now the website data analysis is very important, is the best way to beat the competition, is the so-called enemy can ever victorious, want to beat the competition is about to start working on analysis! But a lot of people can not be a good analysis of yourself, the biggest enemy is himself that is the truth, of other people the site is often closely reasoned and well argued but for their own website, no matter how analysis are feeling good, even their own website chain level to more than five layers, also do not know self improvement, still desperately for the construction of the chain, the construction of the original content, but a still no improvement, then complain, finally to failure the edge of the read more

high weight website

2, high weight website links to vote, access to these types of websites vote on these websites for your approval, when the search engine crawlers to crawl and catch high weight website for your vote, you will pay more attention to the nature.

site to achieve high weight

1, open directory website, this type of website weight is high, included a large number of high weight website, get their recommended natural will give your website a lot of credit, of course, this directory site audit is relatively strict, want to pass, it must use your head. read more

page fine-tuning operation we are divided into two categories, one is periodic controlled change fine-tuning operation, the other is the sudden change of uncontrolled fine-tuning operation.

, a fine-tuning of the concept and reason of

.In our

2. the sudden change of uncontrolled fine-tuning operation

general search needs a keyword is constantly changing, we have a key concept of capacity, he is always the keyword search volume and search demand and the capacity is based on the retirement of time changing, a page to get keywords ranking, so we need to meet the needs of keywords >. read more

sex reputation certification to help optimize the site keywords ranking? As the world’s largest Chinese search engine, the love of Shanghai is most commonly used in our daily lives to the search engine, search 6 billion times daily response, so the development of online businesses who occupied the flow of who will win the market opportunities, and the love of Shanghai the credibility of certification as a site to enhance the credibility of the product in addition to show the authenticity of business website ranking optimization helps to solve this problem? Hai Yao Shanghai dragon small for everyone to do a brief introduction. read more

2, if you do not know how to answer, then in Shanghai love to know inside search and answer. Try to find a few, and then copy the best answer all, rearranged into a >


1, as the original, easy to understand. Because love Shanghai grass is always greener, new content can win it. Popular words are often their own point of view, it is original, others also don’t copy over, as long as the theme of this answer is certainly the best.

5, the higher the number of

know love Shanghai platform for the problem of optimal answer the person supplying the reward, and the integral by the questioner supply. There is a saying there must be rewarded under Isao, statements results showed: in the case of less than 80 of the respondents, reward incentive effect is not big; and more than 80 points or more, with the number of the reply to add the exponential rise, the higher the better the integral reward, reward the best integral 200. read more


configuration file used in the main domain, need to add a line in each subdomain "tracking code in. The following instructions assume this configuration file in the main domain already listed sites (such as is the case. Add the following line in all subdomains and the primary domain of "tracking" code (shown in BOLD):

use this filter, the common content of URL will show a portion of the domain:

Follow the same subdomain

please note that although this change allows you to track each subdomain in a configuration file, but you may not be able to distinguish between the report from and ". For example, in "the most common content in the report, you may see the click of and, but the report will show the following: read more

The feasibility of the

fourth: single


target setting must be analyzed, what is the analysis? Is simply in order to meet the needs of users, we get the results with the analysis of the characteristics of the site, we can be drawn by analyzing the law of development and needs of the next stage of the website. The obvious is the site of the data generated can be through the concrete analysis to derive the results we want.

there are many webmaster examples on the Internet, the website should aim is single, the diversity of the target site can not be spread too, otherwise when we design the site factors encountered more concerns, I am afraid that you have. read more

in the eyes of many search engines is just a search tool, like any other technology products like cold. In fact, the search engine is becoming the intelligent assistant that everyone relies. It is in the ability to perceive the environment and self learning, with the passage of time will continue to convert information into knowledge, then knowledge precipitation for wisdom, was given life value.

Online Learning (online learning) is the key technology of search engines live together, which makes the search engine has a more powerful ability to learn and then getting smarter. read more

he station backlinks are Taobao customers, so many Taobao station, not all of his own, is free to send the most students. Disclose according to some internal old students, provide a lot of Taobao customer forums and template template above him, usually with a training forum, so that you can appear very reasonable explanation in the picture, the ant is small, can shake the tree, really understand the rational use of resources. You may say what other people left his link, but you do not leave, he did not leave, but there are always people to stay, because there are too many are not even Jianzhan novice, others learned knowledge, people will have to be grateful for, on the left (the chain of YAHOO should not update, or there are more). read more



first at the site of the distribution of

it will be said, see a good keyword optimization is not easy, direct look at the keywords ranking, if ranking on the home page, so that the optimization is good, if not, it is optimal not good, many obvious problems. This is the most direct way, but if you encounter the difficult optimization of the key, you must wait for the optimization to do the judgment to the home page? Certainly not ah, because we always pay close attention to the optimization of the whole, then, since you say so, how to judge a web site keywords optimization of the quality of read more

see the screenshot above, you should have a heart to love, some stone interaction Shanghai, Google led several major search engines pulled hair, in addition to the home page (home page Google put it deleted) included pages are deleted, the severe punishment is rare.

stone interaction night.

Objective: through 1

2: increase the weight and PR porn station.

stone interaction from writing the last post "2011" report to the personnel now for nearly a year, more than 03 months, but today (2012.11.23) suddenly appeared a English post "Porno izle – Siki izle – pornolar" storage facilities and land-based transport systems. And the author is the heart of the network, this post is translated into the Chinese what is "about porn.". Post inside a three link is a link to a porn site. The other authors of the heart network behind the post, I looked at the better are written before about the Shanghai dragon and the network marketing article. Then the problem came out, that is the famous Shanghai dragon stone interactive blog, why such a whole article? read more

we all know to do site promotion must do a website, website besides the necessary website construction technology, but also consider the site later Shanghai dragon website optimization, like precision parts, if there is a problem in which a point may be stuck, it is not up to the optimization of the effect of the promotion, Shanghai dragon with zero share some experience from the construction site to the Shanghai dragon promotion:

2. select a stable server (

you do website is to show website, so keep people, not only let you know yourself, you need a > read more

With the continuous innovation of Shanghai love

second, the website weight selected to be as high as possible. This is an important factor to optimize the site outside the chain effect, because the optimization mechanism of love Shanghai search engine is based on the mechanism of weight transfer, if your website link appears in high weight site, also has the correlation, then the weight will be the site to a certain ratio of the transfer to your web site, so as to enhance the weight you the value of the site. Although we know that the relationship between love for Shanghai site outside the chain has a high demand, but this does not mean that all the chain need correlation, if the chain website your weight is high enough, such as some portal, brand site, even if there is a little wiping edge, can give your site to bring good weight. read more

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er eager to improve the site keywords ranking, correlation in the page title tag, description tag, keyword tags, pictures of ALT, the content of a large number of repetitive add keywords hoping to increase the page. This will not only increase the difficulty of reading, reduce the user experience, and now the mature search engine is also very easy to judge the cheating, so very difficult to collect new opportunities, the old station will likely be down right even K off. read more

fans, economic myths and the end of mass entrepreneurship

dear webmaster friend, Hello,

millet, is to create a new Internet fan economic model, the use of a large number of online traffic to cheap for the product marketing, and online virtual community gathered a large number from all over the country and have some basic skills of fans, not only makes the millet products much lower cost, its sales have a group of friends have a fever the "word-of-mouth marketing", sales of natural be nothing difficult. It will cause panic buying the event, said that the "hunger marketing" or, but it has also been numerous fans and consumers, of course, is also optimistic about the investors, in January 2015, Lei Jun has issued a public letter to employees said, millet has become the world’s highest valuation technology start-ups. read more

Shanghai dragon industry in essence, is a service industry. The service industry as the third industry, not only to pay money, but not directly to the user to pay labor, its existence value in order to meet the needs of users, to provide convenience for the user’s life. So all the Shanghai dragon activities should be based on the needs of users as a benchmark. Only the user needs as the basis, to make the customer satisfied, can have the sentiment; with popularity, in order to have a good flow, good reputation and true; with traffic, reputation, can make the site do steady, finally achieve the purpose of profit. On the demand side, there is a most basic and most influential classic utility theory, that is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. read more

3, including meaning, such as 51job, im286, this is more has the meaning of brand, brand often require unique, can withstand aftertaste and chew, like Google’s domain name origin. G for hand, 00 for multiple range, L long, E means, put them together, for our noble baby wherever you need to search out the massive information for you. One explanation, want to know the baby under the nobles can.

so, how from the Shanghai dragon brand website angle and angle to select the domain name? What is the difference? read more

as everyone knows, content is king is an indisputable fact, but how do the website content, not only consider the degree of well-known products business is more important to the deeper aspects of what can help the users of your site more in-depth understanding of their own products to customers in the understanding and agreement, trust is established the foundation is the key to the realization of transformation today and share three points about the original article, good gossip short continued to the point. read more


3, the inside of the document layout should be beautiful, a good layout of the article is not only to give the reader feel comfortable, the audit time will be to a point, I believe Shanghai will love library to make the typesetting beautiful easily through a little.


6, the document upload below do not act with undue haste, an account can also upload several articles library, but the general control in the three or less, would be easier to pass.

1, the higher the level of the account rate will be higher, the general love of Shanghai library pass rate and your account level is related to the same data, I use, not just for the account to submit it directly to call me back, when I use a have two years of account to submit it, through the. This shows that age and level of Shanghai library is the love of the care account. read more

technology news Beijing time on August 7th morning news, Google on Tuesday announced the launch of a new search engine function, highlight related search keywords depth analysis.

Google said, although many users just want simple answer, but the company’s data show that about 10% of the user’s search is to find the depth analysis of the article. The next few days, Google search engine will launch the new functionality in the search results page to highlight this kind of article.

Sina read more