first_imgThe Summer Shape Up 2019 is in full swing in the Rushe Fitness gym here in Letterkenny.We have loads of members who are taking their goals seriously this summer and we will help them to reach those goals in the easiest way possible.Too often the information that people get about dieting and weight loss is either too complicated or completely restrictive and doesn’t allow for life to happen. Diets like these only have 2 ways of ending up;They are too difficult to follow, and the person stops after 2-3 weeks. The person may manage to complete the diet, but they have learned nothing along the way and will go straight back to their old habits after they finish and will regain all the weight they have lost. So, both are pointless and only give the impression that dieting and weight loss is a restrictive and complicated process.But it isn’t!The information we provide to our Rushe Fitness members is easy to follow and is very effective for setting up good habits that will help them to achieve their goals without having to alienate themselves from their family and friends and without having to restrict everything they enjoy eating. I have given the tips below many times, but the basics of what works never changes and if you have seen our member success stories, you will see that this method works VERY well.When added into your daily routine, these tips can be adhered to very easily and work very well.Using a food diary:A simple food diary can prevent you from taking in excess calories from seemingly innocent sources, such as sugary drinks cereal bars.Writing down everything that you eat and drink, means that you are holding yourself accountable for your actions.It can prevent you from making mistakes.If you are training with a friend, swap diaries once a week and hold each other accountable. Portion Control:Your hand is your very own customized meal planner.If you are small and have small hands you will eat smaller portions and if you are tall and have large hands you will eat larger portions.At each meal you should be getting in a portion of protein, a portion of carbohydrates and a portion of fibrous vegetables.1: Protein (Chicken, beef, fish)You should use the size of an open palm and should roughly be the thickness of your thumb.2: Carbs. (Potato, sweet potato, rice)You should use the same size as a cupped hand.3: Vegetables (Any vegetables, but green is best)You should use the size of a closed fist. Advertisement 4: For extra fats if needed, such as oils and butter for cooking, or nuts for snacking on, you will use the length and thickness of your thumb, from tip to the large knuckle or a tablespoon for liquid fats like olive oil.Snack on high protein/low-calorie foods:A small snack of fruit and nuts mid-morning and mid-afternoon has been shown to be effective in weight loss and can keep hunger at bay for longer.An apple and a portion of almonds is a perfect snack providing that you keep the nut portions small enough.Protein bars like Quest, Fulfil and Carb Killas are great ways to snack in order to get protein with the majority of the carbohydrates coming from dietary fibre.Greek yoghurt is another great snack, add in a small handful of berries and you are sorted.This simple yet effective way of snacking, also allows you to always have something at hand that you can have if you are caught out and miss a meal.Use the 90% rule:The 90% rule allows you to be consistent with something but to have some leeway throughout the week as well. An example of this is that if you planned to eat 4 meals per day 7 days per week that is 28 meals, 90% of this would give 25, and this allows 3 free meals throughout the week. Think business lunch, family celebration or wedding etc.These are very simple, but very effective ways to create structure to your weight loss goals.If you are still unsure how to put this together, we give a full nutrition guide to our Rushe Fitness members when they join our classes.Check out the link below for more information.#summershapeupIf you need some help, The Rushe Fitness Summer Shape Up 2019 is now open. Click the link and find out how you could win the holiday of a lifetime: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!* Emmet is the owner and operator of Rushe Fitness LTDDD Fitness: Weight loss made easy! was last modified: July 6th, 2019 by Emmet RusheShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgBasizeni School learners discover the joys of playground equipment for the first time. On the roundabout are Retshepile Mbonani and Zinhle Ngcobo. (Image: Casual Day)In celebration of National Child Protection Week, children at a school for special needs can now enjoy swings and a roundabout custom-designed for wheelchair-bound learners.Casual Day is an annual fundraising project that encourages people to dress differently for work for a day. To earn this right, they make a donation of R10 for the official Casual Day sticker. Proceeds benefit people with disabilities.Through the campaign, wheelchair swings and a roundabout custom-designed for children in wheelchairs were installed at Basizeni Special School in eMbalenhle, Evander, in Mpumalanga. The playground equipment has brought much happiness to the pupils.“They were purchased with the proceeds of last year’s Casual Day donations and are bringing joy to our wheelies,” said Mariette Botha, a Basizeni staffer.The school was the top performer in the province on the day, raising R115 590 in donations from the public.“A portion of the donations [is] utilised by the school and the remainder goes to create awareness of persons with disabilities countrywide. We are very proud that not only did we benefit but that we are able to make a contribution to the disability sector nationally. Our contribution was a significant R69 558.”A better playgroundThe Casual Day funds have been put towards playground development and the school has already done some upgrades.“I wish I could convey the joy on the faces of the children when they experience the swings for the first time,” Botha said. “As a teacher at Basizeni I feel humbled and privileged to be involved at this school. Our mission is to make a difference. Disabled learners and Differently abled learners at Basizeni School have many challenges, but with our new principal, Mrs Mirriam Rampai, at the helm we are prepared to face them.“The school is 21 years old and needs maintenance inside and outside. The focus is on developing and creating classrooms, workshops, playground and sport environments with the necessary educational equipment, giving each learner the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential.”Basizeni had positive, enthusiastic staff members and joyful pupils, she added. The only obstacle standing in the way of them achieving their vision was funding. [But] we are entering a new phase, revamping the campus and getting a bus.”“It is a privilege to apply my expertise to improve the lives of young children with special needs,” said Louis Botha, the chairman of the school governing body. “We are committed to improving life skills to provide a space for every learner.”Casual DayFind your local Casual Day organisation and see how you can help. To support Basizeni School, call Mariette Botha on 082 459 1009.This year, Casual Day is on Friday, 2 September, and the theme is “Up Your Game”. So get casual for a cause and help change lives one wheelchair at a time.The funds are raised through a R10 donation for a Casual Day sticker. Keep abreast of activities at Casual Day on its Facebook page and on Twitter at @CasualDay_SA.last_img read more

first_img SharePrint RelatedJoin in the Geocaching Adventure at the Wild Canyon Games!March 29, 2011In “Community”Wild Canyon Games 2012 – Extreme GeocachingJune 8, 2012In “Community”Geocaching Games Find Growing PopularityApril 18, 2012In “Community” Here’s a multiple choice geocaching question: The adventure of geocaching goes well with…?A) Extreme BikingB) SwimmingC) Zip LiningD) All of the Above (and more)If you chose D, you’re right. And you can find geocaching along with these activities at Wild Canyon Games.Wild Canyon Games is the ultimate team-based adventure race competition. This weekend event pushes adults to challenge themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Teams of adventurers compete in various events, including a triathlon (biking, swimming, and running), adrenaline activities like zip lines and a ropes course, and an intensive geocaching course. The geocaching course at Wild Canyon Games has teams competing to find the highest “point total” worth of geocaches in a limited amount of time. You better train hard and plan your course well if you want to win this geocaching competition – it includes 350 geocaches hidden over 170 square miles.The Wild Canyon games adventure race gives teams the opportunity to strive for a common goal. Our team of Groundspeak Lackeys had so much fun at last year’s race that we are sending two teams this year. Join us at this amazing event in Oregon, USA. Registration is almost full, check it out at!Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

first_imgFabricators in four western states who work with engineered stone to make kitchen and bath countertops are showing increased cases of a potentially fatal illness linked to job site exposure to silica. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18 workers in four western states were diagnosed with silicosis in a two-year period, including two fatalities. Most of them worked with engineered stone. Engineered stone—sold under brand names such as Caesarstone and Silestone—is made of quartz and a resin binder. Unlike many kinds of natural stone, engineered stone doesn’t need sealing or polishing, making it a popular choice among homeowners. But the material contains much higher levels of silica than does natural stone, the report says—more than 90% silica compared with the 45% or less in granite.RELATED ARTICLESOSHA Announces New Silica RulesIndustry Groups Wants a Review of OSHA Silica RuleManaging Lead Paint HazardsHelping People With Multiple Chemical SensitivityGetting Dangerous Paint Strippers Off the Shelves The material is delivered to fabrication shops in slab form and must then be shaped into counter and vanity tops with cutouts for sinks and edge detailing. All of those operations are potential dust producers, and workers who cut and grind engineered stone may be exposed to high levels of airborne silica. Cases had previously been reported among stone fabricators in other countries, but until now only a single case had been noted in the U.S. fabrication industry. The spike in reported cases in Texas, Colorado, Washington, and California affected mostly Hispanic workers. The sharp increase in reported cases mirrors growing sales of the material; imports between 2010 and 2018 rose by roughly 800%. Silicosis is an incurable disease caused by inhaling crystalline silica. Symptoms are progressive and irreversible and may result in death. Silica exposure also is linked to a number of other health problems, including lung cancer, tuberculosis, emphysema, autoimmune disease, and kidney disease, the CDCP said. Some of the patients identified in the report were in their 30s when they were diagnosed. Silica isn’t a health threat once a countertop has been installed. It’s the cutting and polishing of engineered stone that can release dangerous levels of silica into the air. An estimated 100,000 workers in the U.S. are involved in the industry, according to a National Public Radio report on the CDCP study. They work in some 8,700 fabrication shops, many of them small operations. “The fact that all of our affected workers worked with engineered stone, as did many of the workers reported internationally, is really important,” Dr. Amy Heinzerling, an epidemic intelligence service officer with the CDCP, told NPR. Steps to prevent exposure Silicosis can be prevented by limiting worker exposure to dust. Shops typically approach this problem by keeping the stone wet, or with beefed up ventilation systems plus respiratory protection for individual workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 2016 toughened regulations on workplace exposure. Industry groups, including the National Association of Home Builders, fought the proposal on the grounds that goals were technologically and economically infeasible. The new rules were the first update since the 1970s and OSHA estimated that new limits would save more than 600 lives per year. “Despite availability of exposure controls and recent passage of more stringent silica standards, exposure control and medical surveillance for silicosis in the stone fabrication industry remain challenging,” the CDCP report states. Many of the small shops where the engineered stone is worked are “small-scale operations” with limited awareness of the exposure rules, and limited money to invest in technologies that control exposure. Further, many employees in the industry are Hispanic immigrants with limited job options and reduced access to health care. They also may be fearful of retaliation if they report workplace hazards. The problem is international in scope. Queensland, Australia, began screening all at-risk employees in 2018 and identified 98 cases of silicosis among 799 workers—12% of the total. That suggests there may be many more cases in the U.S. that have not yet been identified. “Silicosis is preventable; the cases reported here highlight the urgent need to identify stone fabrication workers at risk and prevent further excess exposure to silica dust,” the report notes. “Stone fabrication employers should be aware of this serious risk to their employees’ health and ensure that they adequately monitor and control exposures in compliance with the updated silica standards.” NPR reported that a year after the new OSHA limits took effect, the Trump administration canceled a national emphasis program (NEP) on crystalline silica. In issuing the order, OSHA said it would determine “at a later date” whether a revised NEP is necessary. The program was aimed at providing guidance for inspecting worksites where silica exposure was possible. -Scott Gibson is a contributing writer at Green Building Advisor and Fine Homebuilding magazine.last_img read more

first_imgExplore the nuances of cutting comedy and drama together with experienced comedy editor Kent Kincannon in the Sundance 2019’s “Before You Know It.”As any standup comic or improv comedian can tell you, sometimes the funniest moments come from the darkest places. Before You Know It, which premiered at Sundance 2019, directed by and starring Hannah Pearl Utt (co-written and co-starred with her real-life friend Jen Tullock), explores the odd complexities between humor and everyday tragedy.The Sundance website describes the film as “equal parts madcap comedy, adult coming-of-age story, and poignant drama, Before You Know It gleefully defies categorization, and that is its genius.”We sat down with veteran comedy editor Kent Kincannon to talk about his improv roots and editing a feature on Adobe Premiere Pro. We explored how he found his way into mainstream comedy editing and working with Pearl Utt to craft a feature that is real and intriguing, while still finding the funny. PB: Would you suggest your way to others?KK: I’d kind of like to take some editing classes. In a way I wish I had made it up through the assistant editor world so that you could have mentors and pay your dues, but I’ve found success just jumping into it on my path.PB: Coming from comedy, what were the challenges in editing something with more drama and tragedy?KK: I had to lean on Hannah a lot for a lot of the drama. There’s a lot of mental illness, codependency, family shit going on in the movie that’s kind of familiar. I have my own brand of Texan “don’t talk about your problems” stuff, so I didn’t understand as well as Hannah did on a lot of the character motivations and stuff.It’s really just deciding what really needs to be on the screen in any given scene. “Why is Rachel acting like this?” kind of questions. She was there with me the whole time, and it was a fun dialogue where we even could work through things just by me asking questions for motivations.Cover image via Before You Know It (Sundance).You can find out more about Kent Kincannon at his website.Looking for more editing advice and filmmaking interviews? Check out some of these.Streamline Your Film or Video Project with an Assistant EditorThe Story Behind Editing a Movie About Dungeons & DragonsIn Sundance Movie Paddleton, Limited Space and Time Yield A Genuine BromanceHow to Cut an Effective Trailer for Your Next Film or VideoInterview: Composer Dan Marocco of Brooklyn Nine-Nine PremiumBeat: Tell us about Before You Know It.Kent Kincannon: Before You Know It is very much from the mind of Hannah. It’s co-written by her best friend and co-star Jen Tullock. It’s very specific to her life and theater, being homeschooled, and really interesting flavor that’s alien to me. I grew up in Texas, and she grew up in Santa Barbara. A lot of the themes and characters were pretty different from what I usually think about or edit.I’m usually just comedy as much as possible, so it was a fun challenge to get into her head. The movie is just like, I don’t know. Someone described it as “trauma-dy” they lose a family member, and the characters have to figure out their lives.PB: How did you originally get into editing?KK: I was in Austin, and I moved to New York after working an office job for years. I wasn’t doing much film stuff in Austin, so I went to New York and fell into improv comedy pretty quickly. At the UCB theater, I started making videos. Like, you know, people’s web series and sketches. I got on a house team and ended up working with a lot of funny people who have TV shows now, just from doing improv in New York.The UCB sketch team job led to a job at College Humor. Which is a big thing; I remember being on the internet and seeing it for years. It was the coolest job ever, and when they moved to LA, I moved with them. A sketch I made there became a TV show, and that TV show got me in the union, and since then I’ve been able to stay in connection with people I’ve met through comedy. It’s been a pretty interesting, slow and steady climb from comedy videos to Sundance now.PB: Do you have any advice for getting into comedy editing?KK: It’s really hard to edit comedy alone. And I know that’s what a lot of people end up doing at first. Finding people who are good at it, or better at it (preferably than you are) who want to do it with you is really the way to do it. At the UCB theater, nobody I knew had any money. But everybody would make themselves available to work for free because videos were exposure. You could get really good talent, and that attracted professional-level work so that people would hope to get paid one day down the line.I’d say go to your local comedy theaters or clubs and on the lower end and offering to do free work for people from your favorite sketch shows. That’s kind of the entry level, but it’s true at every level.PB: Where did you learn to edit?KK: I went to film school, but I mostly took film theory classes. I always just made stuff. There was a film club where we made videos and challenged each other every week to do in-camera movies or other fun kind of projects. It’s really just from high school until now, just figuring it out and plowing through it trying to find bigger and bigger stuff.last_img read more

first_imgAs part of the Uttar Pradesh government’s efforts to maintain law and order during Deepavali, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed officials to identify “intruders”, especially Bangladeshi citizens, “living illegally” in the State.Officials have been asked to obtain detailed information about the activities of these foreign nationals.“He [Mr. Adityanath] said that such foreign intruders living illegally are a threat to law and order,” a government spokesperson said here on Monday.The Chief Minister asked officials to keep a close watch on the Naxal-affected districts and those on the State’s boundaries. Keeping in mind the upcoming festivals and municipal elections in the State, officials have been instructed to monitor “anti-social elements” at the local level. Suspect listPolice officers have been told to compile a list of “suspects” in every thana (police station).“The government’s priority is rule of law. No lapse will be tolerated in that regard,” Mr. Adityanath was quoted as saying by the government.The Chief Minister passed the directions in a high-level videoconference with police and administrative officials, including Director-General of Police Sulkhan Singh and Chief Secretary Rajiv Kumar, to discuss security measures for Deepavali, Chhath Puja and municipal elections.last_img read more

first_imgThe Supreme Court ordered the Bihar government to collect a fine of ₹20,000 from the pockets of its officers whose “lethargy” led to a 728-day delay in the filing of an appeal in the apex court.A Bench of Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Indira Banerjee said State governments should not feel that they can approach courts at will and the judiciary is obliged to take up the case of the State.“We are of the view that a clear signal has to be sent to the government authorities that they cannot approach the court as and when they please, on account of gross incompetence of their officers and that too without taking any action against the officers concerned… No detail of the delay of 728 days have been given as if there is an inherent right to seek condonation of delay by State government,” the Supreme Court observed in its order. The Bihar government said it had taken time to get the sanctions from various departments, receive the affidavit and vakalatnama from the department concerned, and hence the delay in approaching the apex court.But the court said “condonation of delay is no more admissible on the pretext of government working lethargy”.“We strongly deprecate the casual manner,” the apex court said.Noting that the Bihar government should collect the fine from the officers responsible and deposit the amount with the Supreme Court Mediation Centre, the court said it was punishment for “wastage of judicial time”.“The petitioners must pay,” the court ordered.last_img read more

first_imgSpeculations about the BJP-JD(U) alliance in Bihar suffering yet another split were put to rest on Thursday with Union Home Minister Amit Shah stating that the NDA will contest the assembly polls next year under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Leaders of the JD(U), headed by Mr. Kumar, erupted in joy as snippets of an interview given to a news channel by Mr. Shah were beamed, capping weeks of bad blood between the two parties.“The gathbandhan (coalition) is atal (unshakeable). The NDA will contest assembly polls under the leadership of Nitish Kumar in Bihar. Nationally, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will continue to lead the coalition,” Mr. Shah was shown as having said in the interview, to be telecast later in the day.“An-ban (bickering) is a sign of a healthy coalition. But matbhed (difference of opinion) does not necessarily mean there is manbhed (mental rift),” Mr. Shah added. The statement may also came as a disappointment to the opposition Grand Alliance which had been expecting a break-up among the alliance partners in view of the fact that Mr. Kumar has served as the chief minister for three consecutive terms and the BJP — under the aggressive leadership of Mr. Modi and Mr. Shah — is planning to expand its footprints in Bihar.JD(U) national general secretary and state minister Shyam Rajak came out with a flurry of tweets thanking Mr. Shah.“I wish to thank the top leadership of BJP @AmitShah1 @narendramodi for having dispelled many doubts by speaking about fighting the next assembly polls under the leadership of @NitishKumar. It is a slap on the face of the opposition which was enjoying (the recent bickering),” he said.“Those wishing the disintegration of JD(U)-BJP alliance will disintegrate themselves since we have forged the coalition on an idea — that is to uplift 12 crore people of Bihar to which we have been devoted,” Mr. Rajak added. Disgruntled JD(U) leader Ajay Alok, who had, of late, become critical of his own party on a number of issues, also appeared sobered down as he tweeted, “Amit Shah’s statement would make the NDA rock solid and disappoint those who had other expectations. Only Nitish Kumar has the capability to further strengthen the NDA. Jai Bihar!” Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan, whose LJP is a junior partner in the Bihar NDA, seemed to have heaved a sigh of relief as he remarked in Samastipur — where he is canvassing for his nephew Prince Raj before the by-election — “We always said there is no confusion over leadership in the NDA.”“Please go and ask the opposition what they have to say about this since all their hopes have hinged on the possibility of our disunity.” The NDA had made a clean sweep in Bihar in the Lok Sabha polls earlier this year, winning 39 out of 40 seats. The BJP and the LJP won 17 and six seats respectively, while the JD(U) succeeded in bagging 16 out of 17 that it had fought. Among the opposition parties, only the Congress managed to win a seat while Lalu Prasad’s RJD — which has ruled the state for over a decade and still has the highest number of MLAs — drew a blank. Shortly after the NDA’s spectacular victory in the polls, the opposition sensed an opportunity when Mr. Kumar decided against having a party representative in the Union cabinet. Add to that, JD(U)’s opposition to the Narendra Modi government’s ambitious legislations like the triple talaq bill and the one on reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir further fueled speculations of the party’s growing unease with the BJP’s ideological hard line. RJD national vice-president Raghuvansh Prasad Singh had held out an olive branch to the JD(U) chief after the elections, urging him to return to the anti-BJP front which lacked a credible leadership.Mr. Singh has, however, been snubbed on this account by Lalu Prasad’s younger son and heir apparent Tejashwi Yadav, leaving the veteran leader sore. He said that he expects the 29-year-old to “realize the significance of what I am saying in six months”.Recently, outbursts of Union minister Giriraj Singh — known to share cold vibes with the Bihar Chief Minister over water-logging in Patna had also triggered a war of words between state-level leaders of the BJP and the JD(U).Mr. Kumar had, however, made it clear in one of his speeches “there is nothing amiss in the coalition and those trying to create mischief will be in trouble”.last_img read more