there was a time for my ranking a station, with 100 webmaster communication exchange links to every thing, at that time, my PR is 0, the results of trouble are sick, 90% of the sb station mouth said, how much you PR, I said 0, the other is proud say, my PR is 1, I don’t change with you. I’m dizzy, one by one. What do I have to say?. This phenomenon still exists. I believe that I am not alone in meeting such a problem, because there are a lot of fake PR websites in the back, and even experts come out to teach you how to distinguish fake pr. Isn’t that a sad thing? Move your own stone and drop it on your own feet! read more

source: I dark horse network

[I dark horse guidance] where the failure of the dot net, Xu Zhaojun look back, the fundamental reason is that "light blog" is a product of superego. But as success lies in, "through the entertainment sound transmission, hit people afraid of loneliness I need." How to handle products and product ID superego scale? Please see the pops founder Xu Zhaojun in the I horse network readme


since last year, I found it impossible to copy products from the PC side to the mobile internet. The biggest problem when Facebook was listed was how it moved, and later it bought Instagram. Tencent launched a WeChat, downloads quickly catch up with QQ2012. By May and June of last year, I was fully aware that the PC’s decline was like the Titanic’s entry into the water. The bow had sunk and could glide for a while, but when it really broke, it was only a flash. read more

a website must make the user feel comfortable and convenient, but with all of these, is it a website that combines psychology, and the answer is, of course, no. These are only part of the premise of combining psychology in a web site. To run through psychology in a website, you have to use a set of methods that belong to the mind. Here are some personal opinions.

1. What is the website of psychology


is a combination of psychology website, he is not only to meet the customer, the most important thing is to seize the hearts of customers, and guide customers, promoting greater website conversion rate, make the website visitors to become regulars, brought to the site many times consumption, and even help the propaganda website, from the heart, establish a good the website reputation and brand benefit in visitors. read more

When the beginning of the 2007

is Chinese SEO ( the development of a relatively prosperous period, based on the graduation in the same year is the beginning of 07 learning SEO. learning any knowledge when I think most of the case is based on a kind of interest, then another objective is to SEO the company’s business development needs, we can see that the first half of 07 years from the awareness of most enterprises to network marketing will have a new understanding of the height of. read more

, did you AD today? Are you soft today?


in the network, more and more soft occupation, because of the high quality of soft Wen can not only increase the site of the connection, also can let the site to get good rankings, my website is currently included in Baidu and GOOGL increased significantly and many keywords have good rankings, I think this is mostly due to the soft effect. So, how to write high quality soft? What kind of soft soft, easy to be reproduced? Today, I share with you in stationmaster net I write soft experience, please don’t laugh at me, I am a novice. read more

This is

I began to really believe, so is the first station built in the late April. Because I was a student, so I didn’t consider what the electronic commerce industry station station "esoteric" website, just built a familiar with the campus network code point station ( At that time, the campus network has been flying the station code.

repeated updates every day, and then optimization, friends chain, and so on, and finally the school network keyword to do the home page, traffic is less than 1000 per day. During the period, the campus network of personalized templates repeatedly revised edition, the former code can not be used. I recently heard that it’s going to be a tough revision: about 2 months ago, many code stations have stopped or slowly updated and even switched to the QQ code station. The winter of the school code station is really coming. I don’t know which day the station will disappear again. With the gradual improvement of the campus network profit model (purple, I want to make membership) paying members of the users will increase, we are using membership free templates that may be from the Baidu Google could not find available free of graffiti board… read more

people generally think CPC is better than CPS, and the reason is simple, as long as there is a certain IP, do CPC will have income, and doing CPS is not necessarily. Sometimes CPC earns 100 yuan, but CPS doesn’t make a penny. So most of the entertainment station friends do not have any good opinion of CPS.

, but not in any case, CPS is no better than CPC. Sometimes, in the case of very few IP, CPS works much better than CPC. This is my wise remark of an experienced person. I hope all of you help Wangzhuan road. read more

do a good many years website, remember I began to have a strong interest in the site from 3 years ago, at that time he began to learn to do, very ashamed is now also did not have a decent website, the money did not spend less, why? The main reason is to see a good the website ideas do, then saw a better now just do that, after all is that they don’t know how to insist on. Ashamed ah,


see someone Wangzhuan, heart is the envy ah,


I finally decided to must insist on doing a website, even if it is fresh for two days will persist, so I bought a VPS to buy a domain name website booming opened! (now IP has exceeded 5000. Although not much, but very happy, never had so much flow) – read more

is currently the entire Internet industry, the portal and some of the big sites basically pattern have been set up, the small owners world is a bit confusing, the reason can be roughly divided into the following aspects:

1. small number of sites [cn domain name because of the 1 yuan activities, domestic station threshold and gradually popularized, do site with software as simple as


2. website quality is uneven [because the station is popularized, most of the quality and content of small and medium-sized sites exist collection, copy other website content, lead to the overall quality of the site drops] read more

as a grass-roots, in the early days of potential single force thin has become our most significant features, in the process of doing the product will encounter various headaches, we neither strong corporate funds, there is no more technical support, can do only the best of our ability. Find a business plan reasonable, allow yourself to climb step by step, here, and everyone together will cool grassroots feasibility analysis on the grass-roots entrepreneurship, from our grassroots entrepreneurs successful emergence breakthrough. read more

to tell you the truth, I’m really tired.

tried again hard, hard again, and fought with the men, staying up late to work overtime until midnight, exhausted.

occasionally is concerned, will pretend strong smile, say nothing, the world without men and women program.

and project manager running tens of thousands of rounds, and finally get the supervisor’s position. But we should always beware of junior programmers even suppressed.

looked up occasionally from a pile of scheme, at the software park is not clear sky, think what the school? How to intrigue? How do you know the small group to develop their own read more

nearly a year, Baidu algorithm updated several times, every update is to the small and medium-sized webmaster fatal blow. Now the situation is even more worrying, Baidu was originally the main blow medical, edge ball and other industries, but now it seems that other industries are also very hurt ah, are somewhat affected by some implicated. After this time and again adjustments, Wuhan SEO website optimization consultant Mr. Anze believes that Baidu is now more confusion. Hit the medical station, and now the trend is going to the news source development, and now the portal issued false medical information a lot of the existence of. But the people of portal is regressed, the ranking is awesome, ranked in the first few pages are basically that several news portal website. A downturn in the industry is bound to lead to an industry boom, a web site that sells links has been hit, and news sources have been praised. Say to say, Baidu or useless, change what, the only change is us, we play different. We are your own website, do stand group do optimization rank transformation, we do the others website optimization ranking transformation now, this is Never mind how much the house we were before, now we have only changed a way of life, now the country not to buy, we can not only cover, renters, Baidu ranking rules now is the truth, who said not, for read more

07 years ago, and even 05-06 years ago, Google’s money is the best to earn, of course, the premise is to have a flow station, in the online money making many webmasters, no money, of course, the webmaster more. As the QQ space code, QQ expression, Wangzhuan forum, PW, legend, words, which the keyword is not money? It is a question of keyword into the search engine before the five to earn money


keyword ranking requires SEO skills, and SEO takes time, constantly upgrade the site, and constantly upgrade the value of the website is to do digital, you grasp the ability to upgrade numbers, you will succeed. For example, you don’t PR station, you through continuous promotion, post, you PR to 2, and you again and PR3 chain, buy PR4 several links, you upgraded to PR4. Always upgrade the value, you GOOGLE weight up. Every day you update the content of the site, you included today dozens of articles, you a month after a few K articles, a year a few W articles, through your continuous efforts to improve the value, your traffic naturally also come up. IP, that is, numerical value, do is the weight value, including numerical value, flow value. Grasp the ability to upgrade and control the Internet value is the ability to master money! read more

today after the update to the community around! I always inadvertently in some posts on your station ~ haha ~ but just do some new Adsense station question made me feel the need to say ~ master and bypass the old owners do not have to waste time Oh ~~

in fact, I also count as a new webmaster, more experience than novices, less money and knowledge than veteran, ~

just when there is a website, when junior high school, with a small station, to high school has a more popular station. Later because of preparing for the college entrance examination and college entrance examination now abandoned ~ the end of summer long to my hobbies and interests to ~ read more

many webmaster want to let their website has more visits, because the higher the amount of visits, advertising fees will be able to collect more, the more profitable. So think of many ways to enhance the flow of income, but there is no corresponding increase a lot, what is the reason? Net Wangzhuan think they have to enhance their own value of the site led to the flow of little value to them. So how do you make your website valuable,


in order to make the website valuable, first of all to enhance the quality of your site, you want to give your visitors useful information or information, this is the most basic. To do this, we must pay the effort, you should carefully analysis your site can provide what should be provided to others? What? What users need? How? Understand these, it takes time and energy to finish this kind of information, and provide users with. When you can provide users with these, they will feel your website is valuable. Will pay attention to your station. If you can persist for a long time, this will provide valuable information. Users will really recognize your station and become your loyal visitor. read more

any plan must be prepared in advance can be implemented, network marketing is no exception. Good network marketing plan, including many details of the processing. That is to say, there should be a clear starting point, and the advantages, opportunities and threats of the enterprise under the network environment. Based on the clear starting point and basis of the planning, screening and selection of network marketing target market, the choice to start after the market positioning of products, the design and integration of network marketing strategy for various kinds of concrete. read more

Adsense site, collection is not strange, web site up, first collection to enrich the site, and then in the late development. Collection is the beginning of the site, the latter gradually formed its own characteristics. Manual acquisition, after all, is too cumbersome, so there has been more and more software acquisition, but how to collect high-quality information, which is more concerned about the webmaster.

A5 forum November 12th organized the "webmaster how to improve acquisition skills" topic version, invited the locomotive alone to discuss the acquisition problem. This paper focuses on finishing version, hope interested in collecting the webmaster help. read more

in the last article 2014 from the media will fire how to build a successful Taobao customers from the media, and the share of the macro to create many problems, since the media today, and everyone in the specific share, how to use the QQ operation from the media space.

QQ space operation from the media, not to that point, cost saving domain and space, mainly for space flow and with the aid of QQ platform, its core elements, is to add a friend, in addition, there are some details, many of my friends did not notice, thus wasting a lot of views, then, one by one this with you: read more

for the website webmaster, you operate independently of a web site, you need to know your site where the advantages and disadvantages at the same time, you also need to know your website development space where, after facing what kind of opportunity and what kind of risks, the most important thing is that you need to know you must know the future direction, make a comprehensive analysis of the site, so how do we go to analyze your website.

found a website from the line to walk slowly always make mistakes, always in a variety of errors continue to grow, so we don’t be afraid of making mistakes, we don’t have analysis website, because the analysis of the site itself is not an easy thing, the overall analysis on the website of the individual to think from five aspects. read more

in some places, the site communication group encountered a lot of problems, showing more "ask how to operate the website, to seize the user."". Their central website is not long, but it also summarizes some of them, and share with you here.

content chapter

1, analysis of user habits

how to locate the characters of your website, you must first find a local user habits, the central user habits vary, the best side to understand, to see what kind of layout is the most suitable to them, because your site is the final service them, they are truly promoting your website, some of the central religious is ingrained you, that is the characteristics of religion, some popular central idle away in seeking pleasure then your character is, the website is best not everything, idle away in seeking pleasure, what are, what are not fine. read more