first_img “The level of disrespect to Jamaica’s football in all sectors, our local players, our parish associations, our footballing public, our sponsors, our football administrators, has never been more acute, what will (with) our lack of resources to fund our local programs and leagues, while giving your stated ‘messiah’ Schaefer (Winfried) so much of our resources for practically doing nothing.” The letter continued: “And having our administrative arm, the BOD, relegated to rubber stamping your flawed vision of the nation’s football programme, while instituting the divide-and-rule strategy by outlawing persons that dare to question your individual decisions. There is so much that has gone wrong with our football, the end results are testimony to that, and the issue of you continuing as if Jack Warner or Jeffrey Webb still having influence in football is showing your almost total disconnect from today’s reality that is football in our nation.” Beckford broke ranks in December by supporting Orville Powell, who had moved to challenge Burrell for the leadership of the JFF. The final paragraph suggests that Beckford is not the only disgruntled soldier as he used the phrase “… now prompted OUR call for you stepping away from OUR programme”. It read: “We have never had it so good and be in a worst situation, and the influx of English players and Schaefer and your almost insane vision of our football programme has now prompted our call for your stepping away from OUR programme. And there will be efforts to remove you if not voluntarily walking away. It is imperative to save our football from you and your aforementioned flawed vision of our sport. The ball is in your half.” When contacted for a response, Burrell said it is not the first time that Beckford has behaved in this manner and he will be dealt with by the JFF’s executive body. “This is the second time this man has done that in weeks and almost all the existing (JFF) members have written in and have disassociated themselves,” said Burrell. “My official response is that Mr Beckford will be dealt with by the executive committee, as more than 90 per cent (of executives) have expressed their displeasure in the letter and they will deal with him at the next meeting,” the JFF president continued. When asked about the timing of that deliberation, Burrell informed that “I don’t have the date for that meeting right now”. TOO MUCH DISRESPECT President of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) Captain Horace Burrell is not having an easy time at the moment as opposition to his presidency has come from within his own ranks. The latest to open fire at the former army man is one of his lieutenants who has broken ranks and made it clear that he will no longer be marching to the tune of the captain. This rebellious soldier, Danny Beckford, the long-time president of the St Ann Football Association, stated his position to Captain Burrell in a language more akin to the former army man, who has been known to give ultimatums. “Good day to you,” the letter, titled ‘Red: JFF Matters’, started. “Having been asked what is the opinion on the way forward for our football, the first move is for you as the president and your general secretary to leave the football administration ASAP so that the proper way for administering our football can now properly move apace.” The letter was addressed to Captain Burrell and copied the entire JFF board of directors (BOD). It continued: “No longer must we sit and follow your sense of administering our football as this has led us to have regressed nearly twenty years as your vision has wasted so much of our resources in the futile effort to buy our way to World Cup Russia 2018.last_img read more