first_imgFUN – short for F**k Up Nights is a concept that encourages people who’ve failed in their professional endeavors to come up and share their stories with people the same way they would, a success story. The idea is to create a safe space where people can share what went wrong in their business ventures so people can learn from their mistakes. For the first time in India, CLOwork Co-working Space is bringing F**k Up Nights to Hyderabad. Praneetha Suri, Community Manager at the space says, “We’ve heard of FUN for many years now. When we started CLOWork, we realized a major part of co-working is creating a community and not just sharing a work space or a coffee machine. So, we thought bringing FUN to Hyderabad would be a great way to get the ball rolling. This is our attempt at removing the taboo surrounding failures and sharing failure stories. It’s because we recognize that being vulnerable is extremely important.” Also Read – Look trendy! Advertise With Us So, what happens at a FUN get together? Few speakers are chosen to take the audience through their failure story, and identify what went wrong where, that led to the professional failure. The learning doesn’t stop at sharing stories alone. The organisation has developed a unique term called the ‘Global Failure Index’ that takes the data shared by participants from 318 cities and 86 countries in the world to map exactly what were the reasons for failure in each story – down to the specifics like what was the gender of the entrepreneur, whether they had financial backing, their ROI, and so on. This keeps entrepreneurs in similar industries from making the same mistakes themselves – which is one of the main intentions of setting up the movement. Also Read – Exploring new fashion models Advertise With Us In a country like India where marks and ranks are prioritized over everything else, we have unfortunately developed the attitude of not taking a failure in our stride. We hope that movements like FUN can help us unlearn and relearn our preset notions. For further information on FUN, visit or for future events.last_img read more