborhood bar, would you recognize him?” The New Yorker’s Ben McGrath raised that question in a provocative essay last month.I’m reasonably certain that I would recognize the MLB outfielder if he walked into One Star. But McGrath’s point is well-taken. Despite being (as McGrath aptly calls him) a “once-in-a-generation talent,” Trout is relatively anonymous. Based on Google search traffic so far in 2014, Trout is only about as famous as Henrik Lundqvist, the New York Rangers goaltender. He’s one-fifth as famous as Peyton Manning — and one-twentieth as famous as LeBron James or Lionel Messi.Trout’s also much less famous than Derek Jeter, a shortstop who hit .256, with four home runs, this year.That Jeter fellow, as you may have heard, played his last baseball games Sunday. Jeter’s case for being a once-in-a-generation talent is weaker than Trout’s. Jeter never won an MVP (although he probably should have won one in 1999). He rarely led his league in any offensive category. He was one of the best baseball players for a very long time — but he was not clearly the best player at any given time. In that respect, he’s more similar to Pete Rose or Nolan Ryan or Warren Moon or Patrick Ewing or Nicklas Lidstrom — great players all — than generational talents like Peyton Manning or LeBron James or Willie Mays or Ted Williams.Jeter, however, was probably the most famous baseball player of his generation.Google Trends maintains data on Google search traffic since 2004, a period that captures the second half of Jeter’s career. Google searches aren’t a perfect proxy for popularity — as you’ll see, infamy can also get you a lot of Google traffic — but they’re a reasonably objective approximation of it.I looked up the search traffic for Jeter, along with that for every other baseball player to post at least 30 wins above replacement (WAR) from 2004 through 2014. (Jeter’s WAR, controversially, was only 31.4 during this period; about 50 players rated ahead of him.) I also included every MLB MVP winner since 2004 — along with Trout, who might finally win an MVP this year. The chart below lists everyone else’s search traffic relative to Jeter’s.Jeter leads in Google traffic. The only players within 50 percent of him are Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and Ichiro Suzuki.Rodriguez and Bonds, of course, have made news in recent years, mostly for their use of performance-enhancing drugs. Suzuki is a better comparison, but most of his search traffic is because of his extraordinary popularity in Japan. In the United States, Jeter generated five or six times as much Google interest as Suzuki did.Otherwise, Jeter laps the field. Based on the Google numbers, he’s been about nine times as famous as his Yankee contemporary Mariano Rivera. He’s been about five times as famous as David Ortiz, another legendarily “clutch” performer. He’s been about 30 times as famous as Jimmy Rollins, a fellow East Coast shortstop and one who did win an MVP award.Jeter’s also considerably more famous than today’s best-in-a-generation players. Even in 2013 — when he was hurt and played in only 17 games — Jeter was about as popular as Trout, Clayton Kershaw and Andrew McCutchen combined, at least according to Google.Playing in New York almost certainly had something to do with this. Lots of Yankees and Mets rank high on the Google list. Robinson Cano, the former Yankee, has gotten twice as much search traffic as the Philadelphia Phillies’ Chase Utley though the two are highly similar statistically.But I hope that Trout, Kershaw, McCutchen or Bryce Harper does something extraordinary this postseason and begins to build a legend of his own. It’s not healthy for a sport when its most popular player is 40 years old. read more

2018St. John’sDuke1977Villanova2117Marquette17611511 2007AuburnArkansasAlabamaLSU1577 Win No. 1Win No. 2Win No. 3 2017NebraskaIndiana1910Maryland1840Iowa17671577 *Georgia had two qualifying streaks in 2007-08, which overlapped. We included only the streak with the lowest starting rating.Source: ESPN, 1997MissouriNebraskaTexasOklahoma1619 SeasonTeamOpponentEloOpponentEloOpponentEloStarting Elo 2017NebraskaIndianaMarylandIowa1577 1997MissouriNebraska1764Texas1810Oklahoma18681619 1970W. ForestUNCDavidsonUNC1627 1977VirginiaMaryland1843W. Forest1828Clemson18901583 1985Miss. St.AlabamaLSUGeorgia1586 2008Georgia*Ole Miss1758Kentucky1788Miss. St.18931599 1985Miss. St.Alabama1827LSU1831Georgia17671586 The Johnnies’ win streak came out of nowhereLowest Elo ratings for teams just before starting a three-game win streak against opponents who each had at least a 1750 Elo rating, 1950-2018 *Georgia had two qualifying streaks in 2007-08, which overlapped. We included only the streak with the lowest starting rating.Source: ESPN, 2008Okla. St.BaylorTex. A&MKansas1607 SeasonTeamNo. 1No. 2No. 3Starting Elo The 2018 St. John’s Red Storm might go down as the most erratic team in men’s college basketball history. When they were losing, they couldn’t do anything right. But now that they’re winning, they’re taking down some of the most feared programs in the country. No team has ever rattled off a more impressive series of victories from a less likely place than the Johnnies did over the past week and change.But let’s roll things back a bit. To start things off, coach Chris Mullin’s squad began the season 10-2 — tied for the program’s second-best start to a season in 32 years. Although most of those wins came against relatively weak opponents, the team was competitive late in each of its losses (to Missouri and Arizona State, both of whom rank among the top 40 in Ken Pomeroy’s power ratings). Coming off a season of progress in Mullin’s second year at the helm, things finally appeared to be looking up for the Storm in their quest to return to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2015.Then the wheels fell off. Starting with their first Big East game of the year, a loss to Providence three days after Christmas, the Johnnies proceeded to drop 11 straight games. Before the calendar could even flip to February, St. John’s had matched its in-conference loss total for all of last season. An early season-ending injury to sophomore guard Marcus LoVett, who’d finished second on the team in scoring last season, helped tank the offense,1It dropped from 120th nationally in KenPom’s rankings before the losing skid to 165th. and the defense collapsed from 13th in Ken Pomeroy’s ratings to 41st over the span of a month.St. John’s found numerous ways to lose during the streak. For instance, there was the 25-point loss to Butler, in which the Storm almost instantly found themselves in a 19-2 hole and scored just 45 points all game (the school’s second-worst offensive output in a game since 2010-11). Then there was the marathon back-and-forth defeat against Georgetown that it took two overtimes to decide — and that the Johnnies led by 5 with 24 seconds left in the first overtime, only to watch Hoyas forward Marcus Derrickson tie the game with a personal 6-1 run.After their 11th straight loss, a hard-fought 73-68 defeat against sixth-ranked Xavier, the Johnnies’ future looked even more bleak. Games against Duke, Villanova and Marquette were coming up, so there was little to suggest that the Red Storm would be able to pull their season out of its death spiral.And that’s when one of the most absurd eight-day turnarounds in college history started: an upset win over the then-No. 4 Blue Devils to snap the losing streak. An even bigger upset at Villanova, which was No. 1 at the time. A relatively — dare I say it? — routine victory over a tough Golden Eagles squad, with the kind of second-half performance that good teams grind out. All the while, sophomore guard Shamorie Ponds has transformed into a superstar, averaging 34 points per game on 55 percent shooting during the shocking three-game winning streak. For a team that might not even make the NIT, they’ve looked like a tournament dark horse in recent days.How unexpected was this sudden reversal? Our Elo power-rating data goes back to the 1949-50 season, and over that span there have been 1,207 streaks where a team won three games in a row against opponents who each had Elo ratings over 1750 — the mark of a good team.2For reference’s sake, a 1750 Elo would be the equivalent of an Oregon or Maryland — the 57th-best team in the nation this season, according to Elo. Of those 1,207 teams, none had a lower Elo at the start of their streak than St. John’s, who’d dropped to a 1511 rating at its nadir (which was a low point since Dec. 2016, and the program’s fifth-lowest rating in a season since 1964). Statistically speaking, the Johnnies might have been the least likely team in history to rattle off those three particular wins at that particular moment in time. 1970W. ForestUNC1835Davidson1751UNC18271627 2000MarquetteDepaul1768Louisville1800Charlotte17671621 1977VirginiaMarylandW. ForestClemson1583 2018St. John’sDukeVillanovaMarquette1511 2007AuburnArkansas1770Alabama1761LSU17671577 2008Okla. St.Baylor1767Tex. A&M1928Kansas20511607 2008Georgia*Ole MissKentuckyMiss. St.1599 The Johnnies’ win streak came out of nowhereLowest Elo ratings for teams just before starting a three-game win streak against opponents who each had at least a 1750 Elo rating, 1950-2018 Win 2000MarquetteDepaulLouisvilleCharlotte1621 The victories over Duke and Villanova alone were historic. According to Elo, St. John’s was the lowest-rated team ever to knock off two teams with ratings over 1900 in back-to-back games, toppling a record that had previously been held by the 1957-58 Nebraska Cornhuskers (when the Huskers beat No. 4 Kansas and then No. 1 Kansas State). But unlike that Nebraska team, which lost the following game, the Red Storm tacked on another impressive win to bring their streak up to three in a row.They’ll try to extend it to four straight on Wednesday night, against DePaul in Chicago — and according to Pomeroy’s projections, there’s a 49 percent chance that St. John’s will pull it off. If so, it would only add to one of the most up-and-down seasons the sport has ever seen. Even after three big wins, the Red Storm still aren’t on anybody’s NCAA tourney radar. In fact, with 13 losses already on the books, maybe the only sure way for St. John’s to get to the dance would be for them to win the Big East Tournament — possibly by knocking off Villanova again. But hey, stranger things have already happened. read more

first_imgDes chiens pour lutter contre le braconnagePour la première fois, des chiens dressés et récemment affectés à la lutte anti-braconnage dans un parc national congolais, ont permis aux rangers ayant découvert une carcasse d’éléphant de remonter la piste des responsables de son abattage illégal.     Les rangers du parc national des Virunga, dans l’est de la République démocratique du Congo, disposent d’une nouvelle arme dans leur lutte contre les braconniers : des chiens. Dressés dans un centre spécialisé de Suisse grâce à des bénévoles de la police allemande, les cinq limiers sont notamment affectés à la traque des tueurs d’éléphants. Encadrés par des rangers spécialement formés, deux de ces chiens ont pu, dès la semaine dernière, donner la mesure de leur flair, comme le rapporte BBC News. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Déployée par hélicoptère sur le site où des rangers venaient de découvrir une carcasse de pachyderme amputée de ses défenses, une partie de l’unité canine s’est mise en action. Les chiens ont suivi la piste olfactive sur 7 kilomètres, conduisant leurs maîtres jusqu’à un petit village de pêcheurs, près duquel les braconniers, après avoir ouvert le feu, ont fui, contraints d’abandonner leurs armes.”Nous sommes extrêmement satisfaits du résultat. Après une année de formation intensive, chiens et rangers se sont avérés être une arme très efficace contre les braconniers trafiquants l’ivoire”, a déclaré Emmanuel de Merode, directeur du Parc national des Virunga. Les gardes du parc continueront de travailler avec l’unité canine dans ce parc, fortement infiltré par des groupes armés, selon les autorités.Le 11 mars 2012 à 09:43 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Asus dévoile les caractéristiques de ses ultrabooks Asus va lancer pas moins de quatre modèles d’ultrabook d’ici la fin de l’année, dont deux reprendraient le design d’appareils existants.La marque taïwanaise va jouer à fond la carte des ultrabooks, ces PC portables hyper fins et puissants, basés sur l’architecture Ivy Bridge d’Intel. Pas moins de quatre de ces machines sont au programme, dont deux (UX21A et UX31A) reprendraient les lignes des actuelles UX21 et UX31. Un clavier rétroéclairé ainsi qu’une dalle IPS allant jusqu’au Full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) y seraient néanmoins ajoutés, explique PC Inpact. Les deux autres, baptisés UX32A et UX32Vd sont pour leur part des nouveautés. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?La série des UX32 comprendra un écran de 13,3 pouces (34 cm) et s’appuiera sur une puce vidéo HD Graphics 4000 pour l’UX32A et une GeForce GT 620M 1 Go avec la technologie Optimus pour l’UX32Vd. Ils disposeraient en outre d’un module Wi-Fi 802.11n compatible WiDi, ainsi qu’une puce Bluetooth 4.0, et offriraient de 2 à 4 Go de mémoire vive. Un peu plus lourds que les autres ultrabooks de la marque (1,45 kg), ils disposeront de 6 à 7 heures d’autonomie et seront vendus à partir de 800 dollars (610 euros).L’UX21A (11,6 pouces soit 30cm) et l’UX31A (13,3 pouces), quant à eux, embarqueront un processeur Ivy Bridge (Core i5 ou Core i7 ULV) qui serait accompagné de 2 Go à 4 Go de DDR3, ainsi que d’un SSD allant de 64 Go à 256 Go en S-ATA 6 Gbps, suivant les modèles. Pour la connectivité, le Wi-Fi 802.11n compatible WiDi, du Bluetooth 4.0, ainsi qu’un port réseau gigabit sont au programme. Côté connectique, on retrouvera deux ports USB 3.0, un lecteur de cartes SDXC sur le 13,3 pouces et une sortie micro HDMI. Ils seront plus chers que la série UX32 avec un premier prix à partir de 800 euros (1050 dollars) pour le modèle de 11,6 pouces alors que pour le 13,3 pouces se vendra à partir de 840 euros (1100 dollars) environ. Reste à attendre la commercialisation pour confirmer ces performances… Le 14 mars 2012 à 15:45 • Emmanuel Perrin read more

first_imgThomas Meunier expected to be challenged more by his Paris Saint-Germain teammate Neymar and praised Belgium’s defense for their collective approach.Brazil dominated Belgium for most on their quarter-final match last night, but Belgium won nonetheless. Thomas Meunier and his teammates had a lot to do with the final outcome, as they did an excellent job preventing La Seleccao from scoring more than one goal from their 26 total attempts.Meunier said he expected to have more trouble with Neymar (“I didn’t expect that, I expected more difficulties, but we were so organised collectively,”Neymar responds to PSG criticism with a stunning winner Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Despite all the backlash he got today at Parc des Princes, Neymar responded by scoring a stunning winner vs Strasbourg.We all knew that Neymar’s…He was also grateful for the help he received in trying to contain Neymar, Coutinho and Marcelo.“I always had help from Marouane Fellaini, from Toby Alderweireld. We were really focused on him, on [Philippe] Coutinho, on Marcelo, and we did a really wonderful job. I think we can congratulate ourselves for the job that we did defensively.It’s a joyous occasion for Meunier and Belgium fans alike, as this will be their first World Cup semi-final since 1986. Unfortunately, the right back will be forced to watch the game from the stands, considering he will be suspended for earning a second booking.Brazil’s elimination means we’ll have a European champion for the fourth consecutive time.last_img read more

first_imgNewcastle boss Rafael Benitez says that having non-Lionel Messi like players means that he’s had to rotate a lot recently to give the team a physical edgeFollowing a run of just one win in their last six Premier League games, Newcastle find themselves down in 15th-place in the standings in their second season back in the English top-flight.This has led to even more pressure going Benitez’s way with critics hitting out against his management after Newcastle’s 4-0 defeat at Liverpool on Boxing Day.Matters failed to improve for the Spaniard on Saturday when Newcastle were held to a 1-1 draw at home to second division side Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup third round.For the game, Benitez made eight changes to the line-up that had lost 2-0 to Manchester United three days beforehand.FC Barcelona, Valencia CFMatch Preview: Barcelona vs Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Is derby time in La Liga, as Barcelona welcomes Valencia to the Camp Nou Stadium tonight at 21:00 (CET).But the 58-year-old defended his approach by explaining how fatigue means none of his players would be able to perform at their best during this congested run of fixtures.“If you had Lionel Messi – OK, he would have to be there no matter what because he can make the difference,” Benitez told the Chronicle.“But, if you don’t have players like Messi or players of a similar level, you need players who can give you something physically in a third game in a row in a short period of time.”The Magpies will next travel to Stamford Bridge to take on Benitez’s old club Chelsea on Saturday in the Premier League.last_img read more

first_imgCambodia will stop issuing online gaming licenses and won’t renew current licenses when they expire, according to a report by Chinese news agency Xinhua.Xinhua cited a directive from Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen on Sunday in which he stated, “The Royal Government stops granting principles and licenses to operate online gambling businesses inside and outside Cambodia from the day of signature on this directive onwards. 70% of Macau gaming market driven by 400,000 premium players: brokerage Sihanoukville authorities threaten legal action against 10 building owners over demolition orders RelatedPosts “For valid licenses holders, they will be allowed to operate until the licenses are expired. After that, the Ministry of Economy and Finance will not renew their licenses anymore.”The directive, which also covers arcade gambling, included an order for authorities at all levels to intensify their investigations into illegal online gambling operations in an effort to eliminate scams aimed at extorting money from both inside and outside of Cambodia, the Prime Minister added.“Some foreigners have used this form of gambling to cheat victims inside and outside the country,” he said. “The Royal Government has decided to stop issuing licenses for such operations within and from outside the Kingdom with immediate effect.” Load More Constance Hsu appointed Group COO of Sihanoukville’s Jin Bei Grouplast_img read more

first_imgDANIA BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A man’s day on the water had to be cut short after he injured himself on his yacht docked in Dania Beach.A technical rescue team rescued the 33-year-old man off the top deck of the vessel, which was docked by Northeast Seventh Avenue at Port Laudania.The man was taken to the hospital with a dislocated knee and is expected to be OK.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

first_imgOnline and on social media, heartbroken tributes to the 48-year-old Montana Magazine abounded from readers both at home and across the country.“It’s just a part of the Montana experience. It’s going to leave a big hole behind,” David McCumber, founder of the competing title Big Sky Journal, current editor of the Lee-owned Montana Standard and guest editor of the last five issues of Montana Magazine, told the Associated Press.In addition to its four Montana-based outlets, Iowa-based Lee Enterprises publishes some 40-plus newspapers across 20 states primarily in the Midwest and greater Rocky Mountains region—including the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Arizona Daily Star. The company claims to reach a combined 1.1 million daily readers in print and 30 million monthly uniques online.Very sad to be the last editor of a great magazine. I competed against Rick Graetz when I started @bigskyjournal in 1993, but always loved and admired the magazine he founded. Was honored to edit @MontanaMagazine for its last five issues.— David McCumber (@dcmccumber) September 20, 2018 Montana Magazine, the bimonthly title which has chronicled Big Sky Country since its inaugural issue in 1970, has shut its doors after 48 years, publisher Lee Enterprises announced Wednesday.“Unfortunately, the dynamics of the publishing business have changed, and the magazine has reached the end of its distinguished run,” wrote the magazine’s general manager, Matt Gibson, in a note to readers. “All of us at Montana Magazine appreciate our loyal readers, and we’re sorry to disappoint so many of you.”The news comes about a week after Lee Enterprises abruptly shuttered another Montana title, the alt-weekly Missoula Independent, which Gibson sold to the company last year before accepting a GM role at Lee overseeing both it and Montana Magazine, as well as two other local outlets, The Missoulian and the Ravalli Republic.A spokesman for Lee Enterprises has not responded to questions about the specific circumstances that led to the Montana Magazine shutdown, whether the company had first pursued a sale of either title as it looks to reduce its $500 million in debt, or how many staffers were let go as a result of the closures.The Independent‘s shuttering, which occurred Sept. 11, prompted outrage on social media and even a protest outside the offices of the Lee-owned Missoulian, according to a staff report in the paper.Earlier that morning, staffers at the Independent—who had voted unanimously to unionize earlier this year—were informed that the newspaper was closed, effective immediately, and that they’d continue to receive salary and benefits for 30 days. They were instructed not to report to work and provided a phone number to call to schedule an appointment to retrieve their belongings from the office.last_img read more

first_imgBy Renee Foose, Special to the AFROMost people would agree that being born into homelessness is not a good situation. Few, if any, would consider such a circumstance to be a blessing. However, one Baltimore native falls into the category of feeling blessed to have been born homeless to a single mom who struggled from alcoholism.  Richard Antoine White  has used his early life experiences to shape his journey from being cold, barefoot, hungry and alone in the Sandtown-Winchester community in West Baltimore to healthy, happy, educated, and playing symphony music on a world stage.Richard Antoine White (Courtesy Photo)Born to a single mom who battled addiction, White was often left alone to fend for himself as he wandered the streets looking for his mother. When searching for her, he’d also scan storm drains and sidewalks looking for spare change. “Eventually when I had a dollar, I would go buy chicken gizzards so I could eat,” White told the AFRO.  “I would keep gizzard meat under my tongue all day, to help with hunger.”White recalls sleeping under trees, and on park benches as a child not having reached school age. “There is a problem when everyone sees a child running around without shoes and sleeping in a park,” White said. He also has scars on his torso from being bitten by rats while sleeping, he said.After police found him sleeping on a very cold morning he was placed in foster care. His new foster parents were the same foster parents that raised his mother. and they were eager to adopt him. “He didn’t have much trouble adjusting, my children and the other children we had, helped him quite a bit,” said foster parent Richard McClain, Sr.   McClain, who is active in his church choir, doesn’t play an instrument but supported White’s desire to learn how to play music.  “We put him in school and he wanted to play music, so I got him a trumpet,” said McClain.Richard Antoine White (Courtesy Photo)Eventually a music teacher believed White had strong lungs and natural strength, so he was given a sousaphone, a lighter version of a tuba. White didn’t read music well, so he listened to cassette tapes of tuba players and practiced until he could mimic the sound.  “I played for fun with no real interest in being a musician,” White said. “I wanted to play football until I broke my hip in a street game, then I became more serious about playing music,” he said.When it came time to enter high school, White took his basic music skills and a borrowed sousaphone to audition for a seat at the Baltimore School for the Performing Arts. Unfortunately, he missed the audition date, and showed up to an empty school. Luckily for White, he was greeted by Chris Ford, the head of the music department.“He was an intriguing sight, a kid on crutches carrying a plastic sousaphone,” Ford told the AFRO.  Ford, now the director of Baltimore School for the Arts, said he chose to give White a chance to audition because he sensed White’s determination.  “He couldn’t sight read music, and his ability to sing back pitches was weak; but he had a way of manipulating sound in a meaningful way,” Ford said.  White was granted admission to the school and began playing the tuba.As he planned to further his musical talents, he worked as an usher at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. During concerts, White paid close attention to the principal tubist, David Fedderly.  “During performances, most ushers congregate in lobby areas; Richard didn’t do that. He’d stay and listen to the music and after the performance he would find me and ask questions,” Fedderly said.  “I knew he wanted to learn tuba and I knew he wanted to gain admission into a good college program to become a good musician,” Fedderly said. Fedderly, who also taught music, became White’s teacher at The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, where he worked closely with White to master the tuba. Upon earning his bachelor’s degree, White enrolled at Indiana University to pursue graduate studies. After just a few years, White earned a doctorate in tuba performance and became the first African American at Indiana University to do so.   The American Federation of Musicians report that African Americans make up less than four percent of symphony musicians world-wide, and White became one of the elites after accepting a one-year position with the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra (NMSO) in Albuquerque. New Mexico became his new home and he earned tenure with the orchestra, in addition to teaching at the University of New Mexico.In 2011, NMSO filed for bankruptcy and White was out of a job. The survival instincts he learned as a homeless child kicked in, and White did something few would consider. He met with university athletic staff and proposed a scenario to help the marching band with breathing techniques and choreography. “He saw an opportunity and presented a way how he could help the university,” said Chad Simons, associate professor and director of marching bands University of New Mexico.  White’s pitch worked, and he was hired as the assistant marching band director. “His motivation and positive message are powerful for nineteen-year-olds to hear,” said Simons.White is now a tenured faculty member at the University of New Mexico.  After the collapse of the NMSO, White was one of several musicians to form the New Mexico Philharmonic, where he is the principal tubist.His personal journey through destitution to doctoral studies only became widely known after two Baltimore-based filmmakers contacted Ford with an interest in creating a documentary about arts education being underfunded.  Darren Durlach and David Larson are the founders of Early Light Media. Their inspiring and award-winning films capture the human element in a way that compels viewers to be open to new perspectives.  When Ford suggested the filmmakers contact White, they were unaware of all the nuances of his journey, but quickly saw a powerful message.  “Our challenge in making the film was finding a way to tell the story in an authentic way,” said Durlach. “The story is one of persistence, and how a teacher can make all the difference in someone’s life,” he said.Durlach and Larson documented White’s journey and compelling message of hope, help and hard work. The film, RAW (White’s initials) Tuba is a contender for several independent film festival awards around the nation.White considers his journey a blessing and wants his message to inspire others to find hope, commit to a work ethic, and never give up.  To hear music performed by White, visit his web page at read more

first_img QaStaHvIS yIn ‘ej chep Alexa.*To mark the small-screen return of Star Trek, Amazon has boldly gone where no smart speaker has gone before.Echo, Tap, and Dot owners can now use themed commands to interact with virtual assistant Alexa.Say, for example, “Alexa, open Star Trek” to launch the new CBS All Access program Star Trek: Discovery.Just be prepared to demonstrate your Trekkie trivia: The new “official” skill features three daily questions (posed by series stars like Sonequa Martin-Green and Jason Isaacs) related to Discovery and The Original Series.“Along the way, you’ll hear from the upcoming show’s cast and crew, as you play to unlock interview snippets and sneak peeks into the making of Star Trek: Discovery,” according to a CBS announcement.Users can also change the speaker’s wake word (a function available since January) to “Computer”—a reference to the Starship Enterprise’s voice-activated controls.Simply visit the Alexa app settings and select Wake Word; use the drop-down menu to choose your preference. Other options include “Alexa,” “Echo,” and “Amazon.”Declare “Computer: Tea. Earl Gray. Hot,” for instance, and Alexa says she is “Unable to comply. Replicators are offline.” (Diligent fans, however, will know that this joke is inaccurate, as the LCARS computer network was not used to order food from the replicator.)Try a handful of other phrases “for even more surprises,” CBS teased:“Alexa, red alert!”“Alexa, beam me up.”“Alexa, what is your mission?”“Alexa, fire photon torpedoes.”“Alexa, speak Klingon.”“Alexa, revenge is a dish best served cold.” (Though CNET warns that “Her response to this is loud and might frighten your neighbors.”)“Alexa, state Starfleet rank and class.”“Alexa, what would Scotty say?”The first Star Trek TV program since Enterprise ended in 2005, Star Trek: Discovery follows the Federation-Klingon cold war from the perspective of the USS Discovery crew.Set about a decade before the events of the original show, and separate from the cinematic timeline, Discovery stars Martin-Green (The Walking Dead) and Isaacs (Harry Potter), alongside Doug Jones (Falling Skies), Shazad Latif (Spooks), Mary Wiseman (Difficult People), and Anthony Rapp (Rent).Star Trek: Discovery debuted on Sept. 24—the first series created specifically for CBS All Access by Bryan Fuller (American Gods) and Alex Kurtzman (Hawaii Five-0). The rest of the 15-episode season is available exclusively online.* Translation from Klingon: Alexa, live long and prosper.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Teases Troubled Patrick StewartHow Designers Achieved the Sci-Fi Sound Magic of ‘The Orville’ Stay on targetlast_img read more

first_imgSome actors are famous for their looks. Others are renowned for their private lives and off-screen antics. And a select few are well-known for something very different: their voices. The likes of Alan Rickman and Patrick Stewart are a couple of examples, with Christopher Walken also always appearing in lists of the most iconic and unique Hollywood voices of all.Having appeared in over a hundred different movies and TV shows, Walken is a beloved and highly successful actor who can look back on a truly stellar career. He started acting as a child, appearing as an extra every now and then, and even as a narrator on the 1953 TV show, The Wonderful John Acton.Publicity photo of Christopher Walken in stage play ‘Hurlyburly’He got his first starring role in The Happiness Cage (1972), but it was arguably in Woody Allen’s 1977 film, Annie Hall, that he really started to become well-known to audiences.AdChoices广告inRead invented by TeadsIn that classic movie, he played Duane Hall, the homicidal brother of the eponymous Annie Hall, and demonstrated his talent for playing slightly unhinged personalities.Since then, he’s gone on to appear in countless classic movies across a real spectrum of genres, with some of his finest and most memorable performances coming in movies like The Deer Hunter, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Seven Psychopaths, The Dead Zone, and Catch Me If You Can.Walken’s innate acting ability, piercing blue eyes, and unique hairstyle, which he decided to adopt in honor of Elvis Presley.As revealed in Christopher Walken A to Z: The Man – The Movies – The Legend written by Robert Schnakenberg, have helped him to make an instantly recognizable and iconic figure in the world of TV and film.But it’s arguably his voice that has come to define Walken best of all. Indeed, Walken famously voiced a key character in 1998’s Antz and also demonstrated his voice acting ability in The Jungle Book (2016). He’s also taken to performing spoken-word pieces from time to time, reciting stories, songs, and poems.Christopher Walken in a scene from the movie ‘ McBain’, circa 1991. Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesMany people claim that listening to Walken’s voice is a soothing experience, so the thought of hearing the great man reading you a bedtime story might sound rather special.Well, back in 1993, as reported by the Metro, on a UK TV show called Saturday Zoo, Walken was asked to read a story we all know very well: The Three Little Pigs.Dressed up in a cute colorful sweater, Walken put on an absolutely masterful performance, really making the story his own. He claimed on the show that he’d always wanted to entertain children on national TV, and he lived out that dream in style, spinning each word with his unique accent and delivery.Christopher Walken at the premiere of ‘Seven Psychopaths’, Toronto Film Festival 2012. Photo by Tabercil / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0The clip of Walken has been viewed millions of times online, with countless people commenting on how amusing and entertaining it is and praising Walken for his unique delivery and hilarious improvised additions to the story. Some commenters have even urged the star to release an audiobook.Walken’s fantastic ability to turn a simple story into such unique, high quality entertainment is no accident. He’s been acting all his life, knowing from a very young age that he wanted to get into show business. He started off in musical comedy, and has referred to himself as a “show-off”.Christopher Walken at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. Photo by David Shankbone CC-BY 3.0Over the years, Walken has been honored with several awards and nominations for his greatest performances. He won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1978 for his appearance as Nick Chebotarevich in The Deer Hunter, and his incredible career has seen his films rack up over $1 billion in the United States alone.Read another story from us: Christopher Walken, who once worked as a lion tamer in a circus, said his favorite lion was “very sweet”He’s also well-known for being quite open to new roles, rarely declining projects and trying to take on as much work as possible.He says that he looks at each new role as a learning experience and once stated that he’d love to play a simple family with a “nice little house… no guns and no killing, but nobody offers me those kind of parts.”last_img read more

first_img Travelweek Group Tags: Agent Incentives, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, Savings Share Bahia Principe’s Happiness Sale includes newly reno’d Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Posted bycenter_img Tuesday, January 8, 2019 MIAMI — Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts is starting the new year off right with the return of one of its most popular consumer incentives, aimed at ramping up bookings just as the winter weather here at home settles in for the long haul.Today marks the start of Bahia Principe’s Happiness Sale, taking place now through Jan. 22 and offering savings on travel throughout 2019, including peak season and holidays.Clients can pick from 20 of Bahia Principe’s all-inclusive properties located in the D.R., Jamaica and Mexico.Vacationers can also reserve a stay at Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar, which reopened late last year after an extensive renovation, or at Grand Bahia Principe Aquamarine, an adults-only, Punta Cana property which has been rebranded.“As 2019 begins to unfold, potential travellers are looking ahead and planning for their next special getaway,” says Helen Montijano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the U.S. and Canada. “Our signature Happiness Sale allows for travellers to book in advance, taking advantage of notable discounts for travel throughout 2019 including deep summer deals. Our resorts offer top service, facilities and amenities that create a wonderful experience in the Caribbean for everyone, including snowbirds or those who simply want a quick weekend escape.”Grand Bahia Principe La RomanaThe booking deadline is Jan. 22 and the travel deadline is Oct. 31, including peak season. Bahia Principe says the extended travel window gives vacationers the ability to book far in advance at an attainable price point.More news:  Air Canada’s global sales update includes Managing Director, Canada & USA SalesPunta Cana’s Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar, which reopened in November 2018 after US$30 million in renovations, has been upgraded to feature all-new swim up suites and modern interiors. Travellers can also reserve a stay at the rebranded Grand Bahia Principe Aquamarine, an adults-only, entertainment-focused property. For families looking for a whimsical setting and a range of activities for guests of all ages, there’s Fantasia Bahia Principe Punta Cana.Bahia Principe reminds agents that they can take advantage of double points for all bookings through the brand’s Bahia Principe Rewards loyalty program.Agents who are new to Bahia Principe Rewards receive 1,000 welcome points when they sign up, which are also doubled during the Happiness Sale booking window.For more information see << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

first_imgFilm: “The Mysterious Presages of León Prozak”Art house fans, rejoice: The 2010 film “Prozak” is a surreal mix of film, animation, and fine art. See how Carlos Santa and his collaborators created a cinematic experience like no other.“Los Extraños Presagios de León Prozak” screens at the Joaquín García Monge Museum, Desamparados. Sept. 13. 6:30 p.m. ₡2,000 ($4). Info: GAM Cultural.Art: Fausto PachecoA retrospective of the emblematic Costa Rican artist and others inspired by his pastoral landscapes.Exhibit continues through Sept. 28 at the Calderón Historical Museum, Barrio Escalante. Free. Info: Museum website.Exhibit: “Toys, Memories, and Friends”Feel the rush of nostalgia as you peruse vintage toys at the National Gallery.“Juguetes, Recuerdos, y Amigos” continues through Sept. 30 at The National Gallery, downtown San José. Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; Sat. & Sun., 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Free. Info: National Gallery website. Party: Fifth Anniversary of GAM CulturalFor five years, GAM Cultural has hosted the quarterly Art Tour, published listings of fun things to do, and helped boost culture and civic pride in San José. Celebrate with organizers and volunteers (and fans) at Steinvorth.Celebration takes place Sept. 17 at El Steinvorth, downtown San José. 9 p.m. Free. Info: GAM Cultural.Performance: Broadway Musical TheaterMusical theater students from High Point University in North Carolina strut their stuff during this Broadway cabaret. Proceeds benefit Fundación Ser y Crecer.Performance takes place Sept. 18 at the Eugene O’Neill Theater, Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center, Los Yoses. 8 p.m. ₡5,000 ($10). Info: Cultural Center website.Music: National Symphony Orchestra and Youth OrchestraThe epic compositions of Richard Strauss come alive this weekend, thanks to a special engagement by the National Symphony Orchestra. “Ariadne auf Naxos” is a multilayered retelling of the ancient Greek myth, and the orchestra will present highlights from Strauss’ revered opera. The National Theater will also host the Youth Symphony, whose precocious musicians will perform everything from Mozart to Shostakovich.All concerts take place at the National Theater, downtown San José. The National Symphony Orchestra plays Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. and Sept. 14 at 10:30 a.m. ₡10,000 ($20). Youth Orchestra plays Sept. 13 at 7 p.m. ₡7,000 ($14). Info: National Theater website. Theater: “Shark Smile”Theater company Ex-Ánima performs this kid-friendly “black light” show about marine biodiversity.“Sonrisa de Tiburón” plays Sept. 12-14 at CENAC, downtown San José. Fri. & Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 2 p.m. 2,000-4,000 ($4-8). Info: RedCultura.Theater: “Sushi’s Journey”In this case, “Sushi” is a cat – whose life is full of adventure. This children’s show by Pedro José Sánchez is an enlivening afternoon excursion.“El Viaje de Sushi” continues through Sept. 14 at the Juan Enrique Acuña Theater, Barrio Escalante. Sat., 2 p.m.; Sun., 11 a.m. & 2 p.m. ₡3,000 ($6). Info: RedCultura.Theater: “The Collection”Did Stella and Bill hook up on their business trip? The National Company presents this classic 1961 play by Harold Pinter, here in Spanish translation.“The Collection” will be performed Aug. 28 – Sept. 21 at Teatro 1887, CENAC building, San José. Thu.-Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun, 7 p.m. ₡4,000 ($8). Info: RedCultura.“House and Street” FestivalFourteen artists present multimedia works at this creative cooperative in Barrio Escalante.“Casa y Calle” continues through Sept. 20 at Casa Batsú, Barrio Escalante. Free. Info: Batsú website.Art: “Dirty Game”Costa Rican artist José Miguel Rojas González explores the nature of winning and losing in this subversive series. Read our review here.“Juego Sucio” continues through Oct. 11 at the Central Bank Museum, Plaza de la Cultura, San José. 9 a.m.–5 p.m. ₡5,500 ($11). Info: Museos Banco Central website.Theater: “Amadeus”Peter Schaffer’s masterpiece about the life of Mozart (and his bitter rival, Salieri) receives an epic production at Teatro Espressivo.“Amadeus” plays Aug. 7 – Oct. 12 at Teatro Espressivo, Curridabat. Info: Teatro Espressivo website.Art: “The Day We Became Contemporary”The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design celebrates 20 years of cutting-edge arts with a comprehensive, retrospective showcase.“El Día Que Nos Hicimos Contemporáneos” continues through Sept. 5 at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Downtown San José. Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Residents ₡1,000 ($2), foreigners ₡1,500 ($3), students ₡500 ($1). Info: MADC website.Enamoráte de tu ciudadYes, you can go gaga for San José – especially when the Culture Ministry is sponsoring Enamorate de tu ciudad, or Fall in Love With Your City, a year-round celebration of art, culture and urban parks. Check out the event site for news on games, workshops, presentations and surprise performances.Fall in Love with Your City takes place on Saturdays in various parks in downtown San José. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Free. Info: Enamorate de tu Ciudad website and Facebook page. Facebook Comments Independence DayCosta Ricans are a proud people, and no holiday is more patriotic than the annual Día de la Independencia. The holiday is packed with activity: First, the Torch of Independence will arrive in Cartago, completing a cross-country relay from the Nicaraguan border (Sunday, Sept. 14, 8 p.m.), followed by fireworks (8:15 p.m.)  Throughout Sunday evening, “lantern parades” will take place all across the country, including thousands of children and their homemade lanterns. On Monday morning, President Solís will deliver a speech in Central Park in downtown San José (9 a.m.). Independence Day is also a chance to watch colorful parades and local bands playing favorite standards, including the Band of Cartago, the Band of Heredia, and the Band of Guanacaste, among countless others. Wherever you are in the country, find a central park or plaza and you’ll likely find a parade. Happy 193rd birthday, Costa Rica!Here’s a glimpse of last year’s lantern parade in Alajuela: Related posts:Final World Cup showdown, viral theater, and other happenings around Costa Rica Guitar Festival, French cinema, and other happenings around Costa Rica Flamenco superstars, Soda Stereo tribute, and other happenings around Costa Rica Shakespearean ballet, outdoor tango, and other happenings around Costa Ricalast_img read more

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