first_imgSamsung has had an embarrassing time of late, but it was due to a very serious problem. The first batch of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones it shipped have been exploding. So dangerous are the handsets that Samsung issued a recall, but not before they had caused some serious injuries, been banned from use on flights, and even started a car fire.I’m sure Samsung is hoping everyone quickly forgets about what happened, but players of GTA V on PC won’t any time soon. That’s because the Galaxy Note 7 has been added to the game and acts as a sticky bomb if players choose to purchase and use it.The Note 7 bomb comes courtesy of Grand Theft Auto modder HitmanNiko. He achieved it by replacing the sticky bomb that’s already present in the game with a 3D model of the Galaxy Note 7.As you can see, the Note 7 can be purchased and then carried quite naturally in the hand. But then you can start throwing it, or sticking it to the sides of cars or other objects in the game and all hell breaks loose.The mod is available to download for free from the 5Mods website. HitmanNiko has also made it possible to change the phone’s color or even the wallpaper shown on the screen. It’s a simple case of replacing a couple of texture files, and I bet it proves popular.last_img read more