first_imgDear Editor,On Saturday, 9th February, my attention was brought to a letter published in the letters to the editor column of one of our daily newspapers. The caption was “Lyrics of junior Calypso Monarch were vulgar”.Well! Being the writer of the song I was simply horrified at this bold face untruth. The extracts of the song as stated by the writer are totally inaccurate. This is what she quoted: “Ah put meh dog in she cat.” This is what the actual lyrics of the song say: “so I took out my dog and put licks in her cat. But for one to get the gist of these lines, it has to be taken in context. Here are the lyrics of the song leading to the line I just quoted: “Because of the thieving in this country I had to get a weapon to protect me, it mek outa leather with some balls inside I call it my dog was my joy and pride, So late one night me neighba call out she seh she got some trouble inside she house. So I put my dog inside my waist and hurry ova to me neighba place, when I get deh she sweating bad and she have her cat inside a bag she say that the cat cause nuff worries and she want me to teach it a lesson please, you can do it what you want ah just don’t mind cause this cat ain’t got place and time so go ahead and perform the act so I took out my dog and put licks in her cat.Her second statement is also incorrect: “she put she salt fish in meh mouth”.Calypso is a fine art, and most don’t understand the nuances of the genre, which can lead to them making empty statements based on their own mindset.Molly George- Simpson was obviously not privy to all the lyrics of the song, but thought it best to launch a verbal attack on the Junior Calypso Monarch, the organizers, and the public who liked the piece. Her rant was based on what she thought she heard, and so she decided to publish those few snippets of fallacy and swear by it.Burchmore SimonCEOKROSS KOLORRECORDSlast_img


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