Indigenous peoples around the world continue to suffer from prejudice and marginalization, Deputy Secretary-General Asha Rose-Migiro told the opening session today of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.“Powerful forces continue to take land from indigenous peoples, denigrate their cultures, suppress their languages and even directly attack their very lives,” warned Ms. Migiro.“These acts violate every principle enshrined in the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples,” she added.Some 2,000 participants from around the world converged on UN Headquarters in New York to discuss furthering the implementation of the landmark 2007 Declaration, which gained momentum last month when Australia officially endorsed the document after being one of four countries to vote against it along with Canada, New Zealand and the United States. The non-binding text sets out the individual and collective rights of the world’s almost 400 million indigenous peoples, as well as their rights to culture, identity, language, employment, health, education and other issues.It also prohibits discrimination against indigenous peoples and promotes their full and effective participation in all matters that concern them, and their right to remain distinct and to pursue their own visions of economic and social development. “The General Assembly solemnly proclaimed that the Declaration is a standard of achievement to be pursued in spirit of partnership and mutual respect,” said Ms. Migiro.The Deputy Secretary-General stressed that just raising living standards for indigenous peoples is not enough. “Protecting indigenous communities and their wealth of wisdom will not only enhance their lives, it will serve the interest of all people concerned about a healthy future for our planet.”She warned that the world ignores “indigenous peoples at our peril but if we listen to them society as a whole will benefit.” Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Chair of the Permanent Forum, told reporters in New York that most of the remaining oil, gas and mineral resources “are now found in indigenous peoples’ territories because we have been struggling against these kinds of [mining] operations.”She said that this was fortunate as the resources are still in the ground but also a “curse” because “it brings all these unaccountable corporations to come and exploit it without the permission of indigenous people.”Discussions at the two-week gathering will focus on the relationship between indigenous peoples and industrial corporations and the need to promote corporate social responsibility, in particular a report noting that mining for minerals, oil and gas disproportionately impacts indigenous peoples. Other issues on the Forum’s agenda, which concludes on 29 May, include climate change, the Arctic region and land tenure. 18 May 2009Indigenous peoples around the world continue to suffer from prejudice and marginalization, Deputy Secretary-General Asha Rose-Migiro told the opening session today of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. read more

TORONTO – Rogers Communications Inc. said Thursday its third-quarter profit declined more than 28% as the telecom and media company pushed ahead with changes intended to improve its long-term performance.The Toronto-based cable and wireless company, which also owns one of Canada’s largest media businesses, reported $332 million of net income, or 64 cents per share — down from $464 million, or 90 cents per share.Adjusted profits were equal to 78 cents per share, which was six cents below analyst estimates compiled by Thomson Reuters. Revenue increased 1% to $3.25 billion, coming within analyst expectations.Shares of the company dropped 2%, or 87 cents, to $42.56 in morning trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.Rogers has been working on a multi-year plan to improve its results, including a reorganization of its operations under the leadership of chief executive Guy Laurence, who said the third quarter results are where the company expected.The company — which has a national wireless network, regional cable operations in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, and major broadcast, print and digital media operations — is reaffirming its guidance for 2014 but says its adjusted operating profit and free cash flow will likely be at the lower end of the range.Within the results, wireless revenue grew 2% to $1.88 billion, as the company added 17,000 new postpaid subscribers, a smaller amount than last year.Cable revenue slipped one% to $864 million as the company lost 30,000 TV subscribers and faced more pricing competition.Rogers breaking CRTC rules with exclusive features in NHL sports app, says Bell TVNetflix Inc, Rogers Communications Inc team up for Canadian-produced drama series ‘Between’Rogers taps Cisco’s president to head enterprise unit as telecom restructuring continuesThe media division, which houses Rogers’ print and digital publications, TV and radio stations, and the Toronto Blue Jays, reported flat revenues of $440 million.Laurence, a former Vodafone UK CEO who joined the company last December, told analysts Thursday that Rogers has reduced layers of its management and cut the number of executives ranked vice president and above by 15%.“It is not a trivial exercise but it is now complete,” he said.Rogers — which has Canada’s largest base of mobile phone subscribers and one of the country’s largest cable and Internet operations — has been losing market share to long-time rivals Bell, owned by BCE Inc., and Telus.Earlier this week, Bell’s parent company filed an application with the broadcast regulator that included concerns over Rogers new NHL GamePlus mobile app, which offers multiple camera angles that users can interact with through the software.Bell told the CRTC that it believes the app violates certain regulatory rules that require content created for broadcasters to be made available to all competitors. The company said the app should be made available for free to all NHL GameCentre Live subscribers, not just Rogers customers.Rogers has said the features, which include cameras mounted on referee’s helmet, were created for an interactive platform and wouldn’t have been developed solely for TV broadcasts — therefore are exempt under the rules. The company has until Nov. 20 to respond formally to the complaint.“They are complaining and trying to stifle innovation in hockey instead of actually applauding it, which is what we see from pretty much everybody else,” Laurence told analysts.“Obviously we don’t believe that we have transgressed any rules, and we will continue to focus on delivering innovation for consumers, and not fighting little petty fights such as this. I don’t think they will win. Let’s see.”Laurence also told analysts he is “not seeking to get a lot of revenue” from the Game Centre Live app, but considers the product akin to a business-class upgrade for airlines, where coach customers have the option to upgrade for a price. read more

With 300,000 households in southern Sudan in dire need of seeds and tools, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has for the first time delivered a substantial amount of both items by road for tens of thousands of people in previously inaccessible rebel held areas in the Nuba Mountains.”It is a real breakthrough that FAO succeeded in delivering seeds and tools by road to people who have been living under insecure and extreme conditions,” Anne M. Bauer, Director for FAO’s Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation said in a statement released in Rome today. “This project will make farmers and their families less dependent on food aid and could be a contribution to peace and stability in the region.”More than 10,500 households benefited from the assistance in the region, controlled by the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), where many people have been forced off the plains by war and are now living in precarious conditions, cultivating limited agricultural land on steep slopes and flat land on the top of and in between hills. The delivery became possible after a ceasefire agreement between the Sudanese government and the rebels in January 2002.FAO distributed 130 tons of sorghum, maize, sesame, cowpea, groundnut and vegetable seeds to different parts of the area. Farmers also received 13,400 agricultural tools in the project, which supports the resettlement of returnees and the early rehabilitation of agriculture. FAO has also distributed 154 tons of local crop seeds and more than 16,000 hand tools to displaced people and returnees in areas controlled by the government. This relief aid will improve the food situation of an estimated 12,500 farm families.In total, the delivery of seeds and tools is expected to result in the production of 8,200 tons of food in 2003.The project is financed by the governments of Norway as the main contributor, the Netherlands and Sweden. FAO said some 300 000 households in southern Sudan are in dire need of seeds and tools, estimated at nearly $8.6 million, to resume farming in the upcoming season starting this month. So far, FAO has received $1.7 million. read more

Middle Passage Artist: Sofia CASTELO/Adriana TIHON | Nationality: Portugal/Romania Mémorial d’Ebène Artist: Nicolas GRUN/Pierre LAURENT | Nationality: France Palenque Artist: Jaime CASTELLANOS | Nationality: Colombia/France 80 Million Beats of the Heart Artist: Pertti Kukkonen | Nationality: Finland Untitled Artist: Hanxi WANG | Nationality: UK/China Ark of Return Artist: Rodney LEON | Nationality: USA ‹ › The winning design was unanimously chosen by a committee of five international judges who met at UN Headquarters in August. Ahead of the judging, they spoke with UN Television about how their decisions were shaped. Ashfar Isahq is the Chairman of the International Children’s Art Foundation. He said he founded the organization to harness children’s imagination for positive change.“At the end of the day, I and my work with children means that I have to look at an inner voice that tells me that this is what children and future generations will like,” Mr. Isahq said. “I listen to that inner voice to make my selection.”Curator and artist Dominique Fontaine said she was looking for a certain aesthetic value, one “that will appeal to the viewer.”From New York University, Michael Gomez, a professor of History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies who specializes in the African Diaspora, said he was primarily interested in identifying a piece that spoke directly to the experience of the transatlantic slave trade and the significance of that trade. “I was interested in finding a project that would in some way give expression to that experience, and would allow those who would visit the memorial to have a good sense of what that experience was about and its ongoing implication for various societies,” Mr. Gomez told UN Producer, Mary Ferreira.Meanwhile, David Boxer, a former curator at the National Gallery of Jamaica said the real challenge for him was to find a piece that both spoke to the tragedy itself – which he said required a memorial in a “more traditional sense” – and something that is inspirational.Mr. Boxer said he was looking for a piece “that looks to the future, that deals with the whole question of hope. That things are going to improve, that things are going to become better. So it’s how do you combine those two sentiments into a single monument.”Completing the jury, Nadia Bakhurji, and architect, women’s empowerment advocate and former Board Member of Saudi Council of Engineers, said she knew the winning design right away.“I had emotional reactions to some of the sculptures and I knew which one would be the right one because it has to be the one that will really inspire thought provoking ideas, make you step back and say – oh my God, is that really what happened and how can we prevent that from happening again,” Ms. Bakhurji said. She added that she was also looking for a design that bridged educational and spiritual experiences. The judges made their unanimous selection after meeting with each of the seven finalists, each of whom also spoke with UN Television ahead of their presentations. The winner, Mr. Leon, said the competition was “a once in the lifetime opportunity to do something which is going to last generations and has had an impact on so many people’s lives, not only spiritually and emotionally but also in an educational capacity, as well.” Hanxi Wang, an architectural student from China who submitted ‘Untitled’, said just getting to the finalist stage, after being one of 16 shortlisted artists, was “already incredible.” Carlo Gandolfi, an architect from Italy, worked with Paola Passeri, Alessandra Ripa, and Monica Sachetti to create ‘The Wounded Earth.’ “We put a lot of effort into this project,” Mr. Gandolfi said ahead of entering the board room where the jury was waiting for a presentation of the design.Pertti Kukkonen, a Finnish sculptor was straightforward about his aspirations for the design, ‘80 Million Beats of the Heart’. “I want to win this,” Mr. Kukkonen said. “This is maybe one of the most interesting days in my life.”From France, the team of Pierre Laurent and Nicolas Grun said they were nervous “but in a good way” ahead of the judging. “It’s normal to be nervous because there is a lot going on behind this project,” Mr. Laurent told UNTV. “We would like the jury to understand and capture what we have done. So that’s why we are nervous, but in a good way.”Portuguese architect Sofia Castelo, who created ‘Middle Passage’ with Romanian Adriana Thion, said: “I’m just very enthusiastic about the project and I’m excited to be here.”The final contestant, Jaime Catelanos, a Colombian-French architect, whose piece “Palenque” features what look like orange metal slabs, said he was nervous but, “I think I will forget very quickly – the panic – as we call it.” In addition to today’s first place winner, the Panel of Judges awarded Mr. Grun and Mr. Laurent a second place awards. Two designs – Middle Passage and The Wounded Earth – were named as third place winners. All designs aimed to honour the more than 15 million men, women and children who were victimized in the transatlantic slave trade for over 400 years, and created the largest forced migration in history.Learn more about the transatlantic slave trade in a UN News Centre archival photo story. The Wounded Earth Artist: Carlo GANDOLFI/Paola PASSERI/Alessandra RIPA/Monica SACHETTI | Nationality: Italy Unveiling Rodney Leon’s ‘Ark of Return’, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the memorial “will serve as a reminder of the bravery of those slaves, abolitionists and unsung heroes who managed to rise up against an oppressive system, fight for their freedom and end the practice.”The ceremony, held on the eve of the General Assembly’s annual debate, was also attended by the President of the body’s 68th session, John Ashe, who commended all participants in the competition for “being a voice of change and hope” whose ability to create meaningful artwork “deepens our faith in human goodness and decency, and for this, we are all grateful.” The piece by Mr. Leon, a designer and architect of the African Burial Ground National Monument in lower Manhattan, features a “symbolic spiritual space and object where one can interact and pass through for acknowledgement, contemplation, meditation, reflection, healing, education and transformation,” according to its creator. Mr. Leon’s work was selected from among 310 design proposals from 83 countries in a competition launched two years ago by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), with support from the UN Department of Public Information’s Remember Slavery Programme, and Member States from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the African Union. Jamaica, as the Chairman of the Permanent Memorial Committee, was represented at today’s event by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. UNECO Director-General Irina Bokova, who also participated, said she was “moved” to be participating in the event given she just returned from Haiti where the memory of slavery and the slave trade carries precious significance not just of suffering but also of “victorious fight from oppression for freedom”. The design had to be created around the theme of “Acknowledging the Tragedy; Considering the legacy; Lest we forget”. It was to be not only a symbol, but part of an educational process in memory of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade, and to architecturally embody each affected region of the transatlantic slave trade – Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Americas.It also had to artistically complement to the landscape of the UN Headquarters, described by UNESCO as “an iconic site that will deepen, both visually and spiritually, the visitor’s experience of this important environment.” List of Finalists read more

The report, entitled “Preventing nutrient loss and waste across the food system: Policy actions for high-quality diets”, concludes that regularly eating poor-quality food has become a greater public health threat than malaria, tuberculosis or measles.Meanwhile, approximately one-third of food produced for human consumption never reaches the consumer’s plate or bowl. Nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats are highly perishable, rendering them susceptible to losses throughout increasingly complex food production systems.According the report, each year more than half of all globally-produced fruits and vegetables are lost or wasted. Moreover, around 25 per cent of all meat produced, equivalent to 75 million cows, goes uneaten.”To tackle all forms of malnutrition and promote healthy diets, we need to put in place food systems that increase the availability, affordability and consumption of fresh, nutrient-rich food for everyone,” said José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General.Reducing food loss and waste, particularly high-nutrient foods, not only has nutritional benefits, but also contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and should be a new priority for improving nutrition.We need to put in place food systems that increase the availability [of] nutrient-rich food for everyone – FAO chief“Taking specific actions to reduce the losses and waste of fresh and nutritious food is a fundamental part of this effort,” asserted Mr. da Silva, who is also a member of the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition, joint report author.Taking actionTo remedy this the report proposes a series of policy actions across the entire food system, including educating all concerned; focusing on perishable foods; improving public and private infrastructure; and closing data gaps on food losses and waste.FAO data indicates that in low-income countries, food is mostly lost during harvesting, storage, processing and transportation; while in high-income nations the problem lies in retail and consumer level waste. Together, they directly impact the number of calories and nutrients actually available for consumption.Given the direct impact on wellbeing, learning capacity and productivity, the loss and waste of micronutrients is of particular concern.Globally, agriculture produces 22 per cent more vitamin A than we require. However, after loss and waste, the amount available for human consumption is 11 per cent less than required. Reducing the loss and waste of nutritious foods could therefore yield substantial health benefits.With the value of global food lost or wasted annually, estimated to be around $1 trillion, cutting down on waste would also yield major economic benefits. Additionally, eating more of the food already produced, would avoid wasting the water, land and energy that went into its production, said FAO. read more

LOS ANGELES — Reserves Jordan Bell and Ivan Alipiev combined to score 31 points and Loyola Marymount got 67 points from its bench in a 106-50 thumping of Bethesda on Thursday night.Zafir Williams scored all 10 of his points in the first half to lead the Lions (8-0) to a 57-27 advantage at intermission over the National Christian Colleges Athletic Association school from Anaheim, California.James Batemon scored 10, but didn’t attempt a free throw. Batemon, who shoots 88.3 per cent from the foul line, came into the game with an NCAA best 53-made free throws. Petr Herman added 10 points off the bench and Mattias Markusson finished with nine points and 10 rebounds. The Lions shot 66 per cent in the first half and connected on 7 of 13 from distance (54 per cent).Ian Fox paced the Flames with 12 points, but he made just 3 of 14 from the floor and missed all six of his 3-point tries. Bethesda shot just 29 per cent from the floor for the game (15 of 52), including 5 of 25 from beyond the arc.Loyola Marymount had a 67-13 advantage in bench points and a 64-16 edge in points in the paint.The Associated Press read more

first_img Feb 5th 2017, 12:00 PM By Sean Murray 10,197 Views 45,000 children are set to sow, grow (and eat) their own fruit and veg this spring Children were shown how to grow their own cress, runner beans and baby carrots at the launch of Sow & Grow. Image: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Sunday 5 Feb 2017, 12:00 PM Share Tweet Email Short URL AROUND 45,000 CHILDREN across the country are set to learn how to grow their vegetables this spring, as the Sow & Grow 2017 initiative gets underway.Organised by the group GIY – grow it yourself – and innocent drinks the idea behind the initiative is to encourage an awareness of where food comes from and show children just how easy it is to grow their own greens.The programme was officially launched at Scoil Thomais in Castleknock, Dublin, on Wednesday.At the launch, cress, runner beans and baby carrots were sown, and blind taste tests took place to test children’s knowledge of various fruits and vegetables.Any class can sign up to take part in Sow & Grow, now in its sixth year, by signing up for a pack online here.Each pack contains soil, growing pots, seeds and expert growing guides along with details on how to prepare and cook the produce that will be grown.Bláithnid McKenna, from innocent drinks, told RTÉ: “This year, there’ll be enough soil and cup seeds to help 32 kids in each class to help them grow their own fruit and veg.”The most engaged Sow & Grow school will win a trip to Bloom in the Park for their class, as well as €500 worth of gardening equipment for their school.Ahead of this year’s campaign, GIY conducted a survey to gauge reactions to the initiative.Michael Kelly, the founder of GIY, said: “Surprisingly, nearly half of parents we surveyed had grown something in the previous 12 months with their kids. This is fantastic, much, much higher than we expected.It shows that food growing is something that is becoming more and more mainstream, which is absolutely why we’re here.However, the survey also showed that almost a third of children don’t get enough fruit and veg, while around one in six don’t know where their food comes from.To help launch Sow & Grow, GIY and innocent drinks visited St Saviour’s National School in Waterford last week to chat to 1st class pupils on their thoughts on growing your own food, as well as their favourite, and least favourite, fruits and vegetables. Source: you can’t see the video, please click here.Read: Interview: For children to eat healthily we must teach them about food Image: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland 15 Comments last_img read more

first_img The Aldi on the Old Lucan Road, Palmerstown which John Cash pleaded guilty to robbing. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Wednesday 27 Mar 2019, 5:37 PM 42 Comments By Sonya McClean 30,073 Views Image: Google Maps center_img Share7 Tweet Email Man who previously knocked down and killed French tourists jailed for driving at garda John Cash received a three and a half year sentence. The Aldi on the Old Lucan Road, Palmerstown which John Cash pleaded guilty to robbing. Image: Google Maps Mar 27th 2019, 5:37 PM A MAN PREVIOUSLY jailed for knocking down and killing two French tourists has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison for driving at a garda while trying to escape arrest for burglary.John Cash (37) was jailed for eight years in 2008 after he pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing the death of friends Martine Talon (54) and Martine Liotard (53) on the Kylemore Road in Dublin on 16 May 2007.The court heard during that sentencing hearing, before the late Judge Katherine Delahunt, that Cash had drank 14 cans of cider, a bottle of whiskey and taken Prozac tablets before driving the car.He had been banned for driving for 20 years the previous year after he was convicted of dangerous driving.Cash of North Circular Road, Dublin, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to burglary at Aldi, Old Lucan Road, Palmerstown Lower and dangerous driving on 3 December 2017. He has 30 additional previous convictions which were all dealt with in the District Court and he was disqualified from driving at the time.‘Callous act’Garda Barry O’Shea told Eoghan Cole BL, prosecuting, that he was alerted to the fact that a burglary was in progress at Aldi when he saw Cash outside the premises. Cash ran towards his own car when he spotted the patrol car.Garda O’Shea approached him and drew his baton. Cash revved the engine of his vehicle and the garda smashed the windscreen with the baton.Cash then drove the car directly at Garda O’Shea causing him to jump out of the way to avoid getting injured.He then drove into Garda O’Shea’s patrol car, moving the vehicle out of his way, to facilitate his getaway.Judge Martin Nolan described it as a “callous act”. He said had Cash just burgled the premises and not driven at the garda he would have given “a substantially less sentence”.“In his attempt to escape he put a garda in danger,” Judge Nolan said before he commented that Cash had behaved in this way “despite the fact that he had previously pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing the death of two people”.He acknowledged that Cash co-operated with the garda investigation, made admissions and was remorseful for his behaviour.‘Not a person beyond reform’Judge Nolan accepted that Cash had a difficult mental history and addictions to both drugs and alcohol. He disqualified Cash from driving for four years and sentenced him to three and a half years in prison.Garda O’Shea said a colleague later arrested Cash, following a brief chase, after the burglar lost control of his own vehicle while attempting to turn into nearby Palmerstown village.Cash said in an interview that he had little recollection of the burglary but accepted he was at the premises and that he had driven his car in that manner.He said his role was to keep watch outside the premises and Garda O’Shea confirmed that CCTV footage from the store showed this was the case.He said Cash and an accomplice, who has never been caught, used a car jack and a hammer to smash a window in the shop before the other man entered the premises.David Staunton BL, defending said his client acknowledged that he was wrong and was very regretful. He said he had been out of prison since 2014 and submitted to the judge that he was “not a person beyond reform”.“He is acutely aware of his behaviour and wishes to amend his ways,” counsel submitted. last_img read more

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first_imgOle Gunnar Solskjaer believes his predecessor at Manchester United will have no trouble finding a new managerial role given his strong recordIn his first media appearance since United sacked him in December on beIN Sports, Jose Mourinho announced his intention to return to “top-level football”.The Portuguese tactician’s confidence remains unwavered despite the upturn in form United have enjoyed under his successor Solskjaer with six wins in as many games.But, for Solskjaer, when it comes to Mourinho there is nothing but respect for a coach who has conquered four different leagues across his career.“Why shouldn’t he [be ambitious]?” said Solskjaer on Mourinho, according to SportsMax.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“He’s a fantastic manager, with the results he’s had, I don’t think he’ll be struggling to find work.”On Mourinho’s comments that player power undermined his reign at United, Solskjaer said: “I can’t really comment on everything he says.“I’m enjoying working with these boys and that’s all I can say.”Solskjaer will be hoping to make it seven wins in a row in his opening matches as interim manager in Saturday’s Premier League match against Brighton at Old Trafford.last_img read more

first_img Updated: 4:44 PM Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter MTS operates 95 bus routes and three Trolley lines on 53 miles of double-tracked railway. Every weekday more than 300,000 passenger trips are taken on MTS bus and Trolley services in 10 cities and the county. In FY 2017, MTS served more than 88 million riders. Posted: May 10, 2018 KUSI Newsroom SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Metropolitan Transit System has announced that their Board of Directors has unanimously approved the purchase of six electric buses. The press release can be read below:In continued efforts to reduce carbon emissions in San Diego, the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Board of Directors unanimously approved the purchase of six (6) 40-foot electric buses from New Flyer and options to purchase nine depot chargers. The total cost is estimated to be $6 million and the buses are expected to arrive in mid-summer 2019.“This is a major milestone for MTS,” said MTS Board Chair Georgette Gómez. “These buses will serve as the benchmark of MTS’ zero-emissions bus pilot program and continue moving the agency toward operating the cleanest possible bus fleet.”In October 2017, the MTS Board directed staff to implement a zero-emission bus pilot program. As part of the pilot, MTS will purchase nine zero-emissions buses and use them on existing routes throughout San Diego for a period of two years.  The pilot program will allow MTS analyze vehicle performance, challenges and capabilities. Staff will analyze characteristics such as in route vs. depot charging, climate, route profiles, passenger loads, operator performance, battery capacity and more.The new electric buses will have a maximum range of 150-200 miles. The buses are equipped with 480 KW of stored energy and will be charged through individual depot chargers at MTS’ operating facility.The buses will have many modern amenities including the newest onboard video surveillance systems, enhanced wheelchair restraint systems with forward-facing safety barriers for improved safety, electric air conditioning and engine coolant systems.Six of the depot chargers will be installed at the Imperial Avenue Division as the primary operating facility for the zero-emissions bus pilot program. The three additional chargers will be installed at the other fixed route operating facilities to allow testing and provide continuity of service as the pilot program progresses.MTS has been aggressively helping San Diego and California reach climate action goals in many ways including:Transporting about 42% of passengers on a zero-emission light rail systemOperating of nearly 600 buses with clean-burning compressed natural gasPurchasing 100% renewable natural biogas for bus operationsDeploying 128 eco-friendly propane-powered buses into service that will reduce carbon emissions by 3 million pounds annuallyInstalling near-zero NOx engines into existing fixed-route busesAchieving LEED Silver status for new bus operations facilities in Chula Vista and El CajonInstalling solar power at 500 new bus shelters MTS Board approves electric bus purchase May 10, 2018 KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more

first_imgGeneral Assignment ReporterBrandon Beyer comes to South Florida from Oklahoma City, where he anchored and reported for 3 years at KOCO-TV.Follow @beyernewsPrior to that, Brandon worked for WTXL-TV in Tallahassee. He got his start in television working for a cable access station in Southern Nevada.Brandon grew up in Kansas City. He graduated from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas and earned a masters degree from Central Michigan University.Brandon Beyer comes to South Florida from Oklahoma City, where he anchored and reported for 3 years at KOCO-TV.He is happy to call South Florida home. Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

first_imgTEWKSBURY, MA — On Wednesday, June 20, 2018 the Tewksbury Police Department arrested Robert J. Gorski, 26, of 85 Baystate Rd., Tewksbury on a warrant for Receiving Stolen Property (subsequent offense).After setting up a surveillance operation at 85 Baystate Rd (Gorski’s residence) with an arrest warrant and search warrant in hand, Detectives observed a 2016 Black Ford Escape (Ma. Reg. 6PRY70) leaving the residence. Detectives observed Robert Gorski sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle which led to a motor vehicle stop a short distance from the residence and his arrest without incident.Mr. Gorski is a suspect in a string of recent car breaks in the neighborhood where he resides and his arrest/warrant was the result of an ongoing investigation. The search warrant was executed at 85 Baystate Rd after his arrest and items linked to the recent car breaks were located. Mr. Gorski was held overnight and transported to Lowell District Court in the morning for arraignment.The Tewksbury Police Department urges any citizens who suspect criminal activity to call the Dispatch Center @ 978-851-7373. If you wish to remain anonymous please call the Tip Line @ 978-851-0175 or send an email to Gorski(NOTE: The above press release is from the Tewksbury Police Department.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSuspects In Recent String Of Wilmington Break-Ins Arrested After Turning Themselves InIn “Featured”Wilmington K9 Ridic Helps Catch Bad Guy In AndoverIn “Government”WANTED: Fugitive Dumped Stolen Car In WilmingtonIn “Government”last_img read more

first_imgArchana Puran Singh, Navjot Singh SidhuTwitterWhat looks like an attempt to bring Navjot Singh Sidhu back on the comedy show, Kapil Sharma read out a letter to the show’s current co-host Archana Puran Singh on Sidhu’s behalf asking her to leave the show as early as possible.On Saturday’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, when Badhaai Ho actors Gajraj Rao and Neena Gupta graced the show, Kapil Sharma picked a point to discuss about how lucky Archana is to still receive love letters from her Param Meet (name sarcastically derived from her husband Parmeet Sethi), in the age of social media. He insisted that he will read out the letter for her.By this time, Archana was convinced that Kapil was indeed talking about Parmeet’s love letter to her. As she lend an ear to Kapil, the ace comedian began reading the letter which said, “Dear Archana, I love you a lot and I pray for your well-being. I hope you become so healthy that you won’t fit in a chair. For you, I can leave my home, my work and my city if you could please vacant my seat. Yours lovingly, Navjot Singh Sidhu (loosely translated from Hindi).” And soon everyone broke into laughter.And the very next moment, Archana got up from her seat and told Kapil, “Ok! fine. Obliging to Sidhu’s request, I have now vacated my seat” while taking a few steps towards the audience. But soon she added, “Only for a second” and again got back into her seat saying that she won’t leave anytime soon.Earlier, after maintaing a stoic silence for weeks, Kapil had opened up about Sidhu’s return to The Kapil Sharma Show as the co-host and said that after the elections, Sidhu’s return is inevitable.last_img read more

first_imggasResidents of certain parts of the capital had a rather difficult morning as there was no gas supply, preventing them from even cooking breakfast at home.Residents of Rampura, Banasree, Mahanagar Project, Khilgaon and its adjacent areas on Monday said gas supply in the areas were cut without any prior notice.Titas emergency control room said a six inch gas supply pipe was damaged in east Rampura during repair work on Sunday.The gas supply in the affected areas will be restored by Monday afternoon, according to the Titas emergency control room.last_img read more

first_img.A case was filed on Monday over the death of Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU) student Wasim, killed in a road crash in Moulvibazar on Saturday.Twenty-two-year old Wasim, a final-year Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering student, was crushed to death by a bus after its helper reportedly pushed him off the vehicle at Sherpur in Moulvibazar Sadar upazila.SAU proctor Mrittunjoy Kundu filed the case at Moulvibazar Model Police Station in the afternoon.Bus driver Jewel Ahmed, 30, his assistant Masuk Mia, 31, and supervisor Sheful Mia, 35, were accused in the case. Suhel Ahmed, officer-in-charge of Sadar Police Station, said Jewel and Masuk have been arrested while Sheful is on the run.Ten students, who were with Wasim at the time of the accident, have been made witnesses in the case.”It was not an accident. It was a murder,” proctor Kundu said. “Our student Wasim has been killed in a planned way.”last_img read more

first_imgBihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (L) visits Shri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH) as more than 100 children lost their life due Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in Muzaffarpur on 18 June 2019. Photo: AFPTen more children died Tuesday from a mysterious brain fever potentially linked to lychees, officials said, taking the death toll to 113 this month and sparking angry protests in India’s poorest Bihar state.Sixty children, mostly under the age of 10 and malnourished, are undergoing treatment after an outbreak of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in Muzaffarpur district of the eastern state.Bihar health department official Ashok Kumar Singh told AFP that ten children died on Tuesday, taking the overall death count in June to 113.“Six children were discharged after being treated for AES,” Singh said.He warned that the toll may rise with fresh cases trickling-in, as dozens undergo treatment in packed hospital wards. Television images showed several children to a bed.On Tuesday, dozens of people gathered outside the main hospital in Muzaffarpur to accuse local authorities of acting too slowly and of not caring.The state’s health minister came in for particular criticism after asking reporters about the score in India’s cricket match against Pakistan on Sunday during a news conference on the crisis.“Bihar’s Health Minister Mangal Pandey seems more worried about cricket score than the death of children,” tweeted Randeep Surjewala of the opposition Congress party.Rabri Devi, another opposition figure, called the deaths “cold-blooded murder”.“Children are dying because of a lack of medicines and treatment,” she tweeted.Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Tuesday faced angry protesters as he made his first visit to the state-run Sri Krishna Medical College, where most of the children have died.Reporters were barred from entering the facility, and the families of sick children were kept away from the premises.Outbreaks occur annuallyThe disease sets in rapidly and is characterised by plummeting blood sugar, high fever, convulsions and paralysis. It is caused by viruses, bacteria and toxins spread in different ways.Outbreaks have occurred annually during summer months in the same districts since 1995, typically coinciding with the lychee season.Apart from 2014 when a record 357 children died in the state, the annual death toll is usually much lower.Several years ago US researchers said the brain disease could be linked to a toxic substance found in lychees, the tropical fruit.They also said more study was needed to uncover the cause of the illness, known locally as Chamki Bukhar, which is fatal in a third of cases.The National Human Rights Commission has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and Kumar state authorities to report any “possible flaw” in implementation of vaccination and awareness programmes.An editorial in the Hindu newspaper Tuesday said the deaths could have “easily been prevented with some foresight and early care”.It said in 2014 an Indo-US expert team had saved 74 percent of sick children through a simple medical intervention.“It is appalling that this year the government failed to raise awareness on this strategy.”Bihar is one of India’s poorest states and home to almost 100 million people. It has also been hit by a heatwave in recent weeks with temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit) that has left 91 people dead since the weekend.Most of the children affected by the brain fever come from poor families who struggle to get even one healthy meal a day. Often the kids gorge on free-growing lychees on an empty stomach.last_img read more

first_img Share Michael Stravato for The Texas TribuneEvacuees flee flooding in a boat with a nearly submerged Houston sign behind them, on Aug, 29, 2017. Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 storm with winds of 130 miles per hour four days prior.A commission convened by Gov. Greg Abbott to focus on rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey issued a report Thursday saying the state should take a series of steps to prepare for the next big storm, including improving local disaster response procedures and considering major infrastructure projects designed to harden the state against future disasters.The 175-page report, which Abbott called a “roadmap” for the Texas Legislature and local communities moving forward, came more than a year after Harvey inundated parts of the Houston area with more than 60 inches of rain. It was compiled by the Commission to Rebuild Texas, which was overseen by Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp.“We knew when the hurricane hit, that Hurricane Harvey would deserve a Texas-size response,” Abbott said. “By following the recommendations in the report, Texas will be better prepared to deal with future disasters.”The report praised Texas’ response to Harvey, saying that “Texas is a national leader in responding to disasters.” But it also highlighted problems that arose, including uneven preparedness among local jurisdictions and communication problems among first responders. And it said that “Hurricane Harvey was a warning that we should heed.”“The enormous toll on individuals, businesses and public infrastructure should provide a wakeup call underlining the urgent need to ‘future-proof’ the Gulf Coast — and indeed all of Texas — against future disasters,” the report said in its executive summary.The plan identified more than 4,000 potential projects geared toward that future-proofing. One recommendation is to consider “buy-outs” of properties that are consistently or severely damaged, while underscoring that homeowners would need to request or volunteer for a buy-out. The report points to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, which has already spent $555 million in Texas to acquire or elevate more than 4,000 properties.Another possible strategy the report identifies is the prevention of home building in “vulnerable locations in the first place.” In April, the Houston City Council approved changes to floodplain regulations to reduce future damage.The report also discusses the benefits of building a “coastal spine” to protect the greater Houston area from a hurricane’s storm surge. Depending on a given storm’s strength, the report identified savings of “$400 million to $7 billion” per storm if a coastal spine system was built. And it called for placing public infrastructure such as sewer and water lines in “the least flood-prone areas within a community.”But the report didn’t go into details for how to pay for each individual project, many of which would require federal or local funds.Sitting next to Abbott, Sharp talked about the importance of making sure someone in every county in the state was trained in disaster management. He also talked about institutionalizing the use of extension agents from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service to better support the Texas Division of Emergency Management.Harvey made landfall in August 2017. It left more than 90 people dead and caused extreme flooding in Houston and other areas near the coast. The storm was the costliest U.S. disaster in 2017 and the second costliest in U.S. history.In November, an interim report from the Texas Senate’s budget-writing panel estimated that state government has already spent $2.7 billion on Harvey recovery. More than 80 percent of that came from federal sources.The report was released on the same day the Texas Water Development Board released a state flood assessment. The 54-page report, also compiled for the Legislature, identifies strategies like improved flood mapping and modeling, and recommended coordinated watershed-based planning, to prepare for future floods.While the assessment said Texas “does not have a systematic method for identifying and calculating flood mitigation costs,” it estimated a total need up to $36 billion for flood mitigation. Part of that cost, the assessment said, could be met using funding from local, state or federal programs.This article was originally published in The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs Texans — and engages with them — about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues. Disclosure: The Texas A&M University System has been a financial supporter of The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that is funded in part by donations from members, foundations and corporate sponsors. Financial supporters play no role in the Tribune’s journalism. Find a complete list of them here.last_img read more

first_imgHello everyone, how are you? Well, I hope. I just want to start off by saying I love God’s work, but a little bit of less rain would do me just great. Well, rain or shine I have something to keep your spirit up, so take notes.First I want to talk about this wonderful music program that my girl, Eartha Lamkin, started 10 years ago for children. Now everyone who knows me knows that this is a passion for me; children and music. Well, Ms. Lamkin, Director of “B-Sharp Summer Music Enrichment Academy at Timothy Baptist Church, is offering classes for children in voice, chorus, piano, guitar, strings, percussion, woodwinds, brass winds, ear training, sight singing music theory and dance. The “B-Sharp Summer Music Enrichment Academy is not affiliated with the Baltimore County or Baltimore City Public School System or any public school system in the state of Maryland. Timothy Baptist Church is located 1214 W. Saratoga Street in Baltimore and you can reach Ms. Lamkin at 443-421-7670.Eartha Lamkin, Baltimore’s own renowned jazz vocalist, opera singer and choir director is offering music training for youth this summer with her program called “B-Sharp Summer Music Enrichment Academy” at Timothy Baptist Church, 1214 W. Saratoga Street in Baltimore. Free breakfast and lunch and limited bus transportation provided. For more information, call Eartha Lamkin at 443-421-7670 or 410-484-6519. (Courtesy Photo)The Avenue Bakery, located at 2229 Pennsylvania Avenue on the corner of Baker Street, owned by James & Brenda Hamlin, hosts the “Courtyard Music Series featuring performances by Baltimore’s most consummate musicians and performing artists from 4 p.m.-8 p.m. the first Saturday of every month in August. Guests can contribute to the “Rebuild the Royal Theatre One Brick @ a Time” Fund-raising Campaign. Not only do you get live entertainment, but they serve food and drinks. All you have to do is bring your own folding chairs and go early.Carl Grubb’s Summer Camp Program. (Courtesy Photo)The Avenue Bakery is where jazz, sports, Baltimore history and tasty baked goods have intersected for seven years is also the first stop on “The Pennsylvania Avenue National Heritage Trail Tour.” They are now known as the one and only bakery that offers original, baked on the premises “Poppay’s Rolls,” heirloom-inspired bakery treats, and framed photos on the walls inside and out. There is no cover charge for the concert, just a cost for the home-made hot rolls that would make you want to slap your grandma. You can even order them in advance and say, “Jim! I am on my way; I want two dozen of your rolls, one whole- wheat and the other one white.” All you have to do is call him at 443-280-2702 and tell him “Rambling Rose” told you!Carl Grubbs (Courtesy Photo)We have a little gospel entertainment going on in our community. The Corinth Baptist Church, located 814 Cypresstree Drive in Capitol Heights, Maryland is hosting their “5th Annual North Carolina Day” (an indoor-outdoor fund-raising event) on August 4 from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. with free food, local gospel groups, vendors, raffles, youth activities and a gospel concert. The entertainment includes; George Dickens & the Gospel Disciples, Evangelist Mary Brown and the Spiritual Singers, and Jarell Smalls & Company. For more information, call 301-814-5618.“Big Daddy Stallings,” Baltimore’s renowned blues singer, will be performing live at the “One Sports Bar & Lounge, 4314. (Courtesy Photo)Staying on the Spiritual side of things; the anniversary celebration of the “Anointed Boyd Sisters” is coming up on August 5 from 4 p.m. at the New Elizabeth Baptist Church, 4901 Park Heights Avenue in Baltimore. The program includes: The Lunzy Sisters, Gospel Pearls, Serenity, Deyontay & NuDirection and Father Completion, Master of Ceremony is Minister Robert Wilson. The Pastor is William David Boyd. For more information, call 443- 695-6539.Liberty Live Sumer Concerts closes with their last event on August 3 with Chandra & the Ryze Band at 4100 Block of Deer Park Road in Randallstown, Maryland. Go early and find your spot with your folding chairs. Opens at 6 p.m. The live entertainment starts at 7 p.m. It is free and open to the public. Vendors are welcome.The last thing I want to mention is the Frederick Douglass & Harriet Tubman Tour. The ticket includes a round-trip transportation, free luncheon, guided tour and photo opportunities, tour and film at the Harriet Tubman Museum, tour of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Center and much more on August 4. For more information, call 410-385-9532 or 410-563-3404.Well, my dear friends, I am truly out of space, but remember if you need me, call me at 410-833-9474 or email me a UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.last_img read more

first_imgThe raging wildfires in Northern California have caused fatalities and immense amounts of property damage. In Yuba County, two roommates found themselves in a terrifying situation, facing certain death as the fires engulfed the area surrounding their home, and pulled off an escape that’s more remarkable than the final scene of a Hollywood movie.The video shows the the men attempting to figure out a way to safety, as they are overcome by flames, smoke, and burning embers from the wind stoking the blaze. In a fight or flight moment, they make it to a vehicle and miraculously gun it out of the hellscape. They can be overheard saying they weren’t given any warning the fire was headed their way, and were completely caught off guard.This is as intense of a situation as you’ll ever see. There’s a lot of explicit language, but it’s literally life or death, so, completely understandable.last_img read more