first_img Published on August 7, 2020 at 4:25 pm Contact Danny: | @DannyEmerman Comments The Daily Orange is a nonprofit newsroom that receives no funding from Syracuse University. Consider donating today to support our mission.Syracuse football players chose not to participate in training camp practices Thursday and Friday due to concerns with other schools’ policies for protecting against the coronavirus.  The players held a series of meetings — some including head coach Dino Babers and Director of Athletics John Wildhack — instead of practicing, reported.“At the request of our student-athletes on the football team, we will conduct COVID-19 testing twice per week beginning the week of September 7,” Wildhack said in a statement released Friday afternoon. Though players are comfortable with SU’s COVID-19 protocols, they are unsure of the policies of their ACC opponents and nonconference opponent Liberty, according to Babers has said that SU has set a standard for COVID-19 testing and procedures, but the university has not made players’ test results public.The ACC’s plan mandates weekly testing for football players, as well as isolation for infected athletes and quarantine for those who have been in contact with them. Liberty, meanwhile, won’t require tests for students returning to campus. Thursday was supposed to be Syracuse’s first day of training camp after the team completed its voluntary workout stage. Babers during a virtual press conference Thursday afternoon indicated that practice would continue as scheduled.“The energy moving up to this week has been outstanding,” Babers said. “We’re kind of tired of doing all the other stuff; we want to get back to stuff we know how to do, which is football.”Cooper Dawson, a redshirt freshman defensive lineman, is the only Syracuse player who has publicly opted out of the season. However, other players are still considering whether to opt out, Babers said.Players in the Pac-12 are threatening to sit out the season unless their demands, which range from medical protection from COVID-19 to social justice reform, are met. Athletes in the Big Ten have asked for similar health protections from their conference.“I know there’s a lot of talk of that going on. It’s not exclusive to just the Pac-12. All guys from all different schools are talking,” SU redshirt senior OL Airon Servais said Thursday. It’s unclear if Syracuse players will continue to sit out practice going forward.This story is developing and will be updated with further reporting. Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

first_imgStay on target Once Upon a Time’s Finale Was Everything We Loved About an Imperfect ShowHenry Screws Everything Up Again on Once Upon a Time Hook’s presence in the new season of Once Upon a Time has been worrying for some fans. Why was he in the series, but Emma wasn’t? The show made such a big deal out of finally giving them a happy ending. Did they really just undo all of that with yet another curse? Thankfully, no. I think Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis know if they did that, there would be a riot outside their offices. Captain Swan fans are no joke.The change in formula for the seventh season continues to keep things unpredictable. It makes the flashback scenes much more fun to watch than in some of the show’s previous seasons. In older seasons, most flashbacks would basically follow the Disney versions of whatever fairy tale they were retelling. There might be some small deviations made to fit the main cast into the tale, but the structure was unchanged. We knew basically how the stories were going to play out. Better episodes played with our expectations by throwing a twist in, but those usually came at the end. The rest of the flashbacks were the fairy tale we all know. On this season, the whole point is that we don’t know this version of the story. It’s an alternate telling, where things turn out completely different from how we expect them to. Even if we see a character we recognize, we have no idea what their story is going to be.Jennifer Morrison, Colin O’Donoghue, Andrew J. West (Photo by Jack Rowand/ABC)This week, that happened with Hook. It was a smart way for the show to address what we’re all thinking. We know the real reason Emma’s not here. Jennifer Morrison chose not to renew her contract. But the show had to give us a reason that didn’t make the entire season six finale meaningless. Their solution: two Hooks. Hey, I’m not going to complain. The more Hooks the better. What other show gives you Colin O’Donoghue arguing and wrestling with himself? OUAT still knows how to please its audience. Speaking of which, Emma’s back too! Just for this episode, but it’s nice to see her again. The episode opens with Hook and Emma training young Henry aboard Hook’s ship. When Hook beats him in a fencing match yet again (using cheating pirate techniques), Henry starts acting angsty and brooding enough that we start to prefer the grown-up version. Hey, if this show is going to sell us on the new Henry, a little character assassination is one way to do it. He was always annoying, so it’s not like the show would have much work to do on that front.Hook recognizes that Henry’s anger is coming from a desire to leave home. To assuage Emma’s fears, he gives Henry a bottle of pirate magic. With it, Henry can summon anyone he wants when he’s in trouble. It’s a good thing he has it. On the run from Lady Tremaine, Henry uses the bottle to call Hook, Emma, and Regina for help. It takes a while too. Apparently, it doesn’t straight up summon the people you call, it just provides a portal for them to use… at their earliest convenience? In any case, Hook and Regina show up just in time to stop Drizella from torturing Henry. Henry asks where his other mom is, and Hook tells him she’s fighting dragons outside of Storybrooke. Satisfied, Henry leaves to continue his search for Cinderella, and Regina scolds Hook for lying. Apparently, if he told Henry what was really going on, he’d want to come home. Emma wants him to live his life. Oh no! What’s going on? Is Emma in trouble? (No. You know exactly what’s going on.)Gabrielle Anwar (Photo via ABC)Most of the fun of this episode comes from the fact that there are now two Captain Hooks in this world. Here, Regina never cast the initial curse that brought everyone to Storybrooke. As a result, Hook developed a serious drinking problem, got fat and grew a bad wig. O’Donoghue plays both versions of Hook so well. Even after bad-Hook has Lady Tremaine make him look identical to his better self, you can easily tell which Hook is on screen. (It’s a wonder it takes Henry so long to figure it out.) The important part of all this is that this world’s Hook is still a good person. Emma shows up and reveals that she stayed behind because she’s pregnant. Having lost his own daughter, this Hook can’t bring himself to do the same thing to another version of himself. And then we get a scene where Colin O’Donoghue wrestles himself while wearing leather. This season is all about fan-service, and I love how unabashed they are about that fact.So there’s the twist. The Hook and Emma we know still get their happy ending. They go back to Storybrooke to live their happy beginning. D’awww. Hook joins Henry’s search for Cinderella in hopes that he’ll find his daughter along the way. Regina tags along because she’s just awesome like that. Well, and because her story back home isn’t going the way she wanted it to. Either way, we now know exactly why we’re seeing Hook and Regina in Seattle. As for how they got there? We probably won’t find out until much later. This episode was the writers’ way of reassuring us they didn’t completely undo everything good when they wrote the seventh season. At least they found a fun way to tell us.The story in present-day Seattle also got a lot more interesting this week. Henry feels terrible for selling out Jacinda and Lucy, and right now Jacinda doesn’t want anything to do with him. Fair. Hey, remember how Regina was the bad guy in the first couple seasons, but eventually became one of the heroes? Somehow I don’t see that happening for Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfray. She pulls some petty moves in this episode, like deliberately raising the ticket price of Lucy’s ballet recital so Jacinda can’t afford it. That’s harsh. She also enlists Detective Rogers and Weaver (Rumplestiltskin) to make Henry Mills go away. They plan to sneak Belfray’s diamond bracelet into Henry’s coat Titanic-style. Rogers decides not to go through with it because he doesn’t want to separate a man from his daughter. Just like he said in the flashback. Another interesting connection is that, when he asks Henry about the drawing of Emma Swan in his book, he recalls a memory. He was shot once, and a woman who looked just like Emma appeared, put her hand on his wound and saved him. Could he be remembering the flashback? Also, Weaver complimented Rogers on not entirely selling out to Belfray. Is Rumple not a complete and total ass this season?Lana Parrilla (Photo by ABC/Jack Rowand)Henry ultimately gets back in Jacinda’s good graces by getting her a catering job at Lucy’s recital. Jacinda’s friend Sabine (The Princess and the Frog’s Tiana) asks if Henry’s in love with Jacinda. Henry says he’s not, but come on. We know. The episode ends by reuniting Henry, Rogers/Hook and Roni/Regina to deal with their collective problem of Victoria Belfray. Yay, they’re back together! Now the season can really get going. My attitude with this season is that there’s no way it’s going to live up to the past six. The most we can hope for is a few surprises and a ton of cheesy fun along the way. The show itself seems to know that. It’s not pretending to be anything other than gleeful fan-service. And the reason that’s so much fun to watch is because they do it with a confidence that comes from the knowledge that only die-hard Oncers are tuning in for season seven on a Friday night. Although replacing True Love with Belief as the thing that makes the magic work isn’t any less corny. It’s even a little more of a cliche. It’s the only choice so far I’m not entirely on board with. Other than that, I’m down for another season of this.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more