The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) regretted the Libyan Government’s action, agency spokesperson Melissa Fleming told reporters in Geneva, adding that UNHCR’s activities in the country included protecting, assisting and finding durable solutions for refugees and asylum-seekers.“UNHCR had made Libya a country where resettlement programmes were being prioritized and was helping refugees to find new homes in other countries,” Ms. Fleming said. “Should UNHCR offices close, these resettlement programmes would have to cease,” she added.There are an estimated 9,000 refugees and about 3,700 asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in Libya. The agency and its implementing partners provide healthcare, shelter, education and vocational training to the refugees and asylum-seekers.The majority of the refugees are Palestinians, Iraqis, Sudanese, Somalis, Eritreans, Liberians and Ethiopians, the agency said. Most of the asylum-seekers came from Eritrea.UNHCR runs the only asylum-seekers assistance programme in Libya and its departure would create a vacuum for the thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers already there, and those who continued to arrive every week, Ms. Fleming said.She said that UNHCR was trying to negotiate its presence in Libya and remained hopeful that a positive solution could be found.UNHCR has worked in Libya since 1991 and currently has 26 staff members, the majority of them Libyan employees. 8 June 2010The United Nations refugee agency reported today that Libyan authorities have asked it to cease its work in the country and close its offices there, but have given no reasons for the decision. read more

Minister Bathiudeen had earlier directed CAA Chairman Hasitha Tilakeratne and his officials to raid and seize all fake and adulterated cosmetic products in the market or awaiting to enter the market. (Colombo Gazette) Following the raid CAA teams found the cream in bulk was re-packaged in to smaller retail packs of different Commercial Brands -“Golden Pearl”, “Pai Me” and “Goree (Made in Pakistan)”, among others.Some packs of cream were also labelled “Seaweed Element-Whitening Anti Spot Cream” in English and priced at Rs 650 each. The raid on the Kolonnawa warehouse was led by two young CAA officials who were previously tipped off on the quiet operation at Wennawatte in Wellampitiya. Officers of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) commenced a probe on one of the largest ever cosmetics contraband to be discovered to-date at a warehouse in Wellampitiya.The CAA estimates the value of the seized contraband is around Rs 15.7 million. On March 6, CAA officials speaking about the March 1 raid, urged consumers to be cautious of fake cream products, specially targeted at young women. “We especially warn young consumers to beware of these fake skin products, targeted mostly at young women. Do not purchase any packages just because they are low priced. Inspect for registration numbers, expiry dates and location of production. If such products found CAA can be informed on hotline 1977 or direct lines 117755481-3,” officials said. Some retail packs were advertised as “7 Days Freckle removing” on the label as well. At the warehouse, the CAA found sub-standard creams in bulk packs that were printed in Chinese characters. There were no import documents or proof of country of origin. The suspected individual in charge of the operation also failed to produce any documents showing the location of production of the cosmetics (locally or abroad), product registration certificates or even registration numbers (which is also not found in any labels).The bulk creams were found in new large cardboard boxes, neatly stacked in shelves at the warehouse.In 2014, CAA netted 100,000 fake black henna packets in Grandpass, Colombo. The 100000 packets were branded and printed showing a locally reputed brand name but the henna inside were switched with a sub-standard, adulterated dye powder.This stock was valued at Rs 13 million.In November 2016, the CAA was informed of the use of adulterated and expired cosmetics in many salons around the country. CAA raided 107 beauty & hair salons in Kandy, Kurunegala, Gampaha, Jaffna, Batticaloa, Matara, and Puttalam Districts and detected expired cosmetics in 67 salons. “These fake creams could have resulted in skin issues and injuries. Thanks to our alert CAA officers, we prevented it,” Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen said during a discussions with CAA officials on the raid. read more